Battlefield 4: DICE Talks Commanders, PS4

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Battlefield 4: DICE Talks Commanders, PS4

With PS4’s North American launch just days away, we wanted to provide a quick update on our experiences with Battlefield 4 and show off our new interview with DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson — watch it below.

Battlefield 4: DICE Talks Commanders, PS4

On the PS4 multiplayer side, Battlefield 4 boasts an impressive visual presentation, rendering atmospheric lighting and lavish weather effects you won’t see on the PS3 version. The game’s visual variety is a major strength: I waged war across a startling array of environments, from Flood Zone’s waterlogged alleyways to Golmud Railway’s dazzling blue skies and emerald fields. Throughout it all, the multiplayer side zoomed along at or near 60 frames per second, giving the game a brisk, responsive feel that gives the game’s infantry combat a huge shot in the arm.

Battlefield 4 on PS4

Of course, vehicular combat is a huge part of Battlefield’s appeal, and BF4’s jets, tanks, jeeps, and boats don’t disappoint. The amphibious combat is particularly interesting, with BF4’s new physics-based wave model adding a new strategic wrinkle to combat on the high seas. With up to 64 players competing on PS4 (plus two Commander roles).

Battlefield 4 lands on PS4 this Friday with the system’s release in North America – if you pick it up, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • I hope the glitches are gone from BF3.

  • Can’t wait to download and play it for 10 bucks.

  • Ha! The glitches are part of why this game is great! BF4 is so good on PS3…cannot wait for the PS4 version.

  • I’d like to see submarines & underwater combat in the next BF game.

  • Will multiplayer stats and unlocks from ps3 transfer to ps4?

  • Can you play splitscreen multiplayer online on the PS4 version? This is literally the only reason I’m getting COD instead of battlefield…please add this feature for the next game!!

  • So, the commander is back from BF2. What other tactical features were brought back that was dropped in BF3?

  • Sid, have you played this on PS4? And can you say whether or not it’s as awful as the PS3 version?
    Okay, I know you can’t actually say anything is awful on here, but the beta was terrible, and after looking at tons of reviews and ratings for the full PS3 game, BF4 is still in beta mode. I almost pre-ordered two copies of BF4 for PS4 for a friend and myself, assuming that the PS4 version will be better and actually complete, but after seeing how disappointed people generally are with the PS3 version, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    So, in a neutral and politically correct way, can you say if the PS4 version is better or the same as the PS3 version? And I am not only talking about visuals.

  • What don’t you like about BF4 on PS3 Pan? The beta kinda made me a little weary, but after getting this game me and my wife have been loving it.

  • It’s not perfect, but patches have been coming on the PC side. I have been playing the heck out of it on PC. From what I see the PS4 will be very close to a mid range PC setting….My PC isn’t mid range though I’m running on Ultra specs and it’s friggen gorgeous!

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    NO, We don’t nor ever will need split screen in battlefield.

  • Having lots of fun playing on ps3 but i think ps4 version going to be insane. I’ll be upgrading my copy when i pick up my ps4 on friday. Been playing since 1942 and DICE just keeps making it better and better.

  • So no replies?

    I would also love to know if they are going to do split screen MP. Also why don’t give us info on the maps like more objectives on PS4 (flags) or more vehicles per map…things to get people excited about the ps4 version.

  • Both games this & Cod ghost are better on PS4 the tide has turned. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Remember Battlegrounds…incorporate Land Air and Sea (True Sea – Aircraft carriers Destoryers Subs etc…drive able with 128 player battles – Make this possible)

  • Glad to hear how the PS4 version dominates consoles. I’ll be buying Day 1 along with the Premium pack, Battlefield is my favorite FPS.

    Now I just hope it’s not a buggy pile of garbage like BF3 was when it came out. We had to wait 4+ months to get a huge 2GB patch which finally fixed everything.

  • the preorder of BF4 and ghost over? If not, How can I preorder the digital version?

  • BF4 in PS4 SUCKS!!! About 10 days without Online multiplayer from BF4, then if flickers the hell of it during gameplay , about every 5 seconds. BIG LAG while shooting opponents. Battlescreen was working at the beginning and after battlelog update it doesn’t work. You get kicked out while playing or loading to A map. After fix for BF4 servers, well, half a fix, the battlelog menu in PS4 if accessed u get kicked from the whole game with errors reports. Now it still kicking me out when BF4 thinks is ok to kick me. WTF!!! And I can continue with it. What a POS of work Sony and DICE/ EA are doing, specially DICE/ EA concentrating their efforts on anything Microsoft, Xbox One and PC. PS4, wait till they are done fixing PC and Xbox. Thank God I just payed $10 for it, cause thats all is worth. And PS4 taking all the MEDIA Stream and Bluetooth away?!?! WTF? Thought they thought about us the consumer/ gamers!!!! YEA RIGHT!!! Thank God for my PS3 and my Smart BRAVIA TV I can still stream!!! I’m A SONY FAN, all my Media entertainment equipment is SONY and this is how they treat me/ us??? I will be getting the Xbox and thought I would never do that. Thank You SONY for ur hard work!!!!

  • I just downloaded the ps4 version and was wandering if ps4 players can play with ps3 players?? Anyone know??

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