Super Motherload on PS4: Exploring the Story and Game Modes

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Super Motherload on PS4: Exploring the Story and Game Modes

With just one week until Super Motherload launches alongside PS4, I’m eager to share with you PlayStation.Blog readers a bit about what makes Super Motherload tick, as well as show off a brand new video to set the scene.

Super Motherload is an arcade style digging adventure for one to four players, set on Mars in the retro future (And if that’s not a mouthful enough, you’re welcome to add “Soviet space race,” “B movie sci-fi,” and “mining puzzler” to the mix!).

Inspired by our original game, Motherload, we wanted to bring Mars mining to consoles and breathe some life back into the four-player, couch co-op style of gameplay that we love and miss so much. Online play can’t hold a candle to a good, “reassuring” elbow to the ribs when your buddy goes in the wrong direction with no fuel to spare.

Super Motherload’s visual charm is no doubt rooted in some of our favorite movies and tv shows of past decades, including Battlestar Galactica (the original), Buck Rogers, and Moon, to name a few. Those favorites, along with an ’80s inspired soundtrack, all lend to Super Motherload’s B movie, sci-fi aesthetic — Eric even cited Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as inspiration for the soundtrack.

The story is told through fully voiced transmissions, and illustrated cutscenes as written by comic book veteran Kurtis Wiebe, whose experience was a perfect match to write the dialogue-driven storyline.

Super Motherload on PS4Super Motherload on PS4

The near future.

The Solarus Corporation discovered an infinite source of rare and precious minerals deep in the red crust. Resources that will end the energy crisis on Earth and fuel the deep space expeditions planned as population swells beyond capacity.

Constructing magnificent surface bases, Solarus’ early mining endeavors resulted in returns of wealth beyond measure. Delving deeper they installed new facilities and recruited more adventurous technicians and operators seeking to expand their empire.

Then, one day, Mars went silent.

Cut off from their people, Solarus sent new recruits to continue operations and restore communications. You are such a recruit and with Mars growing closer by the hour, you sense that all is not right on the Red Planet.

Can you uncover the mysteries of Mars or will her secrets be your undoing? Good luck, employee 1001.”

Super Motherload on PS4

There’s a surprising amount of depth in the design behind Super Motherload, with four years of concepting, experimentation, and refinement to the mechanics. Ultimately, the feedback loop remains straightforward; dig around to collect minerals and return to the surface to sell those minerals for cash. That cash allows you to refuel, repair, and — most importantly — buy upgrades so that you can drill deeper into the Red Planet.

The further you dig, the more difficult it is to progress. Your mining pod is upgradable to suit your style of play with various combinations of speed and capacity upgrades, bombs, items, and quest rewards. Eventually you’ll find the perfect balance and upgrade progression that allows you to blast through to the core and find out what’s happening to your comrades below. There are a number of strategies for efficient digging, and with the aid of co-op players, you’ll begin to discover better methods to reach your full potential with each trip.

We’re excited to say that Super Motherload runs at a buttery smooth 60 FPS in 1080p on PS4, and the new touch pad on the DualShock 4 provides the most immediate method for using specific bomb shapes to blast through obstacles and solve puzzles. Instead of selecting a bomb type by cycling through your items with the DS4 triggers, gestures are utilized: up, down, left or right for the most basic bomb types, or touch pad click to use an Electron Bomb.

This small addition to Super Motherload really streamlines gameplay; once you’ve memorized the direction to swipe for the bomb types, it becomes second nature. When we were testing out the feature in the office, it was funny to watch coworkers who hadn’t yet broken their L1 and R1 button habits face off against those who had mastered the touch pad — while the button cyclers were doing their thing, the touch pad elite had already busted through the obstacle for the prize.

Super Motherload on PS4

Super Motherload on PS4Super Motherload on PS4

Considering the combos, multipliers, a crafting system, hundreds of explosive-based puzzles, procedurally generated worlds, B movie villains, unlockable characters, hardcore mode, boss battles, special upgrades, and multiple endings — any real-world aspiring cosmonaut will be well prepared for future colonization of the Red Planet (Mars One 2023?). Just remember the ol’ Solarus Corp adage: keep helmet on.

Super Motherload is available on November 15th for $14.99. In the meantime, check out our blog, official website and soundtrack. See you on Mars!

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  • Played it at Gamercamp, lots of fun!

