Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Out Today Including 6 DLC Fighters

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Out Today Including 6 DLC Fighters

Today’s launch of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition represents the non-stop efforts of a huge group of talented developers who have been hard at work since Injustice hit store shelves. We had two lofty goals: support our fans with more additional content than any other fighting game, and make this Ultimate Edition package available on the same day for all PlayStation fans — regardless of their favorite platform.

Players can experience Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on PS3 and PS Vita. And for everyone lucky enough to get a PS4 on launch day, they can experience the game running at 60 frames per second in native 1080p!

In addition to the awesome PS4 architecture that allowed us to go with 1080p at 60 FPS, the new features of the hardware fit Injustice perfectly, and even allowed us to add support for wish-list features like video sharing in a more seamless way than we ever thought possible. The first time we pushed the “share” button on a PS4 controller and saw how streaming gameplay to the web just worked, we knew this technology had the ability to offer every player the same awesome tournament experiences that currently requires dedicated devices and complicated setups. I can’t wait to watch the first streaming tournament of a group of friends who have suddenly been empowered with the sort of tools that only professional gamers previously had access to.

Injustice: Gods Among Us for PS3

And thanks to the awesome PS4 upgrade program, gamers who don’t yet have a PS4 but who want Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition can get the content-packed PS3 version now, and when they’re ready, can upgrade to the PS4 version for just about ten bucks.

And on PS Vita, Injustice: Gods Among Ultimate Edition will be the first time players can enjoy the console version of the game on-the-go. Even after realizing how powerful the machine was when we worked on Mortal Kombat, we were worried that the giant, multi-tiered environments and constant world destruction would be impossible at 60 FPS on a portable device — but we are thrilled that the team at Armature Studio managed to really flex the powerful hardware to pull off the amazing graphical features that are so important to what makes Injustice such a unique experience.

With more than a hundred completely custom character models (and even a new PS4 exclusive model), six awesome DLC characters including General Zod and Lobo, and 60 completely custom S.T.A.R. Labs Missions, Injustice Gods: Among Us Ultimate Edition is truly an awesome deal. Whether it’s on PS3, Vita, or the brand new PS4, we’re thrilled to have had this opportunity to work with PlayStation to provide an incredible experience that is tailored to take advantage of your platform of choice.

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  • First

  • So stoked for this. Put dozens of hours in on Ps3 and very excited to stream some matches on my Ps4 this Friday!

  • Awesome but is there any sort of cross buy with the Vita and PS4 version?

  • Gamestop and some news sites are saying that the UE will include the soundtrack as well, for all platforms – does this include the digital versions as well? (particularly the Vita version)

  • great game.

  • Does the PS4 digital upgrade offer apply to the PS3 digital version as well as physical?

  • I want to get this for my VIta to kick rear as Nightwing on the go!

  • About time the Vita got something decent for a change, even if it is a port. Been wanting to get this for a while, but I decided to wait for the full version. I guess my patience paid off.

  • Very underrated game in my opinion.

    Really enjoyed the PS3 game, may not have the money at launch, but I’ll be picking this version up for the PS4 in the near future.

  • I will get this on my PS Vita, but I can’t right now. There’s just far too much coming (PS4) to get it at launch. I wish I could though.

    Top of my list when I can though.

  • Mortal Kombat was great on Vita so I’m getting this on Vita as well.

  • Hi Adam,

    will the PS4 version support PS3 fightsticks?

    I’ll be buying the PS4 version either way, but it’d be good to know.

  • SirRadG
    If I remember correctly you can still upgrade to a Ps4 copy if you keep the physical copy of PS3 and pay the $10 up frag through the PSN. If you sell the physical ps3 copy you won’t be able to play the ps4 upgraded version. You have to make sure the ps3 copy is in the drive for you to play the ps4 version on the ps4.

  • + SirRadG on November 12th, 2013 at 11:41 am said:

    “Does the PS4 digital upgrade offer apply to the PS3 digital version as well as physical?”

    Yes it does:

  • It’s good to see more developers have the upgrade program to PS4 if you already had the PS3 version. More developers need to do this a lot more. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!

  • Can we use our usb PS3-compatible fightsticks on the PS4 version? For many people this will be the deciding factor on whether to pick up the PS4 version or not.

  • Sounds like a fun game. I might have to pick this up for my Vita eventually.

  • I need this game!

  • I want this for my PS4, but I find funny that there isn’t any PS4 footage, I’d like to know if there’s any extras (besides true HD) like better online, exclusive content or updated graphics… still don’t like how manly WW looks ingame.

  • Any chance of upgrading a non-Ultimate Edition from PS3 to PS4?

  • Does the vita version communicate with the IOS version unlocks?

  • Bought it for my Vita with the PSN cash I got from last month… WOOT! Sucked at this game when I played it on Xbox.. looking to get pretty darn good at it soon.

  • My Vita is so ready for this! Can’t wait to pick up Friday! :D

  • i enjoy Mortal Kombat on Vita a lot

    injustice should be an awesome addition

  • @FistCanBe_A_Verb don’t forget lamest

  • May actually check this game out. The MK games haven’t been my favorite fighting series but that’s a lot of game for a great price and the DC license just makes it awesome.

