Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Out Today

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Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Out Today

Hey everyone,

It’s been an incredible seven years for us here at Insomniac on the PlayStation 3. And today celebrates that heritage with the release of our 10th game for the platform: Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. The epilogue to our acclaimed Ratchet & Clank Future saga, this game is a love-letter to our fans. It gets back to the classic story-based Ratchet & Clank adventure, with brand new weapons, villain, planets, and an all-new story. It’s a compact Ratchet adventure you can download via PSN or buy on blu-ray disc for a great price of $29.99 (MSRP). On top of that, all copies of the game come with an entitlement for a free download of Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty, so there’s even more value!


But don’t take my word for it. We’ve already gotten a ton of great reviews on the game. Check out Destructoid, Gamespot, and The Escapist for their takes on the game.


And after all of that, if you’re still on the fence, perhaps this awesome launch trailer will give you a push over the edge, and sway you to have one more go with Ratchet on your PS3.

We’re really excited to close out Ratchet’s PS3 era with a game that we made for our fans. We hope you love the game. Head on over to the Insomniac Forums, or our twitter or facebook account to let us know what you think!

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  • When can we expect a FULL, big-time Ratchet & Clank game on PlayStation 4?

  • Finally another Ratchet & Clank!!!. I cannot wait to get home to buy it. I was wondering how much space it needs in the HDD?

  • Yay, just waiting for my local stores to get their copies in.

  • Already pre-ordered, will be picking up today! I cannot wait to play another big Ratchet adventure, it’s been a while! A Crack in Time was the last one I played =P Hope to see you guys do some awesome stuff on PS4! Thanks to everybody at Insomniac for putting your hard work into this game! =D

  • Devastated that EB Games didn’t ship my copy yesterday like they usually do with my long time preorders, so I won’t get it today.

    Unless I can find it locally, then I’ll just cancel my copy online.

    I really wanted to play this to hold off the torturous wait for PS4.

  • When will the PlayStation Store be updated? I need this!!!

  • just got mine from the store…looking forward to beating crap up with a wrench…need to find a friend to gift my QfB code too since I already have it.

  • bah tapped the “o” key too many times…I hate that we cannot edit our comments

  • Will be downloading it today. Just waiting for the store to update.

  • Surprised there was no digital pre-order, when I search for the game on PSN all I find is a page for the game with no option to purchase. Unfortunate since there was a pre-order bonus, but only for the physical disc version.

    Will the game be available on PSN today, or is it disc only for now?

  • A fan of your games.

    Really wish you would come out with a more character selective game,
    while adding not so many BFG weapons, and the countless box smashing / coin collecting.

    You have the ingredients for some GREAT games,
    and would like to see more than just the fox/wombat and clanker duo.

  • I have been checking every couple hours for the store to update. I can’t wait until they finally put it up, I need to start the download as soon as possible. Does anyone know if you get a code for Quest for Booty on the PSN store, can I give it to my friend?

  • Sony and Insomniac are milking this franchise to hell, launching a full game per year. It looks like Call of Duty, which is a money-machine but doesn’t bring anything new to the players.

  • There hasn’t been a full game per year…I am a HUGE R&C fan and I don’t count All 4 One, Full Frontal Assault, and Quest for Booty as full games.

  • Yeah, people are actually wanting more full R&C games.

  • Any story to the rumors of the Vita version…I need a full R&C game on my Vita!!

  • Can’t wait for Nexus to hit the PS Store today and finish my Ratchet platinum collection! I swear it feels like the store takes longer to update when you’re really anticipating a game. :(

    Here’s hoping that we have a Ratchet PS4 announcement coming soon. ;)

  • Looks neat, any idea when the Before The Nexus app releases?

    As for originality, it’s one of the best semi-regular shooters/platformers.

    You rarely see any of em with as much colour as half of a regular ratchet and clank game.

  • I believe they said that it wont be on vita any time soon. That’s what I heard anyway.

  • I got my copy, will go all nighter on it
    Sweet times

  • Just in case I don’t get a response over on the EU Blog. Isn’t the European release date next week (Next Friday for the UK).

  • Yes i think Europe is the 15th.

  • Update the store lol. I have a code to download the game, thanks to the people at Sony, they gave codes away to download the game when the store updates.

  • It’s on the PSN store now for me, the web version anyway.

    Still gonna wait for my store to get a copy though, R&C is one of the few series I always want the disc for my shelf.

  • I hope someone sees this and can help me. I don’t know who I would contact about this:

    I’ve noticed for about a week now that if I sign in to my PSN ID on the us.playstation.com site and check my trophies, it says that I have ZERO trophies synched with my account, which is completely false. What is worse than this, is that I can’t bid any of my trophies on GreatnessExchange because the system thinks I have zero trophies :/

    I hope someone can help me!

  • I bought the physical copy of the game. I got the voucher paper code but there is no code to redeem. What am I suppose to do?

