PS4 Launch Games: The Complete List

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PS4 Launch Games: The Complete List

PS4 is here. The next generation of consoles is now the current generation, and the world is ready to ignite in a flurry of mind-bending puzzles, hard-fought wars, white-knuckle races, and heart-aching quests.

Those of you in the PlayStation community that are joining me on day one of the PS4’s life have a lot to look forward to. And with new consoles humming away in anticipation, I gathered a complete list of the launch lineup available to PS4 gamers today.

There’s a little something for everyone in the PS4 launch lineup, which is one of the most tremendous launches in PlayStation history. Head below for a complete list, and enjoy your new console. Let me know in the comments which game is earning the coveted “First Game Played Award” on your PS4.

Angry Birds: Star Wars
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Blacklight Retribution
Call of Duty: Ghosts
DC Universe Online
Fifa 14
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
Just Dance 2014
Killzone Shadow Fall
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Madden NFL 25
NBA 2K14
Need for Speed Rivals
Skylanders SWAP Force
Sound Shapes
Super Motherload
Trine 2: Complete Story

Complete PS4 Launch Lineup

Digital, Retail
The war between bird and pig rages into the depths of space. Take the classic Angry Birds fun and mix it with the iconic universe of Star Wars for a special, intergalactic treat.
Digital, Retail
Sail the Caribbean and make your fortune in the next iteration of the renowned Assassin’s Creed series. Command your own pirate ship, uncover hidden treasure, and train in the devilish art of plunder.
Digital, Retail
The Battlefield series continues with an explosive single-player campaign and huge multiplayer action. Entire buildings will collapse, and memories will be made.
Digital (Free to Play)
Don your Hardsuit and customize your weapons in this free-to-play shooter that’s brimming with bullets.
Digital, Retail
Experience the next generation of Call of Duty in a heart-pounding campaign, and high-stakes multiplayer competition. Stay sharp to stay alive.
A visually enticing puzzle game with a charming pair of heroes. Move in and out of your own shadow to clear obstacles and uncover the story behind this colorful world.
Digital (Free to Play)
The beloved MMO arrives on PS4 with overhauled visuals. Dive into the wide world of DC heroes and villains to make your mark in the war of good and evil.
Digital, Retail
The long-running soccer series returns with enhanced player and ball physics, and the return of a refined Ultimate Team that can add months of play to the experience.
The beautiful, surreal story comes to PS4 with stunning visual enhancements and improved motion controls. Explore the space that exists somewhere in a flower’s dream.
Digital, Retail
This superpowered fighting game includes the DLC fighters, 60 new missions, and silky-smooth combat. Control your favorite DC heroes and villains in brutal battles.
Digital, Retail
The popular party game burns up the dancefloor again with more than 40 new tracks to jam to. Features several new modes, new moves, and new ways to sweat.
Digital, Retail
Tension brews in the wake of an unsteady peace. Engulf yourself in the next story set within the Killzone universe, and witness the power of the PS4 hardware in this eye-searing FPS. Build custom warzones and compete for supremacy.
Digital, Retail
Take control of a next-gen protagonist, and jump into a colorful platformer filled with action and adventure. Run, dodge, and fight your way through enemies as a little hero with huge potential.
Digital, Retail
Roam the streets of LEGO Manhattan as more than 100 characters from the Marvel universe. Tackle 45 missions, battle enemies, and earn rewards for your superpowered exploits.
Digital, Retail
The next generation of Madden takes to the field. Prepare for more detail, new True Step player control, a Player Sense emotion system, and refined offensive and defensive line play.
Digital, Retail
Hit the court with one of the most authentic, detailed experiences in basketball. Superb physics and rich modes aim to satisfy any fan of the sport.
Digital, Retail
Race through the streets of Redview County in high-speed chases as either a cop or racer. The AllDrive system blends single-player and multiplayer events into one seamless experience, and always keeps your blood pumping.
Embrace the glory of old-school gaming with this frantic shooter from the makers of Super Stardust HD. Blast away enemies, save the last humans, and revel in the magnificence of voxels!
Skylanders SWAP Force
Meet 16 new, swappable Skylanders, and play with 256 ability combinations in this big new adventure .
The musical platformer arrives on PS4 with new touch pad controls. Play, listen, and create your own levels to share with the rest of the PlayStation community.
Something is amiss on the planet Mars. Dig down through minerals and deep secrets in an effort to uncover the truth. Play alone, or bring friends along for the ride in the gorgeous successor to Motherload.
Return to the stunning world of Trine 2 with new abilities and upgraded visuals. Supports stereoscopic 3D and runs at a buttery 60 frames per second at 1080p.
Digital (Free to Play)
Behold the power of space ninjas. Suit up and unlock the power of the Warframe system in this adrenaline-pumping, free-to-play action game.

