Final Exam Out Today for PS3

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Final Exam Out Today for PS3

Hi everybody, this is Francois from Mighty Rocket Studio. This is our big day, because Final Exam launches on PlayStation Store. It’s available for $9.99.

Final Exam on PS3

Do you like action games or beat ’em ups? If so, I encourage you to try the demo. In Final Exam, you can maim monsters with baseball bats, shotguns, flamethrowers, and many more. There’s a solo mode, a co-op mode for two players on the same screen, and a multiplayer mode, with up to four players online. You’ll have plenty of fun in solo mode, and even more fun when playing in multiplayer mode.

Choose your favorite character: Brutal Joe (the quarterback), Cassy (the street dancer), Nathan (The geek, my favorite!) and Sean (the handsome bad boy). Learn to take advantage of each one’s unique characteristics, make them evolve, and discover their most powerful attacks through eight monster-packed missions. We can promise many hours of fun.

There’s also a time attack mode that you’ll have to unlock. One particular guy on the team that really, really likes getting high scores inspired us. In this mode, you have seven minutes to get the highest possible score. So you’d better unlock all the available attacks in order to be able to vary things up to achieve some stellar combos.

Here’s a trick that might be useful when dealing with hordes of monsters: you can throw them into fire. They burn really well. But be careful not to burn your ass! Actually, you can throw everything in the game.

You’ll also meet nice people in Final Exam. Some NPCs help you escape from locations infested with monsters. The sad thing is that they often die when they’re not useful anymore: smashed by a tank monster or electrocuted. There are other silly things in the game that you’ll discover during your journey. You’ll also meet other NPCs who’ll seem familiar to fans of Obscure. There are indeed many details that will remind them of that game.

Final Exam on PS3

If you want to know more about Final Exam, have a look at our website. You’ll even find a paper craft pattern to have your own Brutal Joe with you on your desk all day long.

What? You’re still reading this post? Shouldn’t you be downloading the demo of Final Exam? And tell us what you think of the game. We at Mighty Rocket Studio love to listen to people who play our games.

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  • Looks interesting. I’ll check this game out.

  • Hey this looks pretty cool … !

    • Francois Potentier

      And it is a lot of fun to. After a day at school or at the office, a good way to relax is to blast monsters!

  • I would check this game out if I didn’t have so much college homework all the time lol.

    • Francois Potentier

      This game will teach you how to handle your final exam… Well, in a way. You are not oliged to do the same ;)

  • Looks like exactly the type of game I would love to pick up for the vita… *hint *hint.

  • I’ll give the demo a try. Still wish it were coming to Vita or PS4 as well though.

    • Francois Potentier

      Not planned neither for the Vita nor for the PS4. Give a try to the demo. The PS3 is still a really great console you know.

  • Looks very interesting and fun. And it has a really good price! My only question is does it have split-screen co-op?

    • Francois Potentier

      You have a 2 players coop-mode on the same screen. Both players have to stay not too far from each other. The camera zooms out in order to be able to split. But the fun part of a coop mode is to stick together. In this mode, the combo bonus is shared by the players.

  • Another missed opportunity. This looks good but why is there no Vita version?

    • Francois Potentier

      I love the Vita and I also think that the PS3 is still a great console for some years. So don’t throw it away too soon and consider the game for it.

  • Man I don’t want to complain either but some Vita love would be nice. A remote play patch or even a stand alone. Sony needs to help Devs in anyway they can to push PSN titles across all platforms. This game looks good but I probably wouldn’t have time to play it on my PS3. On the go with my Vita this would be amazing.

    • Francois Potentier

      It seems that a lot of people are asking for Vita games. Why not, but a Vita version is not planned yet.

  • Looks good. It would be a great fit for the Vita

    • Francois Potentier

      Yes, that’s right, but Final Exam is available for PS3 right now. So give a try to the demo and make up your mind. Also, please tell us what you think of the game after having tried the demo. That would be great.

  • The artistic style is really good, and it looks like it’s a fun game (the most important quality a game should have). I’ll try it today. Thank you François for taking the time to answer every comment!

    • Francois Potentier

      I like that a lot you know: talk with real game players. That is so great to hear from you. So try the demo and tell me if you like it… or not.

  • Def getting this. Also please answer! Would you guys consider bringing Obscure 1 and Obscure 2: The Aftermath to PSN?

    • Francois Potentier

      Thank you. Not planned to bring Obscure and Obscure 2 on console, but… Well, too early to talk about that. Stay tuned :) Today is the day of Final Exam. Let’s talk about it!

