Resogun Co-op Detailed, More Ships Revealed

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Resogun Co-op Detailed, More Ships Revealed

I’m here today on behalf of Housemarque and XDEV Studio Europe to squeeze in one more update before the official Resogun and PS4 launch on Friday. How time flies!

Every PlayStation console has delivered great shoot-em-ups, and I can’t think of anyone better qualified than the team at Housemarque to continue this tradition on PS4. Coming from the creators of the critically acclaimed Super Stardust games for PS3 and PS Vita, Resogun is a pure arcade action game with addictive and challenging play, mesmerizing special effects, co-op multiplayer, and the biggest explosions ever.

In response to requests that we’ve read in various forums online, the video above shows more gameplay from each of the game worlds that Mikael from Housemarque covered in the previous update.

Resogun, 02Resogun, 01

If you watched the movie carefully, you’ll see that it featured three different ships.

Cunningly, each ship in Resogun has different strengths and weaknesses that suit different play styles, so you’ll need to try them all out to discover what suits you the best.

The Ferox is balanced in all areas, making it the easiest ship to start playing with. Nemesis is the most agile ship, making it perfect for flashy and acrobatic boost kills. Phobos is the least agile, but has the most powerful overdrive beam, making it the perfect choice for filling the screen with special effects that PS3 can only dream of.

All of the ships really come into their own in the co-op multiplayer mode where you can use different combinations of ships to play with a lot of style. And because each ship leads you to play Resogun differently, there are Trophies for completing the game with each ship, and some of the other Trophies will be somewhat easier to unlock with a particular ship than others.

Resogun will be one of the first games featured on PlayStation Plus at the launch of PS4, meaning that it’s available for free to all subscribers during the offer period. If you’re not a subscriber, Resogun will also available to purchase on PlayStation Store for just $14.99.

Resogun, 03

Be sure to set yourself a reminder to check back here on Friday for the launch blog because the guys at Housemarque have some really epic final videos to share.

Thanks to everyone whom I have had the pleasure of working with to help make this great game.

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  • Game looks great! This will be my first digital download on the PS4

  • I can’t wait to get my PS4 home and put it next to my PS3 and PS Vita. The space under my TV has been ready for it since June. This too will be my first digital download on PS4 this Friday. One question though, Is this co-op online or split-screen multi-player ?

  • Local co-op? Not a deal breaker but it’d be awesome!

  • Can you tell me if there are any plans to bring Dead Nation to PS4?

  • Definitely a cool new spin, on an older classic.

    Should Sony Entertainment continue to make their online Plus membership competitive as they have been in months past, I could see investing in the newer system. (Eventually)

    **Everyone is talking about the newer system, and I am still trying to figure out how games like GOW and LBP (PSP) are making the Vita seem less than used fully of its capabilities.

  • i’m usually not interested in these type of shooters, but i’ll try it since its free.

  • Love that Nemesis ship, speed is key! Thank you for making what looks to be one of the best PS4 launch games.

  • Online co-op? Local co-op? Both? Details please…

    Can’t wait until midnight… 1 day and 9 hours!!!

  • And here I was worried that my husband and I would have to take turns playing! We’re currently playing Puppeteer and enjoying the co-op in that game as well.

    Are there any plans for Resogun to support 3D? Super Stardust (and Puppeteer!) look *amazing* in 3D and make for a unique console co-op experience we haven’t seen anywhere else.

    I’m also curious if the Playroom supports 3D. Seems weird to have a 3D camera but no 3D AR games at launch. *fingers crossed for Wonderbook, Start the Party, and EyePet in 1080p 3D*


  • This game NEEDS STEREOSCOPIC 3D support! How could you NOT implement 3D in a game like this when SSHD did it perfectly on PS3? The 3D was literally perfect on that game, and now that you have a chance to really show off the PS4′s 3D at launch you’re just letting the perfect opportunity slip away. Please do 3D justice on the PS4, it finally has enough power to actually do so!

    The PS3 was not ready for 3D, but the PS4 is MORE than capable, yet suddenly all the support is gone when we finally have the hardware to do it justice.

  • This is going to be fun for sure this will be one the games that I play. So much for me to checkout. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Local co-op? :)

  • Agree with supvic, where is the 3D at? The best game for 3D on PS3 was Super Stardust by a mile. It was simple, but that was what made it so awesome. Some games attempts at 3D can be headache inducing, but Super Stardust in 3D was the only way to play once you tried it.

    Really surprised they didn’t implement it into this game from the start.

    Hopefully they here our cries and implement it down the road here. It really does add something extra especially when the visuals of the game already look amazing.

  • Looks amazing! I was going to buy it day 1 but apparently i get it free lol no complaints here. I definitely agree that 3D is going to be missed, though!

  • just wanted to say: thank you housemarque…yall are some great devs and I have highly enjoyed the games yall have made so far…cant wait to play resogun….

  • Yes! i do agree with those comments like “why this game isn’t in native 3D, or at least have the option to it?”. Super Stardust was the best 3D experience for PS3, the explosions where superb!.

    Well, anyway, i’m anxious to have my console… Its shipping right now to me from amazon, but i’ll have it by next week. God i’ll be the longest weekend ever!!!.


  • This game got a 9/10 from IGN! it’s free or not?

  • Is the co-op online?

  • 3D Please! Super Stardust HD is by far one of the best 3D experiences out there. Please patch in 3D support ASAP. Thanks for making such awesome games.

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