Velocity Ultra Out Today on PS3

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Velocity Ultra Out Today on PS3

Hello folks!

I’m excited to say that the multiple award-winning Velocity Ultra is available today on the mighty PlayStation 3 for just $7.49 $9.99!

Velocity Ultra on PS3

At full 1080p 60fps, it’s a hypnotic experience playing on a big TV, and gives the awesome soundtrack produced by Joris de Man of Killzone fame a chance to shine too!

Developed and published by the talented team at Curve Studios, Velocity Ultra on PS3 is a perfect conversion that feels great on DualShock 3.

Velocity Ultra on PS3

Me confirming that the PS3 version is indeed awesome.

What, you’ve never heard of it?

Those of you not familiar with Velocity Ultra should know that it combines shoot ‘em-up action, speed runs and cunning spatial puzzles in a way never seen before, and this combination of clever mechanics and no nonsense fun delighted pretty much everyone that came into contact with it on PS Vita.

So we’re incredibly excited that Velocity Ultra is now a full PS3 title which includes perhaps (actually, definitely) the best titled platinum trophy ever: ‘Show Thumb Respect.’

Velocity Ultra on PS3

Teleporting ahead…

With a host of 9/10 review scores from the likes of Edge Magazine and Pocket Gamer, Velocity has been our breakthrough success, allowing us to continue working with Sony on a range of PS Vita games, and now we’re making a sequel to Velocity Ultra on PS4 and PS Vita called Velocity 2X due out next year!

Until then, you’ll need to get some practice in with Velocity Ultra — enjoy!

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  • Just peeped this on the store. Unfortunately, no cross-buy :(.

    • Unfortunately we can’t enable cross-buy on this title.

      Curve and Futurlab would both have loved to have had cross-buy, and as people who have seen our other games know, we try to use cross-buy as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, the original Velocity Ultra was a PlayStation Plus title, so it wouldn’t make financial sense for us to bring the game to PlayStation 3 as a cross-buy game, and we thought it was better for the game to be available for PlayStation 3 without cross-buy than not at all.

  • Looking forward to getting the sequel on Vita

  • I don’t have a PS3
    But I do have a Vita and upcoming PS4 so will be looking forward to Velocity 2X

    I also wanted to say thanks again Fliptriq and Happy Birthday.

  • This would be the best thing for Cross Buy. :(

  • *I’m excited to say that the multiple award-winning Velocity Ultra is available today on the mighty PlayStation 3 for just $7.49!*

    The PS store shows the PS3 version at $9.99. : /

  • I was just going to say that. It’s $9.99 on the store.

  • If for some reason you do not own this, but it! Awesome game.

  • still have no clue what this game is really about. nice price though.

  • I have two words : Cross Buy.

    As for the rest, after giving Sine Mora a little time, realized that indeed I still like this type of game.

    Curve showed some creative thinking with Stealth Inc, but I would still rather pay to play a game like Splinter Cell instead.

    Prices should really lower for games such as these.

  • So its 9.99$ afterall =\ .

  • So, yeah. Even though James mentioned above that the game will be $7.49, the store just updated and shows $9.99.
    What gives?

    • Very sorry, Elchomo, this was an error on Curve’s side (We’re publishing this game) – the correct price is $9.99!

  • seems its been edited. 7.49 sounds soo much better then 9.99

  • Glad to see this making it’s way to PS3, & even more excited about the sequel coming to PS Vita & PS4. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @9: Different developer and publisher doing this version of the game. Two words… actually, I only need one. Ignorance.

  • @14

    Yea your right, I am ignorant.

    Possibly to the idea that corporations use different company names all the time.

    Please stick to being the genious you are , and let me speak my thoughts without your lack of wisdom.

  • Much like the idea you probably have a few screen ID’s.

    Duh….. huh…..what???

  • @ Rob Clarke

    Your above comment still does not change my thoughts on games like this being made Cross Buy.
    (Regardless of whatever company).

    I would think about buying it SHOULD it have been CrossBuy, if people can not handle my truth of the situation, do not read them.

    That is unless you should actually consider thoughtful ideas of what “WE’ the consumer want.

    Ignore it at your own peril.