  • this is my type of game but question. is this for single player aswell ? i cant stand co-op only games. also can you give ah length of hours to complete ? please say atleast 4 or more.

    • Francois Potentier

      Yes, you can play to Final Exam in single player mode. There are 8 missions plus one special game mode that you will unlock later (but I don’t want to spoil to much about what is unlocked…). Each mission takes around 45 minutes for the first crossing. In FE you have a strong replay value if you want to achieve great scores as we emphasized a lot this aspect in the game. You are not obliged to do so to have fun though, but if you wish so, then you can progress a lot. To answer your question and to give you a really rough estimate, let’s say that the game length is around 5 hours with one of the four characters and for the very first crossing. It would be sad taht you don’t try each character at least in a missioin, as each one has got his special super powers. If you are bored with the solo mode, then you can play in multiplayer mode: 2 player coop on the same screen. If you don’t like that, then we have the online multiplayer mode up to 4 players. The game is even funnier in mutliplayer. Try at least once to join a game. You know it is like with games like L4D, You can play several times to the same missions without being bored. So I think that you have many many many hours of fun waiting for you :) My advice: try the demo!

  • Whoa! I didn’t know this was coming out. It looks very cool… got to love chainsaws. I’ll buy it tonight and see how it goes. I looks similar to Shank 2, which is a good thing. You guys have any PS4 games coming?

    • Francois Potentier

      There is also the flamethrower you know. Monsters burn so well! I also like Shank. In Final Exam you will play in huge maps. It is really important for the multiplayer part of the game. This way you can decide to stick together – safer but it takes more time to achieve the objectives (it means less points at the end), or split-up to achieve the objectives faster… More dangerous! I can’t say anything yet regarding our PS4 projects, sorry…

  • Love my side scrollers!!!!

  • Wow, this looks awesome! I hadn’t heard about this game before seeing this blog post, this looks like it has the makings of the next breakthrough hit gem of a game. I didn’t have anything in mind this week on PSN, but I will at least give the demo a whirl, but I’m thinking this will be a purchase from me. Any chance this might make its way to Vita/ps4 as well for some cross play?

    • Francois Potentier

      Thank you. Nothing planned yet regarding Vita and PS4 for Final Exam. give a try to the demo and make up your mind after playing… and tell me if you like it (tell me also if you don’t like it!).

  • I’ll be checking out the demo later tonight. It looks promising!

  • Looks very interesting. I will most def check out the demo. Love beat em ups anyway!

  • I’m interested in this game at some point I hope to check it out.

  • Damn yo, I didn’t even study.

  • very good and in dept reply Francois Potentier. 45 mins for 8 stages sounds good to me for a 10$ gaMe. il try all the characters and def give the demo ah try. hade my eyes on this before aswell so il most likely get it. huge plus for the reply itself. hate when i ask on other blogs and i get nothing. no reply = no buy.

  • This loooks coooooooooool.

  • also, just saw reviews. very impressive. ALL good scores. niceee

  • Finally!! I have been following this game for a very long time (since 2012), I can’t wait to play this game!!

    • Hey Sam_Xala, nice to read you! You have been supporting Final Exam a lot. We’ve been following what you did for the game and I can tell you that everyone knows you at Mighty Rocket! Thank you very much for your support. Please send me an e-mail to contact[at]mightyrocketstudio[dot]com.

  • Maybe if it ever drops to $2.50

    Looks like an updated version of Nun Attack.

    Not porting to Vita with Crossbuy, and yes, it makes all the difference.

    • You’ve got a lot of content in Final Exam. If you like this kind of game, I can assure you that you will have many hours of fun with it. Try the demo and decide by yourself.

  • Definitely getting this! I know it’s not planned yet… But hopefully maybe a patch for remote play with the vita! :)

  • My husband and I really liked Obscure on the original Xbox, despite the tight camera issues when playing co-op. The art, models, and overall “look” was a standout in that generation. Is there any chance we’ll see an “HD” version of Obscure and/or its sequel on PS3/4/Vita? Playing it in 1080p with great texture/audio quality would be fantastic. (Note: I am *not* interested in a PS2 “classic” version — those look/sound like crap compared to open source PS2 emulators.)

    are there any GLBT characters in this new game? great to see some playabe female and a non-white characters. I’ll definitely be giving the demo a try!

    glad to see you guys still doing cool stuff :)

    • Francois Potentier

      Obscure is a long time ago, but many people at Mighty Rocket worked on both games (Obscure and Obscure 2). So that’s a part or our life. Of course we would love to do a new Obscure. The future of the studio depends a lot on Final Exam you know. So let’s take one thing after another.

