October 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

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October 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

Just think — this time next month, we’ll be looking at the top sellers on PS4!

Grand Theft Auto V takes the top spot on the final PS3 list of this generation, followed by Battlefield 4, The Wolf Among Us, and NBA 2K14. The Walking Dead and Killzone: Mercenary rocked the PS Vita charts (with a respectable showing from a personal favorite, Persona 4 Golden), and Fatal Frame and its sequel sit at the top of the Classics chart.

Want to see what the numbers look like on the other side of the pond? Head to the EU PlayStation.Blog to see their list.

Which game do you think is going to top the inaugural PS4 chart?


Top 5 PlayStation Mobile Games

PSM - Sola Radio
  1. Sola Radio
  2. Beats Trellis
  3. Hills of Glory: WWII
  4. Scientific Electronic Calculator

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  • Nice to see Fatal Frame up there! I hope The Wolf Among Us is doing awesome, game is really great!

  • Glad to see diablo III is still selling well, i just hope this shows blizzard we also want the expansion to come to ps3 too =\

  • Nice to see Malicious and Killzone high on Vita’s list. Looking forward to playing TWAU.

  • Nice to see The Last of Us still high on the list!
    How are people playing Battlefront II? I can’t play it on my vita and I want it so bad!!

  • We want PS2 classics available to Vita!!!

  • when does The Wolf Among Us come to VIta?

  • @4 You can buy Battlefront and download it to your PS3, then transfer it to the Vita. For whatever dumb reason, Sony has not made it directly available on the Vita store to buy but it plays just fine on it. I have it myself on my Vita.

  • Can we get Crisis Core and Type-0 on the store already ?!!!!

  • Lol all 4 of the PSOne classic Crash games are in the top 10 BUT they still don’t on PS Vita smh. I love this support

  • It’s tragic how Crash and Spyro take up half of the top 10 classics but you STILL can’t play them on the PS Vita. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from buying a PS Vita. I’m seriously thinking of switching to an european account just to play these games on a Vita. At least be transparent and let us know why we can’t have them!

  • When are we going to hear about the annual IGC update?? supposed to be november right?

    can a mod chime in please?

  • ^ regarding Vita games

  • When will we get our $10 credit for spending 50+?

  • Classic sales… All the more reason to get Crash and Spyro on PS Vita. DO IT OR EXPLAIN WHY IT HASN’T BEEN DONE.

    I’m really annoyed with you SCEA, do your damn job.

  • very sad that Puppeteer is not in the list, is such a great game…

  • This is a cool list some great games to be enjoyed on this list for those that haven;t played them.

  • why are people still complaining to Sony about crash and spyro games not being vita compatible ? Sony doe not own either IP so has no say , none at all , about whether they get on vita , if the developers who own the games want to take the time and spend the money on getting them recoded for vita they will , if its even possible .
    as far as you know they already tried , spent thousands on coding and found out they don’t run well enough on the vita hardware to pass sony certification . maybe its not possible for legal reasons and licensing it the issue ? Don’t you think if it was easy and could have been done already they’d have made them vita compatible in north america ?

    if you want it so badly go petition the companies who actually own the games ,

  • @13
    they said 6 weeks , so mid dec. is when they’ll start to send out the rebates for the cash back
    you’ll get it in your psn messages , a link that adds the funds to your wallet

  • @ FJ1100_rider –
    Crash Bandicoot 1-3 and CTR are vita compatible for EU and JPN PSN members.
    Spyro trilogy is also Vita compatible in EU and JPN PSN as well, in fact EU/UK PSN has the NTSC ver. of the games!
    US PSN is the ONLY region that isn’t Vita compatible.

    Whatever reason they give will bee deemed ridiculous by us consumers, only thing to do now is to keep nagging them to just make it Vita compatible already.

  • @13

    I already got my $10 credit from the “Spend $50, Get $10 promotion”. I spent $52 and most of the purchases were on October 29th.

    Don’t expect to see $10 credit in your wallet. You must go to your PSN message inbox and then you will see a $10 credit message there. Just redeem it there.

  • Heads up to all waiting for your codes from the “spend $50 get $10” promo, check your messages on PS3 because I just got mine.

  • @ wutdaheckman,

    There was a comment on the Monday PS+ update that indicated PS+ Vita IGC games will not be doing an annual rotation. They did not provide a date they would do it, just a watch this space for when it is done.

    I’d expect it at E3 2014 for them to rotate.

  • It does not surprise me..but does sadden me that Killer is Dead is not on this list. Great game!

  • It’s a shame people don’t know just how fun and interesting the way the story is presented is in Killer is Dead, one of my fav. games this year.

  • Thanks TwinDad – appreciate it. the vita boys on neogaf won’t be happy….

  • Disappointed by absence of Puppeteer. May be because it went on sale quite late. Excellent game!

  • Ditto on the Puppeteer disappointment. Just started it yesterday and it’s a very special game.

  • Woow! I’m very happy to see Fatal frame on the podium!
    Well deserved! i LOVE fatal frame! :D

  • Wow, even with the sales this month.

