DC Universe Online on PS4: Your Questions Answered

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DC Universe Online on PS4: Your Questions Answered

Hello, everyone. My name is Jens Andersen, aka @Spytle, and I’m the Senior Creative Director on DC Universe Online. When PlayStation first put a callout for DCUO PS4 questions on Twitter, I was excited to see them roll in; it was hard to keep myself from answering them right away, but I managed to restrain myself.

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions — it’s great to see so much interest in DC Universe Online on PS4. I’m excited to finally start answering them, so without further adieu, let’s get started.

DC Universe Online for PS4, 03

@Arkham_InmateJH: What exactly is changing with DC Universe Online? (source)Jens Andersen: There are a ton of things changing in DCUO right around the time of the PS4 launch — many of these will be available on all platforms.

First of all, players will see the amazing power of PS4 popping off the screen thanks to the art enhancements we made to the PS3 assets. The game looks and runs amazingly smooth — performance has really improved. We’re targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second.

We’ve also decided to treat this like a re-launch of the game; we’ve received lots of feedback from our veteran players, and we wanted to apply it so new players on the PS4 could benefit from it. For example, the leveling curve has been adjusted, messaging improved, and all kinds of tweaks and polish to the content itself occurred.

‏@drzfr3shboialex: Will it be available on PS4 launch day? (source)

Andersen: I’m happy to answer “yes!” DCUO will be available for download on PS4 at the console’s launch.

DC Universe Online for PS4, 02

DC Universe OnlineDC Universe Online

@BartAllen2: Will there be any special feats/items exclusive for PS4 launch or otherwise? (source)Andersen: There are no exclusive items for the re-launch on PS4. This is mainly due to the fact that PS3 and PS4 will be sharing the same server. When we offer something to new players on a server, we need to offer something for our current players as well, and they need to be different to maintain the exclusivity of it all. This gets kind of complicated, especially when you throw PC players into the mix as well.

Therefore, we decided it was best to just keep everything equal and not make anyone feel left out because they didn’t move to PS4 — we’ve seen it breed resentment in our community and we thought it best to avoid it altogether.

@Gaminggumper: Are there plans to use the touchpad to ease menu navigations? (source)

Andersen: Yes, but nothing too major at first. We’ll need to use it as a button — specifically the select button functionality from a PS3 controller will now be activated by the touch pad. We have plans to use it for scrolling in menus, as well as zooming in and out of maps with the “pinching” action people are used to on their mobile devices.

@HabinoBR: Will the PS4 version interact with the Vita somehow? (source)

Andersen: Yes, there will be remote play on the Vita. This is a really exciting feature and we’re thrilled to support it.

@_Bonesy: Will it have updated graphics ? (source)

Andersen: Yes, it does. Not only were the existing assets increased in fidelity from the PS3 version, we also spent a significant amount of time adding new elements to the open world that make it even more immersive than before. I think players will love the changes to the environment.

For example, Centennial Park looks like a real crash site now, and there are some terrific volumetric fog effects that add a new level of depth to many of the areas in the city.

@reaperkiddo64: Are there gonna be new characters to play as? (source)

Andersen: Our DLC releases will continue as usual. Recently we added several new Legends characters, and a new Super Power with our Sons of Trigon DLC. The next one up is part one of the War of the Light. Expect to see some new Legends characters, and another new power added when it goes live.

‏@tiny_tim31: Do characters from PS3 transfer over? (source)

Andersen: Yes they do. Players can expect to pick up exactly where they left off on the PS3 version when they fire up DCUO on PS4. Players just need to sign in with their existing account and they’re good to go.

DC Universe Online for PS4, 01

@protomelvin: Will all content available in the PS3 version be available day one on the PS4 version? (source)Andersen: Yes. Everything that’s available in the game right now will be available on PS4. We plan on supporting both platforms, along with the PC, going forward.

@RockfallDCUO: Will I be able to continue to play DCUO with friends who have PS3 and I’m on PS4? (source)

Andersen: I’m thrilled to be able to say “Yes!” to this one. We wanted to make sure that the release of DCUO on PS4 was not a homewrecker. We know there are lots of people from lots of different walks of life that find themselves in the same league, and enjoy playing with one another in game.

We realized some people would be early adopters of the new platform, and others would wait to buy one. We felt it was very important to maintain cohesion within the community, so we decided to let them play on the same servers.

@AmericanNinja: Will there be any second screen support with the PS App or PS Vita? (source)

Andersen: There is a Companion App in the works right now for DCUO. We look forward to finally rolling it out on iOS and Android devices in the very near future. Players will be able to see all kinds of information about the game and each other using the app.

It looks sweet and is very easy to use. We look forward to expanding it once the community gets their hands on it and tells us what we need to tweak to suit their needs.

So, thanks for all the great questions. It’s been a real privilege to field them. Take care and see you in DCUO on PS3, PC, and soon… PS4!

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