PlayStation Blogcast 098: Greatness Awaits

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PlayStation Blogcast 098: Greatness Awaits

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Live from New York City, it’s the PlayStation Blogcast PS4 launch special! We dish up tons of hands-on impressions of PS4’s launch lineup including Resogun and Killzone Shadow Fall, Justin chats with the Young Horses behind PS4 indie darling Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and we conduct an insightful interview with renowned YouTuber boogie2988.

Oh, and PS4 launches in just a few hours! If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to drop by our dazzling PS4 launch event tonight at The Standard, High Line in Manhattan — we’ve got 444 PS4s on sale at the hotel, so if you weren’t able to get a pre-order in time for launch, drop by!

And for a peek at the future of PS4, plan on tuning into tonight’s Spike launch special starting at 11:00pm EST/PST, and broadcasting live on UStream, Twitch, DirecTV, and PS3’s Live Events viewer app starting at 11:00pm EST/8:00pm PST.

Stuff We Talked About

  • PS4! It’s happening!
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • Trippy light shows in hotel rooms
  • Authentic New York pizza
  • Resogun
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Knack

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast - Nick Suttner

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Justin MassongillOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan ClementsOfficial PlayStation Blogcast - boogie2988

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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9 Author Replies

  • Today is the day greatness awaits

  • Next month is greatness day here.

  • Sid, when will the store update and PS4 games go live (they were removed form the store this week)?

  • What about issues ?! I’m from Brazil … what if my playstation come with problems ?!!!
    PS: I’m talking about PS4 !
    Tank you !

  • Cool boogie2988

  • Is Jeff still going to be on episode 100

  • Is Jeff still coming back for episode 100 after his new gig?

  • Why is the Spike special not until 11pm EST? I’ll already be in midnight launch lineup by then.

    Why do you continue to insist on making it hard to get PS4 information, especially for the people already buying one?

  • 30 minutes in and I have been laughing so hard! I am loving the progression from episode 1 and how comfortable you guys are now with talking to each other now on the show, not afraid to hold back hilarious jokes yet still be informative, I love it, don’t stop this format! lol – 2 MORE EPISODES TO 100! Also, getting my PS4 tonight, this is fantastic =D

  • will be able to download games like knack at midnight or do we have to wait until later in the day?

  • Greatness Arrives

  • Whobenstein awaits?

  • Awesome episode. Haven’t accidentally laughed out loud in a while. At least we finally know about the hidden, cockle-warming, sticking it to the man side of the Blogcast crew. Definitely making me want to hang out with you guys post-midnight. Pretty cool interview with boogie, too. I’ve never actually heard/seen him outside of the Francis character.

  • “Greatness nears”

  • I really want the Assassin’s Creed 4 Gold Edition…

  • Been watching since episode 1, but my god.. You guys need to start recording after midnight for every show because this was the best one yet! xD

    (BEYOND, Powerhouse!)

  • Damn I went there today thinking I could just play the games. Then a reviewer said that it was yesterday. Dammit had I known that was yesterday I probably could’ve met you guys.

  • I thought Ryan had recorded a conversation with Shu for the podcast? What’s up with that, Clements, saving it for something else?

  • I did not hear you guys mention Super Motherload from Xgen Studios! Don’t miss out on this game! Great blogcast and keep up the fine work!

  • I heard it now! Great Job!

  • @8 I was wondering about that too. I kind of don’t see it happening at this point.

  • My greatness is the 50+ PS3 games I still have in my wall of shame.

    I do want to hear the bit about the hotel room.

  • I’m not one of the ones who’s getting a PS4 at launch, so I REALLY hope you guys aren’t going to suddenly throw the PS3 out the window like some of your competition does…There are some great PS3 titles coming out over the next year (mostly from Japan), such as AquaPazza, SoulCalibur 2 HD Online (minus my favorite character to use in the “cube”d version) next week, and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Xillia 2 due out in 2014!

    I hear Guilty Gear Xrd may be coming to PS3 as well…

  • @23 i’m also looking forward to Xillia 2 and Symphonia HD chronicles for ps3 next year.

    For ps4, i plan to get Ghosts and Warframe day one. Was hoping Minecraft was launch, but seems its not. :(

    Also, any news why there isn’t a youtube app day one on ps4?

  • Dollop of cream, you kill me Sid.

