Tearaway Community Site Detailed

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Tearaway Community Site Detailed

Hi everyone! I’m back with the second video in our series, taking a look at Tearaway and the things that we think make it special (the first came out last week). This new video is all about the paper Tearaway is made from, and the papercraft models that you’ll be able to make once the it comes out. It also details http://tearaway.me, which will be the community site for the game where all your in-game photos and papercraft plans will be stored and shared from. The site isn’t live yet, but it will be soon, so watch that space!

You can pre-order Tearaway now directly from PlayStation.Store, with both the Jukebox and Special Delivery options available, allowing you to choose from a great selection of pre-order bonuses, including a special skin for the rideable pig (and papercaft plan to match), the soundtrack, and even some special Messenger costumes for Sackboy!

Tearaway launches on November 22nd. So soon!

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  • Can’t wait :D

  • This really does look like the most creative title of the year.

  • Spaff, do you have a link to the preorder on the PS Store? I’m not seeing it. Side note: About time Vita games get preorder on teh store.

  • Can you give us web store links to these. I do not see either version of a preorder up.

    • Hi there,

      We are checking with the store team on this but rest assured you can also purchase the game digitally if you prefer. All digital orders will qualify for the pre-order bonus items for a limited time through launch to ensure you don’t miss out!

  • Really interested to see exactly how much the in-game world game be customized. Is it possible to download other users creations?

    Also, I’m guessing there was some there was some type of miss-communication because Tearaway pre-order is NOT up yet.



    (And before anyone loses their mind about the “disk only” in ^that link, ever Vita game gets a DD release.)

  • I was excited for this game. But honestly this should have been out sometime between Dragons Crown and Killzone Merc. All Vita stuff (besides Remote Play) is going to be pushed aside for PS4 this Holiday season

  • Most anticipated game of the year for me. :D Can’t wait!

    Just wish it wasn’t releasing in such a crowded time, and wish Sony would advertise it… or the Vita in general.

    When this sells horribly, I hope Sony realizes it’s their own fault. I have no faith in random consumers finding it or whining PS Vita owners who cry about “no games” buying it either. Leaving mostly a niche hardcore base buying it.

  • Store must not be updated yet as it still says “Disc Only”.

    Thank you James Spafford for finally answering my question about pre-order DLC for going digital
    “Both the Jukebox and Special Delivery options available, allowing you to choose from a great selection of pre-order bonuses”

  • Really disappointed there’s no Collector’s Edition with an artbook – or even just an artbook with every pre-order like Dragon’s Crown.

    I also second the sentiments that Sony needs to advertise the hell out of it. Not just online – I want to see a commercial! Hell, Thanksgiving is a few days after release – put a commercial on during one of the football games!

  • This is going to be huge this game has a community about to launch!!!!!

  • My popit is ready.

  • Pre-ordered!

  • i can’t find where to pre order on the sony PS store – anyone have a link

  • Can’t find the comment now of course but I could have sworn a red poster replied that the “pre-order” bonuses for digital would be available so long as you purchased it within a week of release.

  • preorder is on uk site only rght now :(

  • Other games such as Virtua Fighter 5 and some of the prior Sonic games such as Sonic 4 episode 1 & 2 would also be good for the PS VIta.

  • Sorry, I can’t delete that comment. I posted that in the wrong place.

  • i always love MM work their games are always unique and fun

  • I played the demo earlier this week. The game looks and plays great. I think everyone will want a Vita just so that they can play this game. My 8 year old daughter fell in love with this gem right away and I have to admit, so did I!

  • The Canadian (North American?) store still says “Disc only”. Please tell me I can buy online, I have credits burning a hole in my pocket :D

  • I wish for excellent sales for this game. It’s one of my most wanted. It’s really a work of art and arguably one of the most creative in years. I can see a lot of hard work was put into this, and hope that everyone goes out to buy it!

  • Digital preorder? Yay!!!! It’ll be a day 1 buy. Going to be busy with a few other games, but I will get to it!

  • November 22nd seems more and more longer…oh man…I just can’t wait….Mm you guys are really geniuses….”special Messenger costumes for Sackboy”?????…….oh please dont get me even more excited.Its too much for me to handle all this awesomeness.

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