Discovering Humanity in Doki-Doki Universe, Out This December

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Discovering Humanity in Doki-Doki Universe, Out This December

Greetings fellow humans! I’m Greg Johnson (creator of Toejam and Earl) and I run HumaNature Studios, the small Northern Ca. studio that has been busy building Doki-Doki Universe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the trailer and pretty soon, our game.

I’m here today to talk a bit about how we’re creating Doki Doki Universe, which will be available in December 2013 for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

In Doki-Doki Universe you play the role of a forlorn little robot named Model QT377665 (QT3 for short). You have been abandoned by your human family and are about to get scrapped by the factory that made you, unless you can prove that you’re able to learn more about what it means to be human. On your journey to become more human, you travel across planets and meet all sorts of crazy characters to help solve their problems. You can even take fun personality quizzes where the doctor will evaluate your progress. Along the way, we hope you find something out about yourself too.

If this is your first time seeing Doki-Doki Universe, you’ll notice right away that it has a charming and somewhat child-like quality to it. Genre-wise, I guess you’d say it is an “interactive-story”/ simulation game, with some fun self-discovery-type personality tests, and animating messaging mixed in. There will be a free version available, the Doki-Doki Universe Starter Pack, which will include some personality quizzes, Doki-Doki Mail and QT3’s Home planet. You can then purchase Doki-Doki Universe in full and experience the story of QT3 and his journey to find humanity.

Doki Doki Universe on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaDoki Doki Universe on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

This might appeal to you, but even if it’s not your style of game, perhaps you will find that our game is something you can share with your significant other, or kids, or others in your life. Maybe it will bring a few smiles into your home. Despite its simple nature, you will find that Doki-Doki Universe offers a surprisingly huge Universe of content to explore, and it is built on top of a pretty complex simulation engine. One of our primary goals in this game was to try and offer what feels like a living Universe, and to give players a lot of freedom to interact in whatever order they want.

HumaNature Studios is on a mission to bring a bit more humanity to video games. You can let us know if we’ve succeeded or not.

Doki Doki Universe on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaDoki Doki Universe on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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  • Been looking forward to Doki Doki Universe for quite some time. I’m not sure if this has been covered before, but will there be cross save functionality?

    Also, poor little red balloon. Left all alone :(.

  • Really looking forward to this game.

  • Interested in trying this out on Vita.

  • good question @1, that would be great! is this game freemium?

  • Cant wait to give it a go.

  • I feel like I already love this game, Im gonna get it for sure for the PS4! ^_^

  • Wait, you’re the creator of Toejam & Earl?!

    Okay, well now Doki-Doki is definitely on my radar!

  • I want this. I want this like a fat chick wants chocolate gateau.

  • This looks great! :)

  • This is a unique title, it’s good that this is on the PS Vita I will check this out for sure!!!!!!!

  • saw this at PAX and am super excited for it to come out. the art style is disarming and the gameplay concepts/mechanics are quite innovative in subtle ways.

    will the audio be 24-bit/lossless on PS4? will the art assets be 1080p native on PS4 as well?

    just let me know when I can pre-order :)

  • I am genuinely intrigued.

    Now I want to see more about this game.

  • This game looks good and it’s something I’d like to play on the Vita.

  • Uh, just watched the trailer and I want to say…I am so getting this for my Vita! Something different, colorful, sweet and not just the same old FPS or platformer.

    If it’s cross save, I’ll get it for the PS4 too.

  • Great! A game to look forward to in December! I’m getting Doki-Doki Universe Day One :)

  • I’ve seen this question asked a bit, but not often answered. According to a recent story by ShackNews… “Doki-Doki Universe is coming for download on PlayStation 4, PS3, and Vita. HumaNature plans a free ‘Starter Pack’ demo version, offering a few personality quizzes and one planet.”

    Cross-buy would be a complete win, but if I had to pick a platform right now I would choose PS4 over Vita just for the big-screen experience (also in all likelihood, I would be able to remote play the game on my Vita that way too). I thought it was going to be a quirky F2P title, but using a pay-once model might end up giving us better content in the end.

  • I´m not really used to comment here, but after seeing this clip, I just had to.
    This is exactly the kind of game the Vita needs. Smart, fun, touching, different from everything else out there. Just seeing it we can tell.
    Especially coming from the mind behind Toejam & Earl, I´ll just have to get it on day 1 and show it to everyone else. For Sure!
    Please keep fresh experiences like this coming to the Vita. It´s the perfect platform for it.
    PS3 and PS4 releases are ok, but I´d rather play the heavy/hardware intensive games on console, and light and fun experiences on the Vita. It just feels right.
    Thanks for this!

  • I love the look of this game. Very charming! I hope the game will be playable in Spanish and English!

  • Hi! I’m Greg, also known as um… “Greg”. I designed Doki Doki Universe (and Toejam and Earl ). I thought I’d answer a few of your questions. Yes, it is Cross Save. The game auto-saves every 5 minutes to the cloud so you can jump over to any other PS platform continue your game. When you download the game for free, you can land on most of the asteroids (each has new personality questions) and you can land on your home planet and get your personality evaluation and customize your home planet. You can also land on another planet called Tutorial and try some of the game, and you get the animated messaging for free too. Then it’s pay once (Sony hasn’t officially set the price yet, but it’s way low, and unlock all the story planets. You can also purchase a couple additional planet packs or quiz asteroid packs. Those will be super cheap. Also, you can download animated messaging on your mobile device (iOS and Android) for free, and that’s cross platform. And yes, it is available in Spanish (and lots of other languages). If you have other questions feel free to post em and I’ll try and answer them.

  • Hi again! I forgot to answer your other question and say that Doki Doki Universe is cross buy. Woohoo! Buy it on one platform and you will have it on the others as well. How awesome is that!?

  • Looking forward to it, but is the December 2013 release realistic?

  • Thanks for the update! I’m really looking forward to this game still. I’ve been hungry for it! Just wish is was coming sooner than December. December early please, at the least?!!!!

  • Just wish it was. (Sorry for the extra post, just can’t stand the wrong spelling! of “is” for “it”)

  • Yay…been looking forward to try Doki-Doki Universe on Vita….any chance of a demo?

  • So far we’re on track for what will probably be a mid Dec. release. The way it works is developers submit a version of the game to Sony when they think their game is finished and bug free, and then it has to pass Sony’s testing and approval process before it can be released. (this is how it works for all publishers). This means you can never be sure of your release date until it is approved.

  • This game looks adorable. Cross Buy is always a huge motivator for me to get a game too. I’m glad this has everything! Looks like it’ll be entertaining

  • Thanks for the info Greg; I’m glad to hear it’s cross-buy and cheap to purchase. I seriously can’t wait for Doki-Doki Universe. I already own a PS3 and Vita, but for some strange reason I’m dead-set on making this my first PSN purchase on the PS4 once I get mine at Christmas. It looks adorable and totally different from anything else, so even though it might not be the most graphically impressive title to show off on my new console, it’s affecting premise makes it seem like an appropriate game to play during the festive season.

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