  • If you do not plan on buying a ps4 day one, but you have a ps plus subscriptions is there any way to apply these games to your account because once they leave I would miss out on them once I actually buy a ps4, Thanks.

  • Jeff Who Ben Stein…..I will slap you!…..made ma chuckle tbh.

    Tonight’s the night……10 hours!!!

  • Will I be able to buy PS4 games from the SEN Store via PC.

  • What an enormous and diverse lineup of vita games this week! Thanks Sony!!

  • Nice to see Franky’s on the show this week. Can’t wait to listen.

    Also WTF Jeff Hoobastank??? – that dood needs to turn in his T-shirt collection, to me. STILL want that patapon shirt sooo bad.

  • please change the comment section so that you don’t have to leave/refresh the page to log in and comment.

  • woot, I’m so happy.. just gotta wait til the funds are here :D

  • I wish us EU guys where getting ours tonight. :( If it was then I would be picking my console up in just 40 minutes!! :'(

  • You guys got boogie on here NICE!!!! He’s the best YouTuber ever! But I’m SUPER disappointed he hasn’t played Uncharted yet! Best games ever made! And Nathan Drake is my all time favorite character! Not just in video games but in any work of fiction!

  • Tonight is the night I pick it up! YEAH!!! :-)

  • BTW! If you need a #vacay, check out:
    #Lowest prices guaranteed! :-)

  • Where can I download the 500MB download for the PS4?

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I’ve never owned a cell phone, but maybe someone else in line will let me look over their shoulder lol.

  • This is the day …that we have being waiting…..fooooooooooooooooor

  • I think I will play this while I am at the launch event for everyone

  • Just a couple more hours!

  • the site said that the ps3 sony pulse headsets would work for the ps4 but they do not

  • Looks like Greatness has arrived (sadly I can’t afford one at the moment). Happy PS4 day everyone, enjoy your new consoles! You guys at Playstation wouldn’t mind sending me one for free for being a long-time (since Ep.1) listener right? ;)

    Well I haven’t finished this episode yet, but it’s definitely one of the funniest so far. Keep up the great work guys!

    P.S. Was there a blog post about the Playstation app? Cause I was just informed by a friend that it’s up on the Play store.

  • Really enjoy the new layout for the ps4. There’s a lot to like about it.

    However, with it being so different, it’s a little overwhelming at times. Wanted to know if there was anyway we might get some kind of video turtorial to show people how to better navigate through the store, download games, etc. Would be much appreciated. Keep up the great work.

  • @29. Yes, absolutely. I got Resogun and Contrast from the PC SEN store just this morning, and it now shows as purchased. Make sure you sign into your PSN account first, then add the games to your cart. I added Contrast, and then signed in, and it showed as $14.99. I had to remove it from my cart, then go back to the store and add it again, and it registered as free.

  • What’s the deal with the system not able to play blue ray disc or CD’s? The PS3 was awesome as it was a media (all forms) center. Now I’d strictly use it for gaming or Netflix. Don’t take a step backwards Sony. It’s bad enough you don’t have anything YET that rivals the Kinect.

  • On a somewhat unrelated note greatness does not await for Gran turismo 5 players. The multple delays and myriad of problems after release were enough of a slap in the face to players, myself included, who still play the game frequently But now the online portions of the game are quickly being cancelled as the servers are being transitioned over to GT6. Its not just the online races of course but the online dealership and what I used most being the seasonal events (which a REQUIRES a connection to the servers). Now I know without doubt this is to force players into buying GT6 but really theres better ways to do this. It’s really just a bald faced D*ck move that instead of a big thank you to paying customers instead we get a Ginourmous “Screw You!!” from PD & Sony. Note: I was in line to buy GT6 but this is just a mile too far, my hard earned money is going elsewhere.

    NOTE: I’d like to see Someone from PD or sony comment on this publicly instead of some loudmouth 12 year old troll.

  • This was the lat podcast of the last generation. BRING THE NEXT GENERATION!!!

  • We all know you can plug a 3.5mm headphone jack into your DS4, so here’s a silly question. Will using the 3.5mm cable with the Pulse Elite headphones allow you to use them? I know Sony said that they were going to patch the Bluetooth capabilities in the future. Trying to ease the wait of getting a PS4 by playing a ton of The Last of Us.

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