13 Digital Entertainment Apps on PS4 at Launch

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13 Digital Entertainment Apps on PS4 at Launch

We know you’ve been waiting anxiously for PS4 to finally arrive and we have exciting news to share with you today. Starting Day One, a number of your favorite digital entertainment services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video will be available with more coming soon.

Amazon Instant Video
Hulu Plus
NBA Game Time
NHL Gamecenter
Redbox Instant

PlayStation is dedicated to giving our fans the best entertainment options on our platforms and we’re proud to share the following services will be available on PS4 starting November 15:

Amazon Instant Video — Amazon Instant Video offers two great ways to watch movies and TV shows instantly, anywhere. Buy or rent from a selection of more than 150,000 titles or subscribe to Prime Instant Video and get unlimited streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes.

Crackle — A part of Sony Pictures Television, Crackle is a freely accessible multi-platform television network delivering original series such as Emmy Award nominated Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and hit movies and television programs in a variety of genres.

Crunchyroll — Watch the latest and best selection of Anime right from Japan such as Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, Bleach and more up to one-hour after Japanese broadcast!

EPIX — Authenticated subscribers on the PS4 system can instantly access and stream more than 3,000 titles on-demand, including top blockbusters such as The Avengers and The Hunger Games in HD, classic Hollywood franchises, award-winning original documentaries plus music and comedy specials.

Hulu Plus — Hulu Plus offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park as well as original series including The Awesomes and The Wrong Mans.

NBA Game Time — Stay connected to Live out-of-market NBA game action on the PS4 system with NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband on an authenticated basis for subscribers. Get access to real time stats, complete scores, stats and schedules for every game, and video highlights and recaps.

Netflix — Netflix members can instantly watch a wide variety of TV shows and movies, including exclusive series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, on the PS4 system.

NHL GameCenter LIVE — Instantly stream live out-of-market games in HD quality with your NHL GameCenter LIVE subscription.

Redbox Instant by Verizon — Subscribers can stream from a library of hit movies on the PS4 system and receive 4 DVD or Blu-Ray rental nights every month for new releases at the Redbox kiosk. Everyone can purchase and rent the latest movies on-demand.

VUDU — Watch the world’s largest selection of HD movies and TV shows, including thousands of blockbusters, Hollywood classics and indies. Stream new releases before they¹re available on DVD, or build a collection of favorites without ever paying for a subscription.

YuppTV — YuppTV offers over 150 Indian TV channels Live and on demand, including a selection of over 600 Movies to watch anytime, anywhere.

Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited — Starting day one, there will be a ton of digital entertainment available, including Sony’s own Music Unlimited, which now has a global catalog of over 22 million songs, and Video Unlimited, an on demand entertainment service that gives you access to a huge selection of Hollywood blockbusters and TV episodes from all major networks, and more.

All entertainment apps can be found in the TV & Video section of PS4’s home screen or in the PlayStation Store. Keep checking the PlayStation Blog for more updates on other new and exciting apps that will be coming to PS4.

Please let us know which entertainment services you’re most excited for on PS4.

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  • My fav aps hulu, netflix and crackle, I am glad I will still have them on PS4

  • I was concerned I might have to hook up my PS3 for Crunchyroll. Glad that’s there on day one.

  • Still no HBO Go ?

  • More apps are always nice, of course, but I will still be using my Apple TV for my Netflix and Hulu Plus needs.

    However, if the PS4 Camera can be used to control these apps entirely with voice (no controller needed) I would certainly try them out. Total voice control could be something that would get me to use these apps when I’m cooking or in a family together environment.

  • and half of it wont be available in Canada i guess?

  • Don’t blame Sony….blame the CRTC.

  • Which app will let me put a music CD in the ps4 and listen to it?

  • It’d be great if we could get NFL GamePass on there as well…that’d top it off nicely…

  • Thank you for crunchy roll and NBA gametime

  • It’s good that Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are both will be available at launch. But then again, Netflix wasn’t at launch when PS Vita came out, if I remember correctly. I hope, at least, Netflix comes out at launch.

  • Yeah, what’s goin on w/ HBO Go????

  • For Canadians like myself who can’t get some of those just use UnoTelly, its an easy fix to getting those American only ones and explains how to do it with the PS3. I’m sure it would be the same for the PS4. Allows for you to get American Netflix and such as well

  • You guys are killing me with the no HBO Go.