    *And for the record, I keep sticking “On Topic” until one of these crybaby lapdogs have to try to act like the corporate moderator.

  • Also for the record.

    Being ignorant, and deceived are much different words……… by light years.

  • Notice how he blames Curve, for the error.


  • “Corporate Moderator”

    Hee hee… isn’t that cute…

    What you don’t understand, genius, is that this company, as all companies do, always offer their customers the best possible deal and the lowest possible price that their bottom line can handle. I know you don’t understand this yet as you’re still stuck in a paranoid, we’re-all-victims-of-an-evil-conspiracy mode, but I promise you, $9.99 for this version is the best that could be done at this time. They would have gone lower and even implemented cross-buy if they could have, and THEY WILL go lower as soon as they’re able to. So, like I told your twin baby brother Ryumoaner, if you’re interested in a particular game but disagree with the price, then exercise a little patience and wait for the inevitable price drop.

    It matters not that you repeatedly expose your selfishness, demanding your personal quotas to be realized by another. Apparently, you think they’re supposed to be receptive to your personal vision of how THEY should run THEIR business. WRONG. You don’t make the rules. If you can manage the parameters in place, step right up and play. You don’t like it? You walk. That’s how it works. Now go get your diaper changed. You’re stinkin’ up the joint.

  • Oh, and I bought this game yesterday. Haven’t played it yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so when I have some more free time after finishing up a couple other games I’m still playing through.

    Thanks for bringing Velocity Ultra to PS3, Curve and FuturLab! I’ve had my eye on it for a while now, but didn’t want to buy a Vita just to play one game. Well actually, there’s a few games on the Vita I’d like, but this is the one I wanted the most. So I’m looking forward to getting into it soon! :)

  • Whats the matter Incognito?
    Your wheelchair rump burns bothering you again today?

    Selfish, ummm, that would explain the need to sell this game as a separate program instead of actually making money on it.

    As for the rest of your information, you are completely off base as usual.
    But wait for the numbers to prove how much of the genius I actually am.

    Now go back to the dismal solitude of your lonely one bedroom apartment, and stop bothering folk.

  • Sit up all night writing that?

    Bwahahaha, what a newb.

  • Walking is just what I am doing, and letting them know why.

    What exactly was your purpose anyway?

  • The purpose of this blog, I had thought, was to receive relevant information on products and services.

    Whereas, you simply spouted an advertisement about a game, YOU HAVE NOT EVEN PLAYED.

    I know I am cute, but thanks for noticing.

  • 1. No wheelchair… yet. You can imagine me in a wheelchair if it makes you feel better though. not that it would be something to be ashamed of though, man, something’s really wrong with you…

    2. Prove that what I said was off base, rather than just making baseless claims and dropping it. You can’t, I know. Your ego couldn’t handle admitting to being in the wrong.

    3. Solitude is neither dismal nor lonely when you don’t get it very often, as is the case with me. I wish I could be alone more often. Again, use your imagination as you wish, of course…

    4. Didn’t sit up all night, nope. Just posted here real quick, looked at other stuff, came back a few minutes later to say one more thing, then logged off. But why would that make someone a “newb” anyway? I don’t see the correlation between expressing one’s thoughts and being a “newb”. I guess you couldn’t think of a legitimate response so you just settled on the generic internet insult? Now THAT’S dismal. But again, don’t let facts get in the way of your imagination. It’s cool.

  • 5. My purpose was to let you know how silly you are. ‘Cause you are. Always rambling about corporate this and corporate that as if you’re some investigative reporter who uncovered some horrible truths about the corporate world and has come to avenge their wrongs by letting the world know about it on a video game blog.

    6. I didn’t advertise anything. I said thanks for the port, and mentioned that I’ve been interested in it for a while. Did you see an advertisement somewhere? Oh yes, of course… in your narcissistic imagination, again.

    7. Actually, there’s nothing cute about narcissism and paranoid fantasies masquerading as knowledge. I was obviously being sarcastic when I said you were “cute”… ;)

  • And my points still stand… the ones you ignored.

