PS4 Launch: Midnight Event in NYC, 444 PS4s on Sale

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PS4 Launch: Midnight Event in NYC, 444 PS4s on Sale

Look for this sign and line up behind it. Remember: Only credit cards will be accepted, don’t bring cash.

Hey PlayStation fans. If you were unable to preorder a PS4 system, we are happy to announce that we are making 444 additional units available for sale at The Standard, High Line hotel in New York City (848 Washington St) at midnight on November 15th. Lines will start immediately at Washington and Little West 12th, so don’t wait. Only credit cards will be accepted — don’t bring cash!

To celebrate the launch of PS4 in North America, we will be holding a special midnight launch event at The Standard, High Line. Activities will include an arcade where fans can play PS4 games on up to 30 kiosks. Additionally, the entire north side and east sides of the hotel will transform into a gigantic interactive lighting installation. Starting Thursday, images depicting the creative process of developing video games will be projected on the entire north side of the 18-story building.

There will also be surprise ad-hoc PS4 games popping up all around The Standard projected on walls and other non-traditional locations. Fans will have the opportunity to meet and possibly play with industry luminaries. Who? We’re not saying just yet!

Additionally, a large art installation in the central plaza will showcase interactive content and real-time art jams. All activities will culminate with the live Spike TV broadcast at 11:00pm Eastern Time and the sale of the first PS4 at midnight. Come on down and check out the festivities, or tune in to the PS4 ALL Access: Greatness Awaits special on Spike. November 15th is almost here — let the gaming begin!

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  • Wow sony never quits with there dedication to make the fans happy I’m stoked about this next gen release all the way from Okinawa I’ll be waiting for my ps4 next gen is upon us.

    Greatness Awaits…

  • Im in the building for that, im from CT and im driving down there cuz my man did not get one so im going down there to pick hem one up cuz he’ll be working. Anfdyes I did pfe order my 2 PS4 months ago so im good but my man did not. Love u guy!!!!!

  • #4ThePlayers!!!!

  • Adam Boyes said on twitter that I can come today and pick up a PS4. Is he inaccurate?

  • Nothing but two major thumbs up over here!

  • Playstation app doesn’t work on my galaxy S4, any help?

  • Why not in europe!! :, (

  • Nice for People who live in NYC but to wait in the cold to get a PS4 thats a bit drastic.

  • shoot i won’t make it, i love to meet everyone and get to knowing more developer’s. :( Sometimes i wish i had my own private planes. Hope everyone else has grand time.

  • Awesome I work very close to the location of the event. Will this take place Thursday night at midnight which will be the 15th? Or on Friday at midnight? Looking forward to this even if it’s cold out.

  • In Brazil FOR $4,000,00 YOU CRAZY SONY ????????????????????????????

  • How about San Francisco Event? :/
    Can anyone answer how many will be available for purchase?

  • also, it says credit cards only. Does that mean if i’m about to purchase a ps4 in SF will i not be able to use my debit card?

  • @Psycho_Strider

    Your debit card can be used as a credit card, you should be good

  • Greatness awaits, NYC

  • Looks like a fun time. If anyone go’s maybe share some pic’s and/or video and post it in forms for the rest of us to see!

  • It’s good that they’re doing this but sucks that i live in Georgia. Oh wells

  • Wait so there’s an event open to gamers on November 15th? What time can we go?

  • “Lines will start immediately “

  • Arg, now I wish I could find one available here on the west coast, haha.

  • Love the High Line Park, think I’ll stop by to take a look at the installation. But it’s Thursday night only? Or Friday night too?

  • I’m surprised not many people have commented on this. On the bright side tomorrow will be 50 so it won’t be freezing like today but once the sun goes down party time!

  • Those comments make me laugh. Us New Yorkers don’t cry about a little cold. LOL

  • Are they selling now or just starting at midnight on 15th? I have a pre-order but I can give that to any of the numerous people who didnt pre-order yet. Would love to come grab it in person today!

  • I hope no body hears about this and goes to bestbuy :|

  • So do you just get a ticket if you are one of the first 444 and pay now, or have to stand in line until midnight on the 15th?

  • This should be fun.

  • @RoyalYeo. This has been posted all over social media so nope plenty of people know already. The question is how badly do you want it? I’m curious as to whether there is a line yet?

  • @Socomnewbie , one can hope . im playing on showing up around 5-6 am since i have stuff todo

  • Will people have to wait the entire time or will there be a ticketing system so I don’t have to wait in the literally freezing cold for 30+ hours?


  • What a joke.

    What is amazing is how many people will actually be there, and yet, have the hardest time doing the simplest things.

    Think I might try the Doritoes challenge, but this ???, you still have to pay for them.


  • The ad hocs sound interesting.

    And if you go, I would take a backpack of food/water, and should the line be impossible,
    don’t be a standard american and instead help out those that went without anything because of “needs”.

  • Hmmmm wondering what time that line will start to heat up???

  • Good luck to those who will attend! I have my PS4 pre-ordered since the day of the E3 event, and have it paid off and ready to go with Killzone, NBA 2K14, and Assassin’s Creed IV. Plan to get Knack very soon as well.

  • I went to the PSVITA launch event in NYC and almost everyone got a free t-shirt and a Mod Nations racing game with the purchase of the system. Is the PS4 gonna come with a free game or something free???? (Another system is gonna come with a game ad 6 months free and something else) can you answer this question please???

  • This is great news for those who can get to the event who don’t already have a PS4 pre-ordered. I’m on the exact opposite coast, so there’s no way I’m making it to this. I definitely plan to tune into the livestream through ustream, though, so I’ll be there in “spirit”. Greatness Awaits in 35 hours and 10 minutes! (PST)

  • Illl post some photos soon. If you want to play on a 50 foot wall tonight, come down at 730. Almost launch!!

  • i was wondering, do you have to buy a PS4 in order to attend? and how much are the tickets to this launch? or you can just go there and attend

  • Question, is there any word on an official Bluetooth headset for PS4 ATM to my knowledge there are none. Some information on that would be nice.

  • @Jennifer Clark, will you guys be giving out tickets at any point or will you have to stand out there the entire time if you want to get a PS4? Also is someone keeping count and going to cut the line off once you have your 444? It would suck for people to wait for hours and hours just to find out it was sold out at midnight.

  • steal 1 for me, will you? :)

  • I want to second Richelieu’s question. If I line up at 7 tomorrow night, will there be somebody or some system that lets me know whether I’m in position to buy a ps4? Thanks.

  • Be sure to check out the Biergarten at the Standard. One of my favorites spots for a drink here in NYC!

  • I would say ‘Aww, we never get anything good like this in LA!’, but the truth is we’re pretty spoiled over here on the West Coast.
    Good luck being one of the 444, New Yorkers!

  • @Jennifer Clark thanks for the reply :-). Last question I guess I have. Will there be any other freebies with the console? I’m really thinking about going just to experience it all, but I have to be a bad parent and try to get a sitter, and possibly pull my kid out of school for Friday a ton of other things to make it happen so I just want to know if its going to be worth my while :-)

  • Hello. I will already be getting a PS4 but not from the event. I have one pre ordered at another place but I WOULD like to meet the developers and maybe play some inFAMOUS? (Hopefully its there). What times will this whole celebration last on thursday and will it go on through the day of Friday?

  • Will other bundles be available or only the standard launch edition? and will games be sold too?

  • went is the psvita playstation plus free games for this month is going to be on the psstore am waiting to play some soul sacrifi and the other games come on please

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