    Valhalla Knights 3 only had 150 buyers for digital content.

    Maybe it is due to the customer service representatives that are completely unhelpful with resolving account problems.

  • @19
    the fact that the games are available in other regions and not in north america should tell you something , there must be legal or licensing issues with the north american release that makes it impossible at this time
    I found out that the games are licensed by a different developer in those other regions so maybe the u.s copyright holders can’t agree on a license fee with their euoropean counterparts or just don’t want to pay the price they are asking ?
    anyway , sony still has nothing to do with it so blaming scea or sony is not helping anyone .

  • @FJ1100_rider

    Why? It has to do with money.

    Obviously other regions have not had a problem with porting or even creation.

    Something tells me it has more to do with corporate executives thinking they will not make enough money on the deal, instead of making a stronger customer base with satisfaction.

    Gamers will inevitably game, I know regardless of what Sony or other companies do.

    But the problem lies that where I am a loyal kind of person, they will discontinue my support, and allow me to go elsewhere, since no one cares.

  • Glad to see rain on the list! Wish it was a little higher-up but 15’s not bad.

  • The wolf among us was really really good cant wait for the rest of the episodes to arrive.

  • Can anyone tell me why Everytime I sign in on my PSVita I’m instantly signed out?

  • NVM right after I asked, the new terms for the PS4 release showed up (after about 10 minutes of trying to sign in lol (you now can have 2000 friends on Vita :)

  • @7 thank you! I love that game!

  • Top 10 Classics
    6. Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED (PS3/PSP)
    7. Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS3/PSP)

    When we will see this on PSV ?
    is it hard ?

  • @30: Blaming SCEA makes perfect sense.

    They know the reason, they know people want it, but they say nothing. That’s crap. We continue to say we want it, and they say nothing in return.

    With as terrible as Capcom is, at least they came out and said that Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 (and Tron Bonne) would never be on PSN due to licensing issues. Yet, Sony can’t do the same? Sony’s the one that had publishing rights to the original trilogy and I believe to CTR as well.

    The only reason NOT to get everyone to stfu about it (by giving the reason) would be if the reason doesn’t look good. ie; They’re just not interested in doing it, or they don’t want to pay something.

    This is like a Legend of Dragoon situation. We asked for it forever, to empty ears the entire time. Eventually we got it on PSN.

  • @30: Also, and most importantly, is comparing the PSone Classics added to PS Vita on day 1 to Europe and Japan when the PS Vita was updated. Then compare those lists to NA’s list.

    That only makes everyone think that it’s simply SCEA being lazy. They’ve also passed on publishing quite a bit of SCEE content, or half arse it like they are Wonderbook (and did Invizimals/EyePet on PSP… which we didn’t get the 2nd EyePet or 3rd Invizimals) and they’re doing it with PS Vita (Invizmals, PS Vita Pets) and PS3 (Invizimals).

    SCEA isn’t to be trusted. So they either need to say why, or you can just accept that people will never stop until we get answers or results.

  • (oh and let’s not forget the hilariously stupid mistake by (SCEA and SCEE) that is not publishing Demon’s Souls… *looks at Dark Souls success* You had a system seller Sony and blew it! Maybe if you would have published it, From Software would be making Demon’s Souls 3, instead of Dark Souls 2 for Namco Bandai)

  • Please bring the old SSX games to the ps3 with trophy support splitscreen and online. I heard SSX On Tour was in a PS store but not the U.S. :(

  • You people keep asking about Crash and Spyro in the wrong place. Blog employees probably don’t know $#!% about it. Or they’ve been ordered to not speak about it. Endless nagging won’t get them to reveal anything, like you naively believe…

    Why don’t one of you Spyro and Crash lovers send an e-mail to one of Sony’s execs, or send in that question to Michael Pachter. He might look into it. Seems like something he would be able to find out, and he’d explain what he found out fairly well, too.

    But you won’t. You’d rather whine, and you don’t want to ever stop. It’s more fun to whine than actually play the game itself, apparently. And that’s why we’ll never get to the bottom of this “mystery”…

  • Happy to see The Walking Dead on Vita top of the chart.

  • @43 yea it was less then $10 with that Halloween sale. So if you spend more then $50 last month you basically got that game free.

  • Just a quick question. I not to long ago downloaded the 3.00 upgrade for the vita. Now evertime I try 2 send messages or try 2 watch Netflix I have 2 sign in. What’s up with that?

  • Killzone: Mercenary at 2nd?! Metal Gear Solid at 5th?! The Last of Us at 12th?! I think I popped a blood vessel.

  • Yay Corpse Party! Maybe a localization of Hysteric Party, Blood Drive, and Dead Patiant Vita Port? Heck, I’d love a Vita HD Collection of BloodCovered/Book of Shadows/Hysteric Party with English dubbing! MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY! You got Borderlands 2 Vita made so… Oh, and PS All-Stars 2 needs Sachiko as a playable character!

  • GTA V absolutely STUNNING!

  • gta v all the boy

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