Tearaway and the PS Vita – a Match Made in Heaven

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Tearaway and the PS Vita – a Match Made in Heaven

Hello again! We do hope you’ve been enjoying our Behind the Scenes Tearaway mini-series. For the fourth video in our little collection, we wanted to show you why this papery platforming adventure really couldn’t have been made for any other device or console. On your quest to help iota or atoi deliver their very special message to you, you’ll solve perplexing puzzles with the tilt; defeat your enemies with the front touch pad; capture and customize your journey together with the front and rear cameras and microphone; and, best of all, reach into the game with the rear touch pad. It truly is a “hands-in” experience (sorry).

Don’t forget there’s still over a week to pre-order Tearaway and also secure our Special Delivery pre-order bonus items. Week one orders at the PS Store will also include the bonus items so those who prefer the digital version will not miss out! This bundle includes the audiolicious Tearaway soundtrack, exclusive skin for the in-game rideable pig that includes a special printable papercraft plan to match. There are also splendiferous iota and atoi character avatars for use on PSN along with a fun PS Vita wallpaper. Oh, and for those who have LittleBigPlanet, you may be interested in the fun iota and atoi character costumes for Sackboy! Stay tuned for the final videos in our series coming soon.

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