  • No HBO, ESPN, or Youtube?

  • It would be nice to have “Rogers AnyPlace TV” or “TMN GO” (The Movie Network) on the PS3 and PS4.

  • I like to see other apps come to the PS4 asap like: YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, I want to see Google+ being integrated with the PS4. I just get sick of how popular Facebook is. But when there’s Google+ out there too that has great features to offer the PS4 and preforms very well.

    I also thought of a great service that would go really well with a intergreation since the other party has Skype how about we get Google Hangouts on the PS4. Can always dream big. #Make.Believe #GreatnessAwaits!

  • Wow, extremely impressive.
    Music Unlimited is really missing from that list, though.

  • Add me to the list that would love a Watch ESPN app, but I could see how that one might be difficult (doesn’t Microsoft have a contract with them?). I don’t understand however how HBO Go is still not on the list.

  • All of the apps sound great to have but like the other’s HBO GO is a must! Somehow get this done!

  • Will we also be able to go to the “TV and Video” section and play downloaded .mp4 videos? This feature is greatly appreciated on PS3 and Vita.

  • Does this mean no Youtube???

    And any word on getting HBO Go?

  • Excellent news, thanks for the post! Now, if you could work on getting HBO Go you would make this guy very happy indeed.

  • Does Microsoft have some sort of console exclusivity deal that is preventing HBO Go from coming to Playstation? We need this app so bad on PS4! Please make it happen, Sony.

  • Nice! Will we see TuneIn Radio, Facebook and youtube in the future?

  • Where is YouTube??????????????????

  • Oh and is there any word of playstation home coming to ps4?

  • Would it be possible to indicate (going forward) what region these applications are provided for. I understand that some of these app’s have other technical barriers(CRTC, etc.) to pass through to be provided for Canada, however, it would certainly clarify for Canadian North American’s.

    Thanks in advance,

  • No HBO GO, ESPN or YOUTUBE app?

  • So 3 questions:

    1) Bluray Remote for PS4 release date so I can use it with these programs?

    2) Voice Controls Enabled with the Camera?

    3) Where is YouTube?

  • I wish you would have said what’s in development.

    Is a YouTube app in the works already? I use that on PS3 quite often.

    Happy to see Crunchyroll and Netflix though.

    But, where the heck is the PS Vita Crunchyroll app? And where’s the update to add Profiles to the Netflix app? It’s currently unusable to anyone with a non-main profile, like me.

  • Wish HBO GO was on here

  • Nothing important to me.

  • Will HBO GO ever come to PlayStation platforms? I don’t want to watch the next season of Game of Thrones on my laptop.

  • Great starting selection. However, I’d love to see it grow quickly to include the likes of HBO GO, Skype, YouTube and Facebook and Twitter on the Social side of things (the VITA has these, why not PS4?).

  • Where’s HBO GO? Why doesnt the PS3 even have HBO? Its the only real reason I still use my 360

  • What is this? the PS3 list??

    Nothing new here?

    HBO GO?




  • Nice list… Now, give me a breakdown of which ones will not work in Canada… :)

  • Where is the IGN app please tell us.

  • Amazon and Netflix! Perfect!

  • YouTube? Twitch? Is Twitch not getting a separate app for viewing?

  • will the ps4 have the xfinity app

  • We need to add Hulu to PS Vita :D

  • Please oh please give us the Xfinity app too. I hate using the 360 just for that.

  • @passivefamiliar

    People stopped listening to CD’s before “apps” like this were invented. Get with the times gramps.

  • whoa,i’m from the uk and i’ve just logged into the us blog…never knew i could do this lol! you know what the worse thing about living in the uk is…..we have to wait until the 29th nov before we get our ps4,you guys are lucky it’s only a week or so away for you… oh and the weather and the goverment lool…

  • a live internet tv app would be nice for psvita, ps3 and ps4.

  • BadFlounder there is something about you that I really don’t like

  • Netflix and Amazon? Houston, all systems ready!

  • I loved to see that there are Netflix and Hulu Plus apps coming out on the PS4 at launch, but no YouTube? You got to be kidding me.

  • Why do we not have a VEVO app? Sony is one of the owners & content providers but only xbox live users have vevo. Why?

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