LittleBigPlanet Update: Halloween Highlights

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LittleBigPlanet Update:  Halloween Highlights

LittleBigPlanet Update

There were spooky times across LittleBigPlanet last week and Sackfolk young and old got into the spirit of things by creating haunted new levels, wearing scary costumes and taking part in all manner of Halloween activities! Let’s take a look at just some of the fun that everyone got up to!

Halloween Levels

We saw all sorts of new adventures for brave Sackfolk and some fun party games to play with friends being published in the build-up to Halloween.


Halloween truly had the community pouring all-sorts of creative magic into LittleBigPlanet and you can still check out some of our favorites in this list of Halloween Hauntings.

Spooky Speed Art

little-big-playe was also hard at work this Halloween working on some brilliant Speed Art drawings for Halloween using the Move Paint tool! Look at how he puts together his very own Frankenstein’s Monster!

Sackboy Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving by L-I-M-I.

Happy 5th Birthday LittleBigPlanet! FREE Birthday Cake Costume DLC

That’s all the Halloween Tricks out of the way for this year… So now for your treat!

Birthday Cake Costume

November 5th will mark the 5th anniversary of the day that LittleBigPlanet became available to our entire community across the globe and we couldn’t let this week go by without re-releasing the FREE Birthday Cake Costume to celebrate!

Since it’s such a milestone occasion, we want to hear from YOU!

What are your memories of LittleBigPlanet over the last five years?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

LittleBigPlanet Update 10-28-2013


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  • Playing LBP (1 and 2, and to a lesser extent, Karting) with my four daughters – sometimes having to stop to say “You just can’t yell ‘Come over HERE!’ at your sister [or daughter] – play nice!”

    Christmas morning a few years ago, when we unwrapped LBP and three new controllers so four of us could play at once, they started the level I’d thrown together the night before with all their names appearing in the level. After five years, they’ve spent more time playing dress-up with Sackboy than actually playing levels, but it’s been a source of silliness and laughs (and even occasional frustration) for us all.

    Got to pull that disk out again – my birthday’s coming up this week, so some family game time ought to be on the agenda.

    • Sounds like a great plan! :)

      Do your daughters have any good levels that they particularly like?

      – Can anyone else here recommend a really good four player level for them? :)

  • The LBP community is outstanding with all of the continued support for this game!!!!!!

    • Thanks, it always truly means a lot to hear that and we will most certainly keep supporting LittleBigPlanet! :)

  • Me and my now wife ( we just started dating about a week before the first Little Big Planet came out ) picked up a copy of the game to have a nice night in, that turned into a few months of playing the game together every night lol. We both earned our first ever platnum trophies from it!!!

  • Hey Steven Isbell, any news on Little Big Planet Karting, I really enjoy playing this game!! I love it!! Any news on any level kit for us who create in this game?

  • My memories?ah.. Littlebigplanet is that game that consumed my life for 2 years straight, it was the game I would go to every time I would come from school. What’s interesting about it was I kept coming back not for the gameplay, not for the levels, but the creation and community. I would spend hours on end in my pod with my friends, we used to Just fool around, or we would spend all day in create mode fooling with physics, Lucky for me, I got on the cool pages with 2 accounts. Raymondfundora and Biggrayray2. I still use raymondfundora from time to time. But this is my main account. When I made it to the cool pages, THAT’S when every thing changed, I was like a hero or icon for players on LBP. My infamous “remember Littlebigplanet” was played 18 thousand times, I have over 1000 creator hearts on my raymondfundora account.people wanted to join me, and meet me. I used to accept most of the invites, people used to flip out. They even made levels about me. The community was astounding. Lbp 2 is probably one of my best games ever played. The amount of polish, and detail is downright amazing.

  • Mr.fry’s narration was also excellent. Mm thanks for making an amazing game. I truly hope you make a lbp 3. And if you do, please don’t forget about the little details, like sackboys arm movement, sackboys customization with stickers, don’t forget about the pod. These things make lbp for me.

  • Nice pumpkin carving L-I-M-I.

  • Oh man we got some fantastic lvls this week Haloween lvls are my favorites,people are really good making them…played some of these already….and damn what a fantastic job that Pumpkin carving hu….really amazing job.

  • Got so many good memories with LBP….oh man I remember me playing the demo and I wasn’t expecting too much…then my jaw dropped….damn me and my brother we played like crazy that demo….countless times…then when I finally got the game…we really had an insane amount of fun….and same goes for LBP2….LBP is for sure one of the best games ever created…and without doubt the most fun game EVER.

    Happy B-day LBP.

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