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  • Greatness is Here

  • Greatness has arrived.

  • This is awesome, I want to play all of those games. NEED MORE TIME…. AND MONEY!!! The best lunch line-up EVER!!!

  • The free stuff alone is enough to keep people busy. Add PS+ games, cross-buy titles and a retail game or two and most people should be set for a while. I think this is a very strong line up.

  • I have decided to go all digital for PlayStation 4. So far I have had a good experience. I look forward to seeing all pre order options on the PlayStation Store we’re all upcoming preorder game’s. I don’t want to miss out on any special deals see because I went all digital. This is now becoming a digital age so I expect every preorder game on the PlayStation Store. And have all pre order goodies from the game. Looking forward to upcoming games and so far I’m having a good experience with my playstation 4. looking forward to new updates on the PlayStation 4 system to add new features such as more voice commands across the PlayStation 4 across games and applications. One thing would have been cool to add for a cool new feature from the voice command when I launched Netflix I wanted to say pauseby throwing out the command PlayStation and then pause. But I will look forward to all cool things PlayStation throughout the many years of playing on my Playstation 4.

  • Ghosts, Resogun, Warframe, and DC Universe are all for me at launch. Was hoping Minecraft would be out, but it was delayed a few days ago. :(

  • Do you need PlayStation Move to play Just Dance 2014 on PS4 or does the camera track your body?

  • Fantastic!

  • This is the last time I order anything I really want from Amazon. UPS won’t deliver it till 6 and I won’t be able to play until midnight when I get home from work. Shoulda just preordered from Gamestop.

  • I posted that entire message by voice using my Nexus 4. So I expect a lot more voice commands unless phone bling around with Digital keyboards in on screen menus.

  • Greatness! I’m guessing that I’ll need to have PS Plus to play the “Free-to-Play” games right? I’m only asking ’cause I don’t have enough money left over for a game, let alone for Plus at the moment. I was counting on the 3 Deal thing with 30 Days free & the $10 credit, but I guess wasn’t part of the deal. Its alright, I’m a bit peeved but not mad nor complaining. Just want to make sure I have all the facts straight, that’s all. Can’t wait for my PS4! Only a matter of time now :D

  • less fumbling around with* sorry I was stuttering.

  • Greatness!

  • @RoyalXIII You do not need PlayStation Plus for the free-to-play games! :)

  • @RoyalXIII you do not need PlayStation Plus to play a free to play game. You will only need PlayStation Plus to play online games that are not free to play. Enjoy

  • @11 All ps4s come with the cash and I think the plus.

  • When I get a PS4, Knack will be the first game played.

    Previous first games played;

    PS1-Crash Bandicoot 2
    PS2-Gran Turismo 3

  • I just got home with my PS4 and hooked it up, downloaded and installed the 1.50 patch and i cant sign into PSN :( Anyone else having trouble signing into PSN on there PS4?

  • I want…. can’t find a PS4.. shoulda preordered…

  • When is WarThunder releasing????

  • It’s surprising to me the number of people who are reviewing this launch and complaining about the lineup.

    It’s ONLY 23 games across multiple genres with a number of free-to-play titles.

    Yeah. That sounds terrible. lol

  • Wait… What happened to Planet Side 2?

  • Sadly Planetside 2 was pushed back to Early 2014.

  • @RoyalXIII: As others have said, free-to-play games don’t require Plus. You will need Plus to get Contrast/Resogun for free, though. In other words, free-to-play generally means free to everyone and has nothing to do with Plus.

    Supposedly there will be a $10 PSN voucher (along with 30 days of Plus that will not stack onto current memberships) packed inside the box of every PS4. There was a blog post about it on Nov. 8th: “A Threefold Surprise for PS4 Owners.”

