The Powers of inFAMOUS Second Son: Smoke vs. Neon

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The Powers of inFAMOUS Second Son: Smoke vs. Neon

Sure, when you play inFAMOUS Second Son, you’re going to “enjoy your power.” But which one are you going to enjoy the most?

Delsin absorbs the ability to control Smoke in his hometown, and then goes to Seattle to find more conduits and gain their powers, starting with Neon. These power sources have different strengths and weaknesses, requiring you to change up your tactics. This has led to an ongoing debate on the design team about which power is actually the best.

Darren Bridges (Power Designer): Ok, is this really a debate? Smoke is the clear winner. There’s nothing better than dashing in and choke-slamming some DUP stooge, then firing a Cinder Blast that destroys the tower his buddies are standing on.

Jaime Griesemer (Lead Designer): Sure, if you want to get your hands dirty, Smoke is great. But Neon is clean and streamlined. You’re basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you’re a natural sniper. With Neon, combat is all about precision from a distance. Each shot hits hard, especially if you’re targeting the enemy’s weak points. Neon lets you dissect a squad of Dupes like a glowing purple surgeon.

Darren: Sniping is cool, but Smoke lets you travel through air vents and launch yourself out over the rooftops. It turns the entire city into your own personal playground. And smoke is everywhere — if you run out, you just damage a car and get some more. That’s like being able to punch a cow and make hamburgers fly out.

Jaime: Interesting metaphor… But who needs to go on a “vent hunt” when you can just run straight up a wall, instead?! Neon gets you where you want to go, fast. And enemies aren’t going to be able to hit a streak of light. Plus, draining Neon looks cooler.

Darren: Orbital Drop. […mic drop]

Jaime: Dude. Not fair. You know PR won’t let me talk about the Neon — thing — that you almost see right at the end of this new teaser video.

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  • Bummer it’s so far away. ): Was hoping for February at the latest. Could be worse! Can’t wait to play it.

  • Looking great! March 14 will be pretty cool. I forgot Troy Baker is voicing Delsin, but cool.
    Neon is looking awesome!

  • Glad we finally get some Neon gameplay, I’m even more excited for this game everytime I see a new power. :)

  • March 14 will (hopefully) be the day I land the PS4. The Infamous SS bundle at that.

  • I was blown away by this when I saw it on Spike, i can’t wait for the collector’s edition! ;)

  • Great voice acting, stunning graphics and freedom to go where ever I want. This is what I need in game. Preordering now

  • Not gonna lie, the trailer didnt show off the differences between the powers at all

    What i saw was the same powers as smoke but with a palette swap

    Both powers can allow to glide, shoot, and make some big aoe explosion and they really look the same.

    I really hope these other powers can do more creative things, cause now it looks like delsin will actually be more limited in what he can do than cole.

    I’m not saying this to hate, im one of your biggest fans since i was 9 years old playing sly 2. I just want you to know my honest feelings, to keep u guys on your toes so that you can make the best game you possibly can.

  • IS it true that a Infamous SS PS4 bundle will be available at launch for this game?

  • March 21st?!?

    March 21st!?!

    March 21st? :(

  • I hope he meets a frost power conduit. I love me some ice blasts.


  • just got my ps4 over an hour ago but can’t log into psn at all. Is it because too many people are trying to log in at once or are you waiting till midnight pacific to turn on psn?

  • Finally a release date! I know what I’ll be doing in March :)

  • Neon powers are @_@ cant wait for more powers to be revealed

  • Can you guys promise me one thing? Don’t reveal all the new powers before we get to play the game. This is my most anticipated game for PS4.. and really any other console. I just think that if there’s at least 1 new power to discover on our own it would make the game so much more enjoyable.
    I remember back in the day we would discover a new power while PLAYING the game. I would just scream “WHAAAT!!! NEON POWER?!?” and get all super excited and giddy. But now everything is shown online to build hype for the game which kills part of the excitement and joy and surprise when you discover something new.

  • No matter how I look at it, Delsin looks evil. This was a hell of a trailer, keep it up Sucker Punch. Can’t wait to get my hands on the collector’s edition.

  • for some reason Infamous is starting to remind me of a modern day version of THE AVITAR. i can’t wait to play this!

  • CANT WAIT he is like megaman defeat people take their power into yourself haha.

  • I love how you guys are using powers that are not known. I never even thought of smoke or neon powers before Second Son.

  • This is going to be such an awesome game. I used to live in Seattle, and I miss it very much. This game is going to be very meaningful to me in that respect.

  • Is the second son bundle going to include the beanie hat?? I am definetely thinking of getting the bundle, it would be awesome if it was included :) Also I was sceptic about neon powers, but you guys proved me wrong, it looks amazing!!

  • Kind of bummed out that its coming in March I was hoping for early February. Still getting the Collectors edition for this game, inFamous is my favorite gaming franchise of all time.

  • Infamous and watch Dogs have disappointed me I was really looking forward to them

  • 7

    if you don’t know what a palate swap is….don’t talk about it.

  • I only want to say one thing: Please never ever use that Nirvana Heart Shape Box cover song in your marketing or in the game.

  • Looking forward to this game! I’m amazed every time I watch something about the game!!! :) also”, it’s really cool that now almost everyone is ps plus!!! So cool!!

  • The powers are so cool. This game already destroying the first 2. For coolest power gotta go with smoke more fun and free haven’t really seen yet what neon could do

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