More Ways to Play Knack: Co-op Mode, Mobile App Detailed

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More Ways to Play Knack: Co-op Mode, Mobile App Detailed

Hello, everyone. We’re just a little over a week away from the launch of PS4, and I can’t wait for everyone to finally get their hands on Knack. If you’re looking for a taste of something different, something a little more old-school, Knack is the perfect PS4 game for you. With Knack, not only are we taking gamers back to the days of classic games like Crash Bandicoot, we’re also introducing some new and unique ways to experience the game.

We have a unique two-player coop mode that puts a fun twist on traditional co-op games and is a great reason to pick up an extra DualShock 4 controller. If you own a PS Vita, there’s of course Remote Play, which can even work in conjunction with our two-player co-op. We have a fun social connectivity feature that lets you unlock collectibles faster through your network of PSN friends, and finally, we have a brand new standalone mobile game app called Knack’s Quest. I’m here to talk about all of these today.

Knack, 05Knack, 06

Knack’s co-op is a little different from some cooperative games you may have played. From the very beginning, Knack was meant to be both a challenging and rewarding old-school style character action game, as well an accessible “gateway” title for gamers to initiate their friends and family members into the joys of true console gaming. On Normal or Hard, the game can be brutally challenging and very rewarding. But with simple controls and Easy mode, even new players can experience the world of Knack.

Knack, 04Knack, 09

In Knack, our two-player cooperative mode was designed in a way that accentuates the vision for the game. A second player can drop in or out at any time, and control Knack’s shiny metallic helper, Robo Knack. Robo Knack has a move set somewhat similar to Knack’s, but can donate parts to Knack and heal him with a touch of the Triangle button. If there’s a non-gamer or light gamer in the house, this is a great way to introduce them to the world of Knack – just start the game on Easy and drop in from time to time to help them through the game.

Oh, and if you enjoyed the smack fests in LittleBigPlanet, you’ll find some fun in smacking your on-screen partner when he or she least expects it.

As you play through Knack’s story mode, you’ll no doubt find walls and doors that are begging to be smashed, burnt down or otherwise destroyed. There are over 60 of these rooms — some are out in the open, but some are a little trickier to find. Inside these rooms, you’ll find a chest that holds a collectible item: either a gadget part, or a rare Crystal Relic.

Knack, 02

There are eight gadgets in all, and each requires anywhere from 3 to 7 parts to complete. Once you complete a gadget, Knack can equip it to enhance his abilities or add new ones. A few of my favorite gadgets are the Combo Meter, which allows Knack to boost his attack strength by hitting enemies 8 times in a row without taking damage himself, and the Harvester, which lets Knack collect sunstones from defeated enemies. In these chests you may also find Crystal Relics, like diamonds or rubies. If you find enough of any single kind of rare Relic, you’ll unlock a new form of Knack to use in a second play-through of the game. Each Knack variation has different characteristics such as super strength, super fragility, etc.

Knack, 07Knack, 01

Finding these secret rooms and collecting gadget parts and Relics is fun, but it’s even more fun when you have friends playing the game as well. Whenever you find a secret chest, you’ll be able to either take the item you found in the chest, or choose any item a friend found in that same room the last time they played. This can really come in handy when you’re trying to complete those gadgets or unlock that last Knack variant. Your gadget collection even carries over to new playthroughs, so you can work on getting all eight handy gadgets.

You’ll also find secret areas holding more parts to help you heal and grow, as well as Sunstone crystals to fill up your super move gauge.

Knack, 13Knack, 12

Lastly, we just launched a new mobile game app called Knack’s Quest as a FREE download for iOS devices (Android version coming soon). This game is a standalone three-in-a-row jewel game featuring Knack himself. Gather parts to help Knack grow before the time runs out to clear the level. Unlock endless mode by beating all levels, and post your scores in global and friend rankings.

Knack, 11Knack, 10

What’s more, you can also unlock gadget parts and rare Relics for use in the full Knack game on PS4. Once PS4 launches on November 15th, there will be an update to the mobile app that connects it to the PS4 game, allowing you to transfer all of your unlocked items over to your full game. Even if you don’t have a knack for these kinds of games (excuse the pun), you can enlist a friend or family member to work on unlocking items for you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the game and co-op mode in the comments below! Look out for Knack on November 15th!

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8 Author Replies

  • By second player do you mean a second controller, or is it not local coop?