  • What about NBA LIVE 14? I want it!

  • Hi Ryan. I have a problem with CONTRAST from the web store. I see it “FREE” for me (I’m a Plus member) but when I go to the shopping cart it says “US$ 14,99”.

    I didn’t have that problem with RESOGUN.

    Can you check it, please?

  • @SlyCooperFan100 @Skater_Ricky @ThumbsOfSteel74 Oh good! Thanks guys! :D

  • NBA Live 14 drops on Tuesday.

  • @SeekAndDestroy80 keep trying to sign in. The playstation network right now is being hammered by out all these millions of PlayStation 4’s logging in and setting up their accounts at once. I will say it would take a few weeks for that to settle down before everyone goes back to their normal everyday life routine. Because there’s a lot of people last night and this morning and later today getting there PlayStation 4’s in the United States so this is to be expected keep trying took me a few tries last night eventually got through. You may have to go back and forward a few times to get to work if you get stuck in an area just press your Playstation 4 power button one time to turn it off and then turn it back on to try again

  • ZERO Japanese game…. what a disappoint.

    I miss the old days, the golden age of gaming, PS2 & PSP has tons of Japanese games and most of them were localized.

  • A fix for the CONTRAST BUG: put two games first on the shopping cart and then Contrast. That trick do the magic. Then you can delete the other two games if you want and Contrast will continue FREE for Plus members. :)

  • Has anyone experience this issue That cannot activate the playstation plus code and music unlimited Voucher code not working? I am a current playstation plus member and have also tried the music unlimited trial on the playstation 3 when it first came out but wasn’t interested at the time. But if I am wanting to get into the music unlimited service I want to try it out on the PS4 to see all the cool features it offer’s on the playstation 4 to see if I want to become a subscriber for music Unlimited. and as for the PlayStation Plus for 30 days I feel like I have the right to earn 30 days extra free PlayStation Plus for buying a PlayStation 4 as a first adopter. Anyone agree? And anyone having this issue?

  • @30 That’s why they delayed the launch of PS4 in Japan. Expect a certain amount of Japanese games by then, but you’ll always be able to find more Japanese developers on handheld platforms these days.

  • UNCHARTED FOR PS4 YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @32 Only for new users! Sorry man!

  • I just want to say that i think it is messed up that Playstation didnt send any Playstation 4s to Kodiak Alaska for the release!! Good thing i already bought all the games! You would think from years past that you would realize that for the opening you should make more available, every time its the same! Im not really that upset but there sure was some kids that were heartbroken, that had been standing out in the cold!!! Maybe its time to switch to xbox

  • Interesting no RPG games await.

  • Got two of them with… Battlefield 4, AC lV collectors ed, Cod Ghost. just waiting for killzone shadow fall and Marver Lego to reach my mail box.

    Greatness indeed!

  • Please Add DLNA and MP3 support on PS4

  • Dear Sony please Add DLNA and MP3 support on PS4

  • Dear Sony, I Love you please Add DLNA and MP3 support on PS4

  • Sear Sony please add MP3 and CD support to PS4

  • Meant to say dear Sony please add MP3 and CD support to PS4

  • Just purchased Trine 2, didn’t know it was a launch title

  • Thank you so much for launching on a payday. That helped immensely. I was able to grab Need for Speed along with my pre-order of Assassins Creed.

  • Fix UI and PS store on PS4. No folders, and no download list is kind of annoying. All in all Kickass system tho.

  • Ah, I was hoping to see Dive Kick here (heard it was a launch title).

    I know it’s on sale now… is it cross buy in any way shape or form (ideally PSV+PS3+PS4)?

  • I heard there’s a Uncharted game on the works, I wonder what the game is going to be like. Wonder if Insomniac will make R&C for PS4 in the future.

  • so… people are excited… for games that are on the PS3… games that could be on the PS3… games that will be on the PS3… and Killzone.

    sorry, but it’s really a weak lineup, and not one that convinces one to upgrade from PS3… I’ll wait for at least 10 good games… that won’t be on the PS3, to consider buying a PS4

  • I finaly got my ps4 now I have wii u ps vita gameing pc and ps4

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