PlayStation Home Update

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PlayStation Home Update

nDreams The Complex 2

What better way to start a month than to be given something for FREE. Head to The Hub or Aurora over the next four weeks and receive the Panoramic View Area of the beautiful Complex 2. With four other areas of this beautiful Cliffside home to purchase (and rewards for those who get them all) there will be something for everyone.

SCEA Carnie Rides

Step right up! Now you can turn PlayStation Home into your own carnival! Collide with everything in sight with the Bump Racer, spin through scenes in a Tea Cup, cruise around on the merry-go-round style Unicorn, or scream your head off in the Shuttle Coaster. The good news is, you won’t even need to knock over a pyramid of glued-together milk bottles to get these awesome locomotion items. Swing by Boosters and pick up the Carnie Rides Ultimate Bundle today!

VEEMEE Animal Avatars Big Cats and Safari, Billabong Update, Run and Gun, and Snapbacks

nDreams Ninjutsu LMO


Lockwood Content Update

It’s a week of wealth and elegance at the Lockwood store and Gift Machine. In the store, Drey provides two very different ways to look elegant – atop a vintage bicycle, or styling out a supermodel pose. As you’d expect from Drey, the bicycles come in a variety of colours, making it easier to match them to your outfit. There’s even a multi-pack available in case you need to change your bike to match a change of jacket.

And where else would you cycle in your finest Drey outfit, but to a high-fashion runway? This latest pack of poses helps you widen your modelling repertoire to ensure you clinch that magazine cover deal.

The Gift Machine some opulent presents for generous gifters. Choose between the conspicuous riches of the coin-filled hot tub or the fun talking point of a bubbly tower, one is sure to suit your friends’ taste.

Granzella Autumn

This fall, fashion is layered. Granzella introduces the new Leather Jacket and Minidress Outfit Set and Layered Vest Outfit 3-piece Set. For the ladies bursting with color, the set features a Leather Jacket, Minidress and Gladiator Sandals. Available in purple, red and aqua. For the slim and trim man, the set features a Layered Vest, Skinny Jeans and Two-tone Leather Shoes. Available in red, brown and yellow. Also available are a Bob Hairstyle for women and a Short Hairstyle for men. More layers means more chances to impress. Enjoy the autumn weather and look good doing it!

Bigyama Morocco Clothing

Bigyama are back! We had a quiet spell while bringing Quell Memento to PlayStation Vita but we’ve returned to release more items for PlayStation Home. Our first release is the Morocco outfit; a female only sci-fi styled clothing set. It features a unique hair style, sleek torso and leg one-piece with optional jacket, gloves and funky boots. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

ToyLogic Garden Items


SCEA Navigator Update

The North America Home team have tidied up the Navigator a bit. Hop in and check it out. We appreciate all of the folks that gave quality feedback while we reorganized everything, and we hope that you love it as much as we do.

VIP x7 Update

x7 adds new and free content this week. Grab your free Rosalina Skirt, then check out the x7 offerings from VEEMEE. They have an update to Element and Street Style. Atom Republic launches VIP companions, and updates their Sneakers line. JAM Games adds “painted” outfits that must be seen, and Lockwood updates with more stuff than you can shake a stick at!

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