  • These mobile companion apps should be on PS Vita as well.

    I’d play them on there.

  • @1: It’s local.

  • i agree with elvick! i don’t see why the apps wouldn’t be on the Vita!

  • This is my only confirmed PS4 launch game. Looks great! I do have one question about Remote Play co-op though.

    In order to play co-op with remote play, do you still have to have two Dualshock 4 controllers? Or can you have one Dualshock 4 while the Vita is used as player 2’s controller?

    • Hey G-Force – You can play co-op completely with a DS4 and a VITA. 2nd Dualshock 4 isn’t necessary, but I’d still suggest one – have you felt how nice it is? :)

  • The mobile app is surprisingly fun. It’s a bejeweled-esque game that doesn’t add overly annoying mechanics like most versions of that game do. It’s definitely worth a free download.

  • When is it releasing on android’s google play store?

  • Why not also release it on Playstation Mobile? It seems logical…

  • Just so I’m clear, this Knack co-op is local only meaning I won’t be able to play with my brother who lives 30 miles from me?

  • I would think that be cool to play coop with controller and other player gets vita you wouldn’t have to be in the same room I hope more games implement coop in this way for future or just make a game that uses this feature exclusively

  • Pre ordering NOW

  • Is there an ETA on the Android app more specific than “soon”? Or a window at least?

    • Hey Gorvi – looking at launching it within a week or two. (Nailing it down as we speak.) Please stay tuned!

  • Since the Android version doesnt exist yet you might as well as release it on PS Mobile instead. Then I can actually play it since I only have a Vita for a mobile device.

  • Are there areas in the game that require co-op in order to be accessed?

  • why is the mobile game not on Vita? I have zero interest in playing this game on Android (and I have zero iOS devices). I cant believe that Sony itself isnt pushing Vita for things like this – just as we saw with Beyond allowing tablet interconnectivity but no Vita support.

    Very, very disappointing

  • Can co op be played on any difficulty or only easy?

  • it is ps3 graphics ?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    Not new gen game… thks for the video, i will not buy it…………………………………………………………………

  • Can we expect the android app to be up before the end of the month?

  • I want this game it looks like a lot of fun, is Knack’s Quest going to be playable on PS Vita??

  • Why app isn’t available for Vita?

  • So can I have more than one Vita Registered on a PS4 so say if I’m playing with a DS4 and my friend wants to join me he can on Co-op? or is the PS4 restricted to one Vita registration so that if I want to play any game with remote play I’d always have to have only mine paired to the system?

    Been using remote play on my PS3 and we’ve had pretty solid luck with playing over the distances I’m tlaking about for instance Shadow of the Colossus worked great when my PS3 was back in orlando while I was in Daytona.

  • App’s pretty fun, glad to have a match-3 without ads and stuff constantly slammed at me. Trying to unlock the last few items takes a lot of luck, but it’s quite engaging.

  • Also can Android Users get a bit more priority. It’s kind of brain dead that iPhone users get first exposure when Sony doesn’t even make iPhone devices and they do make Android devices. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was a simultaneous release, but we Android users do outnumber iPhone users.

  • I’ve been playing the app on my iPod since yesterday. It’s actually pretty fun!

    Also got to try out Knack at a demo station at the Best Buy near my house. I think it might actually have stolen the “PS4 game I play first” spot from Assassin’s Creed IV.

  • I’ve been playing the app on my iPod since yesterday. It’s actually pretty fun!

    Also got to try out Knack at a demo station at the Best Buy near my house. I think it might actually have stolen the “PS4 game I play first” spot from Assassin’s Creed IV.

  • this seems a very nice app.since there are no rpgs for the ps4 at launch i will definitely try this when the android ver comes out.lastly,weird that cerny didnt make an rpg since is an rpg player himself?1

  • And yet they wonder why no one has a vita. This is perfect for it. I would play the mobile app on the vita. I have a vita and prepaid both the PS4 and Knack. This really need to be available from their own products. Not good Sony not good.

  • Already pre-ordered. 8 DAYS!!!!!

  • Just so we’re on the same page here. If I’m playing and the wife wants to jump in for co-op she can play using the vita? If so, is she looking at my screen or the vitas screen? Reading all this just tossed this game straight onto my radar!!!! I’d love some clear insight on this.


    • Hey Ninth,

      Yes, she can jump in using the VITA – you just need to make sure you register the VITA via the PS4 System settings beforehand.