      Regarding the characters, there are 4: Brutal Joe the big bully, former quarterback, Cassy the street dancer (a kind of new cheerleader), Sean the handsom bad boy and Nathan the geek. The later is a brand new student archetype, probably my favorite. Try the demo and tell me what you think of it.

  • This was the type of game that made me think that I don’t need to play the demo :O

    Maybe I can sound like a crazy boy but there are some trailers or some aspects that calls your interest when you see them.

    With final exam I loved the content in general and I’m definitly picking it

    As soon as the store is updated :)

    So yeah well done guys!

    Especially Francois for the dedication in every answer.

    Great game I feel :)

  • this game loocks like a really nice to sit on the coach with some friends to play.

    • I also like the coop mode on the same screen. You sit with a friend and you can yell at each other. A lot of fun!

  • I was thinking on skipping this since there’s no Vita version, but after seeing Francois’s commitment to responding to the players, I’m reconsidering. Plus, I really like that art style.

  • I have been following since you were Hydravision I was very sad when I saw that there was not much news “spin-off” a few weeks all the pages fell then came the bad news Hydravision closed.

    As Pandemic Games (Mercenaries), also Acclaim Studios Austin (Turok).

    Then I found out that all was not lost born Mighty Rocket Studio
    I was happy and more when I found out that the “ObsCure spin-off” was still ahead with another History (Final Exam).

    I already have the game for a few days Pre-purchase on Steam.
    I’m a little disappointed because I have not seen the old Leafmore vending machines. I’m on mission 6. I’ve only seen that have been fully replaced by new ones that happened?

    I’ve already met I have the complete series ObsCure 1 and 2 and also Final
    Exam. Now I just hope that at least LOOK the blog (The Official Blog) that there are also people asking things.

    Only I have to say one last thing I would like you to do a cover for Final Exam printing standard size dvd box.

    I follow you since 2003.
    (You like my renders ObsCure?) ^ ^

    • Hey DarkCamilla, that is really good to have a fan like you.

      Mighty Rocket has been founded by former employees from Hydravision, first to finish Final Exam that has begun when we were still working at Hydravision. At that time the game was called “Obscure Spin-off”. Then we decided that it was too far away from “Obscure” to continue calling it “Obscure”. That is why it is now called “Final Exam”. The old vening machines are cool but they don’t suit the art style of Final Exam.

  • ^Hey DarkCapilla, I know you!! (from Mighty rocket Studio devblog site)

    I just played the prologue and the first mission alone, all I can say is: This game is freaking AWESOME!! So much fun killing monsters and getting High Scores, this is one of the best games I ever bought on PS Store.

    Francois, you and your team just did an awesome game. ^-^

    • Thank you very much Sam_Xala. So it was worth the wait? I’m so glad to read that. Go on telling me what you thing of Final Exam in a few hours of gameplay.

  • Calling Mighty Rocket and all fans!

    We have set up a wiki for the game!
    Go there and contribute!

    • Francois Potentier

      Hey Cameron, could you please send me an email to contact[at]mightyrocketstudio[dot]com? There are some false info on the wiki I would like to fix, and as you are a huge fan of the Obscure games and have been following the development process of Final Exam, I would like to thank you as well.

  • Glad to see you here Sam_Xala.

    I’m not often here, I’m always on my DeviantART.
    I believe I can play with you unless you have it for steam or can be played across platforms not think you can.

    sorry if I misspelled something, since I’m Spanish.


  • The game would interest me, but unfortunately you don’t bring a Vita version (to say nothing of CrossBuy). I was hoping, that after Sony push the Vita selling, the game producers would also offer more games for it. But unfortunately there are many good games that will not run on the Vita.
    Shame really.
    I buy almost all crossbuy offers. Games only for PS3 I don’t buy, the demo is enough for me – because the most time my children block the PS3 and I can only Play on the Vita.

    • Let’s try the demo and then decide if it is worth buying it on the PS3. The 2 players coop mode will allow you to play with your children. That is a lot of fun in front of you.

  • Hey DarkCapilla! I’m getting this game on Steam very soon, so if you wanna play with me, just let me know!!

    Also, I speak spanish by the way ^-^

  • ok you can find me on Steam With The same name:
    DarkCapilla. or as Dark-XDcP.1

    I hope to play Final Exam Sam_Xala.

    The wait was worth 100×100 recommend the game.

  • I forget:

    Francois Potentier already knew all that you told a long time ago.

    I’m glad that everything went well.


    • Francois Potentier

      That was not easy, but developing a game for 2 years is never easy. Having the game released is an achievement in itself!