  • I’ll wait for a sale. I used to love these games and they’re still good, but they’re not as great as they were last gen. Insomniac has kind of lost its edge and, for the most part, puts out good games… no longer truly great ones like Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch continue to do.

    Still, a yearly R&C fix is nice to cure my cravings… and around $20 bucks is where I like it. Especially with how short they tend to be now, on top of having so many recycled assets.

  • I got it downloading from PSN, so sometime tonight it’s game on!

  • Just like Bleh28 I purchased a physical copy of the game today which has the voucher code paper but no actual code to redeem. The only reason I bought this game new was to get the Quest for Booty code, otherwise I would have waited and picked it up used.

  • Store is updated! :)

    To those with retail copies: Is it possible that Quest for Booty is linked to the disc ala Disc Benefits? Have you tried putting the disc into the console and looking for an additional disc icon on the XMB?

  • I checked the extra contents section of the disc (which is Sly Cooper put it) but there was only a digital manual and a trailer for the movie. I’m on hold with Sony support right now about this.

  • So Sony Support was no help with this, they just said call the retailer. Ebgames (Gamestop) said that they are aware of a printing/packaging issue and that it will be rectified soon, hopefully sometime tomorrow.

  • No code on my slip either…I ordered mine online, how is the retailer going to help, its not like I can walk into their store and demand another copy…

  • I was expecting a voucher as I have always gotten a voucher when I buy games new and when I look there is no voucher code on the slip. I am heavily disappointed, because when I buy games “New” I expect what is advertised and now it’s a hassle to go through a process which takes time.

  • My copy arrived from Amazon. So tempting… must wait for proper window to savor Ratchet & Clank… PS4 too soon… It’s Happening!

  • Got my copy! Nice supprise with the quest for booty. Would have been cooler if t was on the same disk, but now I’ll just have to find someone to give a copy to. Still waiting on the possible us physical release before i spring for a uk one.

    Played a little so far. And its great! Biggest supprise is how awesome the music is.

    Really excited to see what happens with the plot.

  • I’d also love some news about Before the Nexus.

  • I’m downloading this right now.

    I hope R&C will live on through PS4 down the (space)road.

  • I just got one question for you guys at Insomniac Games, how long are you guys gonna keep on making Ratchet and Clank games. I’ve been playing R&C games since Up your arsenal.

  • There appears to have been a printing error with the Quest For Booty download cards in every game (at least in Canada, from what Insomniac’s Twitter is telling me). The cards are there, but the codes are not.

    Anyone else from Canada having the same problem, take pictures of your game case, receipt, and the front/back of the download card, then call customer support. They should sort you out. I’m waiting for my code right now.

  • I just got off the phone with a sony customer service agent and apparently they can’t do anything but direct me to the retailer I bought it from and either get a replacement or get a code from them.

  • Well it seems that CS doesn’t know what each other are doing b/c I just got off a chat with CS agent and they said to email copy of receipt, photos of the back and front of card and I would get a code within a business week… Insomniac replied to me on twitter saying that Sony knows of the problem and to contact them…

  • Annnnd Futureshop won’t do anything except direct me to a supervisor that I won’t hear from for a while. Best thing for people that didn’t get the code is contact the customer service supervisor and complain. I hope Insomniac gives these codes to retailers. False advertising this is.

  • @CrispCanuk: I contacted Sony and they said they can’t do anything because I didn’t buy it off Sony and that it isn’t a Sony game. They don’t even have Insomniac in their system they said. So I don’t know what can be done. I’m pretty pissed off honestly.

  • It’s very disappointing really*is missing a code himself*

    Whereas others get their copy no fuss, we get treated like liars having to go through multiple steps to prove what we bought.

    On the plus side, they printed both sides of the cover again. Something us Canadians rarely got this gen.

  • They may ask for a receipt but I can’t as I ordered it off of futureshop.ca. I can easily give them a screenshot of the paper inside as well as the case/game disc. I don’t know who to talk to in order to get this code :(. I asked Sony for a $15 online credit so I can buy the game myself but they said they wouldn’t because I didn’t buy the game from them and wasn’t their game. Extremely disappointed in both Insomniac and Sony.

  • @LastExile2
    Go to their online chat service system. There will be an option for vouchers.
    Mention that there was no code on your voucher.

    It will take a while due to the info not being readily available(the game and this issue popped up today).
    Don’t forget to mention that there wasn’t a shipping slip, just an emailed receipt. Ask if you can send in a screencap of the email.

  • @MrSIgnal
    I didn’t even get a shipping notice from futureshop but I do have the order page I can screencap for them. I even tweeted Insomniac and all they said was “contact Sony Customer Service Canada they should be able to help with codes. We don’t have access to them.”. I don’t even know how to contact the Canada customer service, and I would try their online chat but its been busy for the past 45 minutes lol.

  • On your order page there will be a button for a pdf of the receipt,


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