  • Did she eat him? HE IS IN BETTER PLACE…..terrifying!

    My son is going to LOVE this game! Excited to coop with him!

  • Played this at one of the PS4 Demo stations. Excellent little indie game, and a huge improvement from the original version of it. Day one buy for me.

  • Many school hours were spent on the original game. No regrets at all.

    Saw the title and went “Super Motherload!?” Holy crap…it’s actually what I imagined it to be…definitely will be picking this up.

  • Interesting video… But, the game play video looks cool.

  • This looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  • i feel this would have made a really nice Vita game as well.

  • The original was like, my highschool classes’ go-to Flash game. I sunk so many hours into it. I can’t believe we’re getting a sequel, and of such a high level of quality.

    This, to me, is the most exciting PS4 launch title. I absolutely can’t wait to strap in once again and mine to the bottom. The first game was amazing, and this one looks even better.

    Thank you very much, Xgen. This new title really does look amazing.

  • The age old question: will there be a demo on the store to download?

    • We don’t have a downloadable demo, but you can check out a demo of Super Motherload at kiosks in stores around the US and Canada (I was just saw one last night—they really do exist!).

  • This was not on my radar.
    This is now on my radar.

  • I LOVED the original on the PC. So I’ll probably love this too!

  • i think i played something like this a long time ago on a flash game website. this looks fun

  • Will this be ported to the Vita and with a Cross-Buy option?

    No mention on Second Screen or Remote Play support in the text (have not seen videos yet), will it have either of those?

    • Thanks for your questions Tim!

      We don’t currently have a Vita version, though, like all other PS4 games you will be able to use Remote Play from your PS4 to your Vita. Cross-Buy will get you both the PS3 and PS4 versions.

      We are also working on a Second Screen experience which will be available in a patch at a later date. We’ve shown off our concept for that over here:

  • Hey Scott. When are we getting our psn credit in the store?

    • I’m not too sure… I’m an artist at XGenStudios. It sounds like there will be vouchers that are thrown in the box with you PS4, which means that with that voucher you can get Super Motherload on day 1 for just 5 bucks!

  • well due to what comes in the PS4 this just might be on my list!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Scott Carmichael thanks for the reply and link
    Here is a quote:
    “We are particularly excited because this feature will add the potential for 8 people to interact with Super Motherload simultaneously. It certainly will be a unique cooperative experience. Now we just have to finish this thing! ”

    Now this sounds cool – potential for 8 people to interact – I didn’t know more than one Vita/IOS/Android device could be connected to the PS4 WOW

    This Second Screen Screen Idea sounds really exciting for this game for this game.

    @Gorvi #9 you can find a demo station at experienceplaystation dot com

    @mIke_question We should be getting money back from the “Spend $50 get $10 promo” around the 10th if I remember correctly.

    • Awesome Tim!

      Glad you dig the idea, and I’m also glad you knew what @mIke_question was talking about! Haha

  • PS4 at its full graphic capability.

    I’m sold.

  • @TimMalouff , and @mIke_question

    It was actually deadlined by the 8th (today).

    Still have not received mine, although If it is anything like the last voucher, my Vita will not receive the message.

    They told me it will, but time will tell.

  • $14.99, seriously?

  • this… i think this will eat up a lot of my spare time… O___O

  • personally i have over a dozen games i would love to the see on the ps4 (but if i had to list under 5 or so, i will say Hawken,Dragon nest,Vindictus, Warface, Loadout) so I’ve listed them below for you guys to see and i only wish i had Adam Boyes email address so he too gets to see this list as well. Thank you. and sorry for the wall of text guys.

    F2p fps

    Alliance of Valiant arms
    Tactical Intervention
    Soldier front 2
    Tribes Ascend
    Offensive combat

    F2p Mmorgs

    Continent of the nith
    Elsworld online
    Dragon nest
    Tera Rising
    Raiderz perfectworld

    F2p Tps

    Crime craft
    Super monday night combat
    War Inc. Battlezone
    Global agenda
    S4 league
    APB reloaded
    Mercenary ops
    Gunz the second duel
    Hounds-role playing shooting

  • This low res video doesn’t do this game justice. Tried the Demo out at a kiosk and it looks way better than these videos and is also a lot of fun!

  • Will there be a PS+ discount the first week?

  • Looks really fun. Day one for me.

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