  • I just beat chapter 2 alone XD!! (I’m not playing too much because I’m recording a let’s play of this game)

  • Hey Francois, I have been a fan of the series since Obscure in 2004, and own several hydravision games. I was wondering if you could possibly answer some direct questions for me, mostly for the Obscure Wiki and Final Exam Wiki. Please? We on the wiki would be VERY appreciative.

    Final Exam Questions:

    Q. How old are Sean, Nathan, Cassy and Joe?

    Q. What year does it take place.

    Q. When did the 4 graduate from leafmore?

    Obscure Questions:
    Note: I ask these because after all these years, these remain unanswered.

    Q. What exactly drove Kenny insane in O2?

    Q. What kind of pills were the survivors taking? That was never really explained.

    Q. What DID happen to Josh and Ashley?

    Q. Did Amy and the Professor survive the helicopter being ingulfed by the Aura? What was Shannon and Stan reloading their guns for?

    We really thank you for answering these questions to help make the wiki better! :)

    • Francois Potentier

      Hi ccrogers. Waoow, these are a lot of questions!
      It’s good sometimes not to know everything. Maybe you will have (some of) the answers later.

  • ccrogers15:

    is better to leave these questions unanswered for the Next Chapter of ObsCure,
    I answer to one:

    Kenny is transformed because it is the only one who is morally weak the group, and because of the flowers in the bowl at the beginning of the game.

    • Francois Potentier

      Hey DarkCapilla, could you please send me an email to contact[at]mightyrocketstudio[dot]com? You have been following the game for a long time…

  • ccrogers15:

    DarkCapilla is right, you should leave these questions for now and let’s enjoy this game. Later Mighty Rocket Studio can take care of the rest..

  • A demo?! Done, downloaded. Demos make the likeliness of me buying a game increase by 500%

    • Francois Potentier

      So what did you think of it? The demo only show a small part of the game. A lot of fun awaits you in the full game.

  • I just beat chapter 6, for now the game looks GREAT!!

    Today I’ll finish this game by myself (Local mode), I can’t wait to see the ending and then play Online with others

  • I have all the golden gloves now I’m with the ways and the ranking scores and time trial.

    I have seen that there are very high marks and some users cheat the scores in steam.
    also from the patch 2 does not work achievements in the game menu and neither does the Shift + Tab.

    Email sent.
    Francois Potentier

  • cheating? oh damn, that’s not fun :/

    On PSN I’m one of the top players on regular difficulty in solo/local mode, I just need to beat the mission 7 and 8.

  • cheat in scores on steam and that is that the most hate.
    cheat in the game because they are bad players.

    In PSN scores are good, right? scores are not faked?
    I’m glad but little will last.

  • Yeah, pretty good…

    I have to keep it up to be one of the best in every single mission >.<

  • Sorry my mistake, Shift + Tab works well and also achievements in steam. ^^

  • I played this first solo so I would look like a complete newb online. I gotta say I really like the combat system, it reminds me alot of Devil May Cry . It’s simple but can be very deep once you get the hang of melee shooting and grenades. It’s kind of a lonely experience when you play by yourself as times your going down corridors and nothing is happening while you try to find the next item. This game is definitely better when you play multiplayer, and I like the freedom of online where you can choose to be with the group when you want or you can just venture off by yourself. Some nice variation in between some levels with the train. & the homage to space invaders.

    I’ve reached level 7, the guys session I joined dropped a couple times.

    • Francois Potentier

      That what we wanted to do: have a fun game right from the start, then that players be able to achieve hight scores when knowing better how the combats work. Final Exam is even funnier when played in multiplayer, I agree. Go on giving me your feeling. That is fantastic feedback.

  • Wow, Yesterday I beat game by myself without playing online at all and I replay all the mission to get a very nice high score, at the end, I finish up getting everything on the game and fully mastered Nathan (100% progress), after that I decide to try out the new game mode, it’s really good but it will be extremely fun if I play with someone at my side (local).

    Anyway, after that I decide to try out the online mode, oh my…. SO MUCH FUN!!! I don’t know If I wasted hours playing this game alone or it was a good idea to beat this by myself first. At the end I think it was a really good idea to beat the game alone, now I can enjoy the Online action with other people, I start using Brutal Joe and look, I think I just become a very skill player with a new character, so It was a good idea to play this game alone, to understand the missions and the combat system.

    Once again, Francois, you and your team just did an awesome game ^-^

    • Francois Potentier

      I just told them, and trust me they are really happy. You know, when we play coop or online, here at Mighty, Rocket, we still have fun here, which could seem pretty curious as we have been dealing with this game for almost 2 years… But trust me, we still have fun, which is a good sign indeed :)

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