Backgammon Blitz Coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita This Winter

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Backgammon Blitz Coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita This Winter

Backgammon Blitz, 02

Hi! I’m Rob Karp. You may remember me from my role as producer at XDev Studio, where I worked on a number of Sony’s first-party games over the years. Today I want to tell you about my latest venture, which is coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this winter. It’s called Backgammon Blitz, and it’s a game I’m pumped for.

Backgammon has been played for centuries by gamers young, old, and ancient. It appears to be a simple game about getting your checkers around the board before your opponent, but has immense layers of depth and strategy to it.

I’m just the messenger, of course. The talented folks behind this lovely little title are VooFoo Studios. Having made a name for themselves with Hustle Kings and Pure Chess, Backgammon feels like a step onwards and upwards for the studio, taking all of their strengths (gorgeous art design, a subtle but stylish approach to UI) and none of their weaknesses (cake night every Friday) into the next generation of platforms.

Backgammon Blitz, 01

The team are so keen to whet your appetite for the world of backgammon that they’re offering a trial version of the game that’ll teach you the rules in an instant. And if you upgrade to the full game, you’ll get seamless, asynchronous cross-platform play that’s so quick it feels like real time, as well as a brand new arcade mode called Blitz.

Will you become a Backgammon Blitz Master?

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6 Author Replies

  • I can finally… learn how to play this..?

  • is it Local co-op play? Can you play on the PS4 and Vita together? Love to be able to play with the kids this way.

  • That’s some nice wood.

    Are there lots of opportunities to take pictures of the game board? Or does the game have a locked camera?

    Also you should think about having various wood grain textures for the pieces.

  • Looks like a lot of fun, be awesome to listen to my favorite sound track while playing, but i have to pay for that.

    Music Unlimited subscriptions…no Mp4/Mp3 suport, can’t even use a memory stick.

    Nice game though guys :), i know you can’t do anything a bought this music problem, but hopfuly Sony will see it….

  • +Redj944 — This has been addressed via Twitter.. It’s something they’re looking into.

  • Bundle this with Tiddly Winks Hero and it’s a deal! :D

  • so? any idea how much? and, local play? not just online or computer i hope.

    i as well mention that lack of music options…im a music unlimited subscription faithful. (still waiting on a better screensaver) but that doesnt mean i like being FORCED to use the service if i want music on ps4.

    if its cheap, im game. but sometimes games like this are way overpriced. so we’ll see.

  • Is it in 1080p???????? O_O

  • Is there going to be customization options for the game board, pieces and dice?

    Also, is it going to include any game variants like Acey-Deucey?


  • Not for launch on either front… but game modes like Acey-Deucey will be patched in :)

  • Good to know Sony is using it’s talents to recruit Octogenarians to the video game market…..Well played

  • this looks good. haven’t played it since childhood (ill be 42 nex week). can’t remember completely how to play it but im sur once that neuron sparks it’ll come back to me LOL!

    i always support VooFoo and thank you for giving me Hustle Kings for free on the Vita!

    Chess is gret too! Graphics on all SUPERB! I still have to get the remaining Chess pieces :(.

  • The game looks very nice. I hope there will be some color choices for the board and pieces. Will the Vita version have ad-hoc play capability? Any chance there will be a PS+ discount?

  • Execelent game!!! GB

  • Is the game cross buy? If I buy on PS4 would I be able to also download it on Vita and PS3?

  • Now this is that originality that I always speak about for PS Vita, there’s so much variety coming out. I can’t see someone saying there’s nothing on the system that’s ludicrous.

  • Epic…while your at it bring it other board games to the table…niche market tho so watch out

  • So it’s cross play on PS3, PS4 and Vita? :D

  • I love Backgammon. If the price is right I’m in

  • Thank god… thank you for bringing these type of games to the PS4 I can’t wait… I love the old classics and it is hard to play them anymore…

    Please bring more… Chess, Cribbage, Euchre, Poker, Scrabble, Clue, and Black Jack.

    I want to see more of these SONY please get these games back into the hands of gamers that used to game before video games were around.

    Bring in the classics…

    Thanks for bring Backgammon to the PS4

  • Woow…great news…I’m really surprised with this…never thought I would see a game dedicated to Gammon….thats really cool…used to play with my dad when I was a kid….PS3 and Vita…thanks for that…but I’ll most certainly be playing on Vita.

  • Does this game have online multiplayer? If so, can you please explain how it works, if it’s not in real-time?

  • I wonder if it’s any fun. Never tried playing but I’d like to learn. Looks like sideways checkers but that’s ignorant. =)

  • Great!!!!
    Which rules will I be able to select for the doubling cube and different games?
    Will it play acey-deucey?
    Online and computer?
    Can I input my own dice rolls?
    Any chance for online tournaments?

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