Watch the Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer

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Watch the Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer

The wait is almost over – Killzone Shadow Fall comes out November 15th in North America, with the UK and Europe to follow on November 29th!

Watch the Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer

We’re thrilled to be able to show you the launch trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall. It’s been an amazing journey getting here, and we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish on the new PlayStation 4 hardware. Killzone Shadow Fall represents another big leap forward for us, both in terms of gameplay as well as technology.

When we began working on Killzone Shadow Fall, we set out to redefine the Killzone FPS experience. It had to cater to a new, more resourceful playing style, requiring the use of tactics and intelligence to outmaneuver and outsmart enemies. At the same time, we wanted the game to remain true to its roots as a highly visceral shooter.

As excited as we are to talk about where we’ve taken the story and gameplay in the Killzone universe with Shadow Fall, we’re just as eager to showcase the numerous ways in which we’ve leveraged the raw horsepower of the PS4 to push the tech in our engine to jaw-dropping new heights. See it in this new Tech video.

Watch the Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer

Lastly, we want to thank each and every fan who pre-ordered Killzone Shadow Fall. As part of the reservation at participating retailers, users are promised the Shadow Fall soundtrack. We will be slightly delayed in pushing the bonus out to our fans (only this one; everything else is on track), but can assure you the delay is minimal. We hope it’s yet another aspect of the game that you fall in love with this holiday season.

We think you’ll love the new direction Killzone Shadow Fall takes, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the launch trailer in the comments below. Remember to mark your calendar for November 15th (November 29th in the UK and Europe), and keep watching PlayStation Blog and for more Killzone Shadow Fall news!

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  • This game looks awesome, only beef I have with it, is no split-screen. At the Feb reveal talked about switching sides depending what see of the sofa you were on with the DS4 and thought how awesome that would be for KZ SF

    Maybe next time their game will be some local play in it.

  • Also you guys going to be talking about the Store coming to the PSN? Does it include Canada as well?

  • Picked up my copy of the game today! Can’t wait to actually play it!

    Congrats to everyone at Guerrilla Games for making such a great launch title!

  • i was going to ask will there be any DLC for killzone mercenary for the Ps vita just like killzone shadow fall for PS4
    Please tell us :]

  • Wow looks amazing! I’m speechless at the first video at 1:26 seconds mark. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  • If i have a PS Vita can i play coop online of offline with my brother using the ps4?

  • This game is amazing.
    PS4 is a true next gen console.

  • Amazing!! can’t wait

  • I’m very much looking forward to KZ:SF – but I implore you to make sure that the new separate online co-op mode (which will be paid DLC) will be as fun to play as Resistance 2’s and Mass Effect 3’s separate online co-op modes were.

    Question: Will there be underwater or naval combat in KZ:SF or a future Killzone game?

  • The game looks absolutely amazing! I’ve been playing KZ-KZ3 (including the handheld titles) these past days because of the excitement! Thank you for making such viewtiful games. Long Live Play!!

  • Hope the input lag is gone.

  • I just got my copy today and I cant wait to try it out! It looks fantastic.

  • Have my copy of the game at my house just waiting for a ps4 to put it in

  • The game looks amazing. Killzone is by far my favorite first person shooter. It’s a shame I won’t be getting it at launch and probably not for a long time aftert that. I’ll be waiting for a sale, price drop or used copy. I won’t pay full price for half a game. I’m talking about online play being locked behind a paywall. Having to pay a fee on top of the purchase price is ridiculous. We should never have to pay for multiplayer. I never purchased the competitors console for this reason. I don’t care about anything PS+ offers, if I did I would have it. It’s a real shame that Sony decided to attach online play to PS+

    Pay for the game, pay for the internet and then pay to have them work together. It’s just not right.
    I won’t be purchasing the PS4 on launch either. No point, especially because the one lanuch game I want wont be purchased.

    Please Sony, change your minds on this PS+ requirement…

  • I really hope this turns out to be a plot by the ISA to keep the Vektans and the Helghast divided. Tired of killing Helghast lol.

    Game looks fantastic. I’m really Jealous of GG’s engine and can’t wait to play this game from both a developer and a fans/gamers perspective.

  • @JKar275 and GG

    I second this, I loved Resistance 2’s 8 player Co-op mode and I still play Mass Effect 3’s co-op mode to this day on PC. Hopefully GG can adopt this and create a riveting story experience to go along with it.

  • When will I be able to buy my Killzone Shadowfall season pass from PSN?

  • Looks fantastic and I have already preordered on the PSN. Cannot wait to play it on Friday!

    On another impressive note, I am loving Killzone Mercenary. Do you have any plans to release new maps via DLC?


  • Day one download with my 70mbps Internet.

  • Taking two days off from work @ PS4 launch (solely to play KZSF)!

  • I hope you guys reconsider selling the co-op as DLC.

    Other games have a hard enough time populating those modes when they’re in the game from the start. Uncharted 2/3, Resistance 2, every online Halo, etc.

    It’s significantly harder to find people in co-op than competitive modes. And you’re going to make it even worse.

  • Looking Hawt! Both videos. I actually appreciated the Engine Technology video a little more. This is one of my 4 Launch Day titles. Really looking forward to seeing it first hand. Next Gen/PS4 only! Woot!

    It’s Happening!

  • Just got home with my copy. 54hrs till i get to experience this gem first hand

  • This game looks incredible!!! It will probably be the only game I play until at least Monday… I’m hoping to beat the single player campaign Friday and spend the next couple of days digging into multi-player.

  • Cant Wait unfortunately it looks like my copy will not arrive on time which is very disappointing.


  • Love the music…Hope its in the game

  • Dude…why must you tease us so… DAMMIT!! It’s like being a kid again and waiting for Christmas!!

  • Looks great!! Cant wait to play it. This is a little off topic but does anyone know if the new playstation app is out for iphone yet? I cant seem to find it on the app store and i thought it was suppose to be out today :(

  • Nevermind i found it. If anyone is having a hard time finding it on the app store try typing in “Sony Entertainment” it should be in the top 10.

  • This is just plain amazing…what a fantastic trailer….Shadow Fall would be the main and only reason for me to buy a PS4.But I can wait to play Shadow Fall until PS4 becomes necessary.

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