    Hopefully Ultimate MvC3 is available for download too.

  • Definitely getting this for my Vita. Does the Ultimate version mean there isn’t going to be any more character DLC? Still hoping for Supergirl and Huntress (New 52 versions)

  • REally want the vita version, but I can’t justify the purchase without cross-play/cross-save and justify it even less without crossbuy. Sticking wtih the PS4 version till the vita version is 10 dollars.

  • @21 (Zionine)

    Did it come with the soundtrack?

  • I tried buying this at Gamestop when I picked up my PS4 copy of AC4, but Gamestop said that no shipments were arriving yet. Maybe you should be specific that it comes out today on PSN, but comes out whenever it arrives at stores.

    Cool nontheless

  • I held out on buying the first game because I’m still having fun with All Stars. I might consider getting this on the Vita.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this game when I get my Vita this month. It was well worth the $10 I spent on the vanilla PS3 version from a Gamestop deal. Will be double dipping so I can play this on the go.

  • Are you guys bringing Mortal Kombat to PS4 next?

  • Hmm this wasn’t 1080p and 60 FPS already on PS4? Were there any other improvements?

  • This really is a good deal especially for me because I never bought the original game.

  • I would really like to see some actual gameplay for the PS4 version or some reviews but there aren’t any online yet. Also, I wonder what he meant by “new PS4 exclusive model”?

  • @Gamerzlimited

    Lucky you. I tried to buy that $10 deal. Servers kept crashing.

  • Wonderful, my vita can’t wait!!!!

  • @afigueroa Yeah, I was surprised the site didn’t crash on me when I attempted on the deal. Maybe it’s because I used the EB Games site instead of Gamestop. Don’t know if that would have made a difference or not. If I had failed, I would have waited and bought the PS3 Ultimate Edition day one (I probably won’t double dip on the Vita version if I did this). Even if I spend money on the DLC, I’m better off keeping the vanilla version as would still be paying less than the amount I would pay for the Ultimate Edition.

  • i will buy the ps vita version later

  • A Word to the Wise: I bought PS3 Injustice Ultimate Edition today. The game doesn’t Include the 5 IOS Skins like the Arkham Harley Quinn, Bane, Prison Suit Superman etc…

    Some of of didn’t have a Cell Phone or access to the IOS app the first time and now we get Injustice Ultimate Edition and yet again we don’t get those 5 IOS Skins for our game.

    This is not right on WB’s part to leave out those Skins. This was Susposed to be Ultimaye Edition and yet u leave out those IOS Skins we all wanted…

    So people if u were hoping now for those Exclusive IOS Ingame Skins well u won’t get them here either…

    Just a Heads Up… Bad MOVE WB Bad MOVE!!!

  • @40, does it let you connect to the IOS version and get your skins if you did have an apple device that supported it? I asked this question earlier in these comments and would love clarification. Thanks.

  • I was feeling all sorts of burned after not being eligible for the PS3->PS4 upgrade despite already owning the Ultimate Edition by way of buying all the DLC piecemeal (for way more than UE purchasers would).

    But then I realized I had enough credit from the spend $50 promo. Free Injustice is best Injustice.

  • It has frame rate issues on the vita on some stages. Besides that it’s a great port. YES it comes with a voucher for the soundtrack. No cross play that I’ve heard of yet.

  • ios items are already unlocked.

  • Looking forward to playing this. Have this on pre-order and picking up on launch day for my ps4. Does the ps4 version work with remote play?

  • I can’t get the trophies to sync with my psn account on the Vita. Has anyone else noticed this? :(

  • @41 yes u still can log into the WBID and get the skins that way as before…

    But since this was the Ultimate Edition those Skins should of been included in the game already so all of us could of had those skins.

    So for WB to leave those 5 IOS Skins out of this Edition was not fair or right to people like me who don’t even have access to those IOS skins.

    Also if u had the regular Injustice and had the skins before this game version will still use ur old saves so anything u had to begin with will also be on the Ultimate Edition as well.

    But again, The New Ultimate Edition on it’s own doesn’t contain the IOS skins… Poor Arkham Harley Quinn, No Batman Beyond etc… They WB could of at least included those Skins in this Ultimate Edition is all i’m saying.


  • @44 IOS item’s if u owned them before are Unlocked here as well but the Game Itself Ultimate Edition did not come with those SKINS and for people who didn’t have the skins before due to not having cell Phones or that IOS app we still don’t have those skins…

    But yes if u had them before from the APP u still have those now in Ultimate… But the point here is they are not Included in Ultimate for people who didn’t have them to begin with. So were still left out here in the COLD we get no Arkham Harely, We get no Batman Beyond. etc.

    WB should of gave those to Ultimate Edition and they failed to do so. This is so WRONG in so many ways…

  • Not sure what you’re going on about, I have the vita version and all of those skins are there, not sure why the console versions would be any different

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