    It’s a FACT that publishers always give the best possible deal/price at all times as they know this is the way to acquire more profits and gain the upper-hand on their competitors. In FACT, competition is the very reason that a company will temporarily sacrifice their net gain… in the interest of establishing a larger consumer base. They know that long-term influence leads to long-term success, and that’s much more desirable than a quick rip-and-run.

    Therefore, it’s a FACT that the price will drop as soon as the publisher’s bottom line can handle it, and thus it’s a FACT that you can always buy it then if you don’t agree with the current price. It’s a FACT that whining about the cost of video games in today’s industry is completely unnecessary and even stupid considering that competition has never been greater, and deals, sales, and price cuts have never been more common than they are now.

    It’s a FACT that you wouldn’t understand how to run a business, based on your ignorant choice of words. It’s a FACT that you do not make the rules for someone else’s business. You’re not being forced into anything. If you don’t wanna play, don’t pick up the ball.

  • What points?
    1.That you have harassed me with derogatory comments belittling my “valid” complaints.?
    2.That you speak on behalf of a company “You do not own.’?
    3.That you chose to ignore my question of what “your purpose” was here.?
    4.That your game experience seems to be hugely encompassing free arcade classics from plus, instead of PAID FOR AAA titles and Indie games.?

    The only embarrassment here is you, and the fact you try to gravitate your argument back to topics that were not originally stated In “THIS’ thread.

    *Such as why they chose to blame Curve, for the price error. When THEY were the PR about the article.*

    I know I am not forced. Nowhere in the above comments did I say anything about being forced.
    I likely may have chosen to purchase this game ‘Had it been Cross Buy”, and I chose to tell the developers that.

    Maybe you should read/play more, and talk less.

    And you just maybe right about not knowing how to run a business, at least with the standards of people like you, and those like you.

    But a company…………….another story all together.

  • Being right about certain points, of which I said nothing, still had nothing to do with what was said originally.

    Thereby I can not be wrong.

  • And that is based on truth.
    Of which I am completely wary of with your so called “business .”

    And since I would have been among the chosen audience for this advertisement, my opinions are valid regardless if they / you chose to listen.

  • Nuff said.

    Tired of arguing with someone with a couple of doctored facts, and acting like they know what they are talking about.

  • Wow, more narcissistic rambling. I didn’t think anybody could be as completely blinded by one’s own ego more than Ryumoau, but you just might be challenging him for #1 doofus on the blog.

    1. Again, complaining about the very thing you are doing. You do this all the time! Think before posting, genius!

    2. I was speaking on behalf of myself, as always, and by the way, this game is AWESOME and worth every penny!

    3. I answered that at #5. Damn, you’re not even trying… or maybe you’re trying… to be an idiot on purpose?

    4. Wow, and you say I speak without knowing the facts. I’ve barely downloaded anything from Plus. 99% of my games are fully paid for. Do you think you know me better than I know myself?

    And now for some more embarrassment – Guess what, Einstein? Rob Clarke works for Curve. Yep, that means he was BLAMING HIMSELF, owning up to his mistake. Oops! Golly Rez, you’ve got it all figured out, don’t ya?

    Is it fun being a complete moron? Please respond. Destroying pseudo-intellectuals such as yourself is one of my favorite pastimes. See you soon. :)

  • While I’m here, I’d like to thank Curve, FuturLab, Rob Clarke, James Marsden, and everyone else involved with Velocity Ultra. It’s incredibly fun, and it was just what I was hoping it would be. This game is legitimately challenging while never impossible, and the tight, responsive controls make it extremely rewarding to complete the levels with perfect medals. I’m loving all the included mini-games too, and just finished all 10 levels of Smith’s Challenge. Gotta be patient to get through that! Quality soundtrack too. :)

    Definitely worth $9.99 on PS3, no doubt about it. Hope it continues to sell well, it deserves to!

  • By the way Rezolution, re-read my post at #28 if you really want to know “what points”. I even capitalized the word FACT every time I made a point to make it easy for your remedial ass. Take it all in, slowly, and let me know what you think. Seriously, let me know what you think. I want to have fun watching you make an ass of yourself again as you put together a jumble of ridiculousness, dancing around the facts, making excuses for your mistakes or even flat-out denying them, while simultaneously glorifying your imaginary “wisdom” again. Ok? Cool. Thanks. :)

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