      And she can look at either screen – Remote play actually beams the screen’s image to both your TV and the VITA. (I’ve played using a VITA and watching the TV screen before – it’s amazing how seamless it all is.)

  • Yay! Glad to see another game with co-op play.

  • Will you also please release the mobile app “Knack’s Quest ” to the Amazon App Store.
    Kindle devices don’t have access to Google Play so wouldn’t be able to get it unless we try to sideload the apk.

    I also agree with several others why is “Knack’s Quest” not available for the Vita?

    We know we have remote play for the Vita and it would be a superior experience compared to the mobile (PS4 link) type app that will also allow remote play.

    However, what about when we Vita owners are without a internet connection and would like to Gather parts to help Knack grow?

  • @ninth_prey “she looking at my screen or the vitas screen?”

    From looking at the videos it looks like the video output is mirror on both screens.
    I looks like it is kind of like skylanders and keeps both players on the same screen (so mirrored).

    This remote play with a Vita does however look promising for games where you can spit up and are not forced to stay together. Who would each have your own screen (I hope LEGO Marvel for the PS4 is like this I have the split screen gameplay).

  • I like to know if this Coop can be a online buddy to play as well. I do want to try to get my Wife to play with me using the PlayStation Vita but I know there will be times she will refuse to play with me and I want to invite one of my PSN buddies to join me online. Please add Online Coop if it’s not there already. Thank you.

  • @timmaluoff thanks. Couldnt watch the video while at work.

    Also you speak of games with remote play with separate screens. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Can you tell me what games you’re talking about? Or am I missunderstanding you?

  • Great to see a co-op game. I am buying two controllers, and the fact that I can use my Vita as well is great.

  • @ninth_prey I am talking about the PS4 LEGO Marvel Superheroes game.

    Also a co-op game but on say a PS3 or Xbox 360 it splits the screen so you can go in different directions (It does not always force you to be on the same screen like Skylanders or I am assuming Knack will).

    I think the PS4 experience with a Vita will be like (from what I heard) the experience is like on a Wii U version of the game.

    That is instead of splitting the screen like the PS3 and Xbox 360 does one player gets the big TV screen and the second player gets the gamepad screen. That game however will sometimes need you to cooperate to open areas of the game as you each get different powers unless on freeplay.

    Try looking on Youtube for some videos when out of work.

  • Why isn’t Knack’s Quest on PSM?

  • This, with my son. Perfect. Can’t wait.

  • Looks great and the COOP looks really fun! Just downloaded Knack Quest and will give it a try in few minutes. Already preordered on PSN! Only 8 days to go! Greatness Awaits!

  • Knack is sitting on my desk waiting to be played on 11/15, can’t wait! Please tell me that Knack has remote play for Vita because it’s not listed on the back of the box.

  • Is it possible for multiple people (on multiple devices) to link their Knack’s Quest game to the same PSN account?

  • Being an Android user feels like being ____ on a lot. Why do companies release one version of something before the other is ready? Honest question, I’d like to know what goes into making the decision to release the iOS version before the Android version is ready to go.

  • Glad to see such a fun and interesting game. There is still hope out there!! Keep it up. All of us are not FPS drones. Great games are good for adults and kids alike!

  • I heard that you can go and pick up KNACK at gamestop right now is that true anyone know?

  • @44 and Best Buy. I already picked up Knack, COD Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall and the Playstation camera. Tomorrow I will be getting Madden 25 and Battlefield 4

  • Can you use two Vitas or is it not even possible to register more than one at once?

  • I am now much more interested in this game now because there’s co-op amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I picked up Knack on Tuesday, and I’m getting very anxious just staring at the case. Counting down the days only helps slightly :)

    But yes, Knack is looking like the game I play first on the PS4. Don’t get me wrong, FPS is a fun genre, but it’s been so watered down and repetitive the last few years. Knack is going to be a fresh breath of air. It really does take me back to the days of Crash 2 on the PSone!

  • Thats it im sold im buying it!

  • I never considered this game until my fiancé and I tried the coop mode at the PlayStation Booth in Montreal this week.

    We also received a 20$ credit towards the purchase of this game thus making this a 39.99 purchase – Thank you Sony.

    We have decided to buy an additional controller and this game along with Battlefield and Killzone + Warframe (arggg DriveClub and WatchDogs have been delayed but I have enough to keep myself busy until next year)

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