Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Coming to PS Vita on February 11th, 2014

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Coming to PS Vita on February 11th, 2014

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Hey, doods! It’s your humble Prinny David from NIS America here to school you with a cohesive thesis on our upcoming title, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc — a revised and revamped edition of the very first Danganronpa that appeared on PSP in Japan in 2010. The game is set to release on February 11th in North America, exclusively on PS Vita — just in time for Valentine’s Day! You guys ready to fall in love with some ultimate brutality?

In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, you take on the role of Makoto Naegi — an excruciatingly ordinary teenager who one day finds himself accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy. This is an ultra-prestigious school meant only for the best and the brightest and basically anyone but the ordinary. Some of Makoto’s fellow classmates include Leon, the Ultimate Baseball Star; Chihiro, the Ultimate Programmer; and Sayaka, the Ultimate Pop Sensation, so what’s a guy like Makoto doing here?

Looks like Makoto’s got enough to deal with trying to find his place amongst Japan’s teen elite, but things get a little tougher when he suddenly falls unconscious and finds himself rudely awakened by an evil black and white robot bear calling himself Monokuma. He announces to the students that they’re all locked in, and the only way out is to kill another student and get away with it. Pretty much the beginning of every high school movie ever. There’s a catch, though – if you get outed as the killer, then you’ll face Monokuma’s deadly punishment, and if you do get away with murder, you’ll be dooming your other classmates to death.

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Still, it doesn’t take long before your classmates start scrabbling for the outside and end up killing each other in the process. So much for the best of the best! Now it’s up to you to investigate each murder, hold forth in trial, and discover the psycho bear’s ultimate motive so you can escape from this forsaken high school.

The gameplay is similar to the investigative nature of the Phoenix Wright series, with a dash of 999 and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward storytelling thrown in. You’ll begin each chapter in “Daily Life” mode, roaming the campus and speaking with your fellow classmates to find out what makes them tick. The more you get to know characters, the better your relationship with each of them will be, which can be improved by giving them gifts you think they’d like.

You might think, “Why would I need to be friends with these people? I just wanna get out of here!” and you could do that, but improving relationships unlocks skills, which come into play a little later.

After this benign period of how-do-you-do, someone always ends up a little murdered, and you’re quickly thrust into the investigative mode of “Deadly Life.” During this time, you’ll utilize the analog sticks or tap the touch screen to scour the school and crime scenes for clues. You’ll need to pay attention to every detail and conversation you have here, because once you’ve gathered enough evidence on what went down, Monokuma will gather all the students and begin…

The class trial. This is where you’ll employ all your gumshoe work in some fast-paced rounds of timing- and rhythm-based minigames. Your classmates will try to come at you with misinformation, but you’ll literally shoot their words down with Truth Bullets — facts that you’ve gained to dispute their lies. Now remember those skills I mentioned earlier that you gain from relationships? Here’s your chance to use them! You can equip skills like “Robot Jock,” which increases your Truth Bullet rate of fire, or “Lost in Thought,” which increases trial time limits — all to aid you in your quest for the truth.

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As you hone in on a suspect, they’ll become more and more defensive and the gameplay will switch to a rhythm-based section where you’ll tap a button or the screen in time to clear the air of their protestations. Throw in some word puzzles and crime scene comics and you’ve got yourself the most high-stakes mock trial high school’s ever seen!

As you unmask the killers, you’ll raise even more questions. What’s the real story behind Hope’s Peak Academy? Why does this murderous little bear hate high school kids so much? And could there be an even more sinister force behind this twisted game…? Steel yourself against falsehoods and arm yourself with the facts — surviving high school has never been this deadly.

Keep an eye out for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc in February, and remember: “One truth prevails!” Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to put on my deerstalker cap and investigate who stole my sardines…

Until next time — Prinny out, dood!

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  • Good, good.

    Time to preorder.

  • Awesome! So excited.

  • Dual audio? Yes?

  • Is there any chance on the LE coming to EB Games/Gamestop? Or will it exclusively be on the NIS store?

    Either way, you’ve got my money and I can’t wait for the game.

    • Hey Casual_Alchemy,

      The Limited Editions are exclusive to our NIS Online Store, so unfortunately you won’t be able to pick it up anywhere except our own site, dood!

  • Kinda like Ace Attorney and Zero Escape, you say? Count me in. I’ve been interested in seeing what’s up with this series but now I’m sure that it’s right up my alley. Day one!

  • So you will be judging whether you release part two based on how well a 3 year old PSP game that has already been translated near flawlessly by fans does ? Makes perfect sense.

  • great news i going to buy this very happy =)

  • Wow just from reading the article this has me super interested for this game. It’s good to se e more PS Vita games coming out. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!

  • so! there is no mindless violence?

  • I take it back, giving it some thought it makes perfect sense. It’s not a re-release for you guys. So you’re doing the full localization of a completely new game that was never released in NA. Expecting you to localize two entire games and only get $20 per game is crazy. Especially since if you had released the PSP versions, they’d have been more than that a piece.

    Pre-order confirmed.

  • Sorry NIS, maybe i wasn’t clear enough, but can you confirm that the game will be available in shops in EU (not only on PSN)?

  • I understand that localisation costs can be high for a text driven adventure game, but charging 40$ for a game, when the compilation of the 2 are at the same price in asia, i found it a little not nice.

    You are saying that you will work on the second if the first is a success, but you could have made it a bigger succes priced 29$ max…

    I was waiting for it, and thought it was the compilation, but only one “remake” out of the 2, at the price of the full compilation, i might think twice.

    Sorry to be harsh, but pricing for remakes are sensitive, even if localisation cost a lot.

  • me: Limited Edition?
    NISA: Yes dood
    me: SOLD!!

  • Will we be seeing it be released in South East Asia?

  • @31

    Once again I do not need your advice.

    I choose to “encourage” better choices in the future for those who actually buy these games with money, other, than what my parents gave me to make me go away.

  • And The world is saved.

    Elvick and possibly a few others, may, or may not actually buy this game.

    But when time gets down to the “real” , take a look at how many downloadable copies of this and other games have been purchased.

    Maybe you corporate fellows, should reanalyze listening to some of these bloggers………seriously.

  • will it have the option for japanese voices? i think it’s a must go for this one! =)

  • Retail for $39 and not $69….I’ll bite. Any other visual novel kind of games like this, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward or Corpse Party? It seems some Key games are making their way onto the PS Vita but you know…..they aren’t in a language I can read so I have to use my computer. -_-

  • YAY!!!! THANK YOU! I’ll be getting both a Digital Copy and the Limited edition :D also NIS Just a little suggestion from some guy, can you guys please try to localize Steins;Gate for the VIta? Please :) Even if just digital but still :)

  • All you guys saying that 40$ is a high price are bloody ridiculous.

    The re-release was two games that have already been SOLD and MADE separately meaning production costs for DanganRonpa 1.2 Reload are basically non-existent.They can go for a lower price point because the two games have already sold extremely well in Japan meaning any more money they get is pure profit.

    This is a western release meaning they have to pay for translators,voice actors and other crew to change the contents of the game into English.

  • hi. may i ask with all due respect dood. will there be option of Japanese voice over with english text. since this is avisual novel style that would be awesome

  • So here is a question…. Is there going to be some extra content added or are we going to be paying $40 for half of the game that came out in Japan? Either way it is awesome that it is coming!!!!

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