PlayStation Blogcast 096: Extra Lives

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PlayStation Blogcast 096: Extra Lives

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With just weeks until PS4’s launch in North America, we check in on NBA 2K14’s next-generation court, learn how to help children’s hospitals with Extra Life, share new game releases for November 15th and more!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Extra Life
  • NBA 2K14
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Castlestorm
  • The Guided Fate Paradox
  • The Adventures of Cookie & Cream
  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Ryan’s Top 10 of the Generation
  • More of your top 10 lists

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • when are you going to post? about the event that’s going to be in New York on the 14th

  • Ghosts pretty much scared off all the big releases for next week. Funny how no one was afraid to release games beside Battlefield last week, lol.

  • @ Ryumoaner

    What’s “funny” about it? Isn’t it well-known and expected that most publishers refrain from releasing their games on the same date as the industry’s biggest names?

    And just because it’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good… you know, like cigarettes, and religion, for example…

    Call of DooDoo sells well because it caters to mainstream simpletons who get a rise out of things like explosions and emotionless killing, which unfortunately dominates this country’s collective mindstate…

    But I got something funny for ya… One could just as easily say that ACTIVISION WAS AFRAID to release Ghosts alongside Battlefield 4 last week… durrr durr dur dee durr… didn’t think about THAT, did ya? After all, if CoD is truly superior, why not prove it by releasing the game on the same day as Battlefield and see which one sells better?

  • Ryu…You are such a lame ass troll everytime I see your down syndrome comments it makes me sick, I bet you never played a Battlefield game in your life, probably too scared to try a game that takes real skill so you resort to COD instead and have to bash other games that isn’t a JPRPG or some overhyped copy paste shooter..?
    Get over yourself..

  • Don’t let the troll get you guys upset, he’s a jerk and I understand your frustration and it’s ok to let it out once in a while lol :)

    Anyways, Nice blogcast as always :)

  • I guess I could have used a better, more relevant analogy…

    The Wii outsold the 360 and the PS3 this generation… does that mean the Wii is the best? NOPE.

  • For once Mr Robot Dog, I have to agree with you. Granted I enjoy explosions, but I can stand Call of Doodle or it’s fanbase.

  • No Sid this week? Sad face…

    he did tell me on twitter he was home sick though.

    Thanks for finally posting this guys, I’ve had a rough day. I don’t mean to get too personal but I recently found out my disability checks are gonna stop and now I have to go through this whole appeal process and I might be without income soon because I live in a city with a 13% poverty rate… it sucks.

    Anyways, PlayStation is one of the few things that brings me happiness in this otherwise garbage world of pain and sadness…

  • “One could just as easily say that ACTIVISION WAS AFRAID to release Ghosts alongside Battlefield 4 last week”

    Quoted for truth, because it is.

  • The thing we all want to know is are they really bringing back Pocketstation???

  • Have you guys thought of the best endings/plot twist in the generation?

  • En ecuador tambien jugamos ps, deberian lanzarlo en la fecha establecida para latinoamerica.

  • can’t wait for ghost im so ready andfor ps+ can’t wait lets party!

  • Thought there wasn’t going to be a show this week. What a nice surprise.

  • Kept hearing someone yawn during the Podcast. Lol! Good show guys.

  • “are there any ghosts in Call of Duty: Ghosts? is it like Beyond?” LOL!

  • Congrats on a job… done?

  • Hey blogcast,

    Loved the show today, although I admittedly missed Sid. I had a quick question. Would it be possible to release the Day 1 PS4 patch a day or 2 early to download via the browser, as to update via USB? Some people may not have high-speed internet, and while I don’t think 300 Mb is that much, I can understand the issue for others.

    Perhaps if they had more time to download it ahead of time, or prepared elsewhere to start the PS4 experience Nov 15 Day 1 ASAP. It would also help the servers that are going to have Day 1 users constantly attempt downloading the patch. An early release would be beneficial for you guys as well. Thanks guys, and I am loving the Playstation memories. Keep ’em strong. Keep ’em coming.

  • Argh, I just emailed my top 10 list over and immediately regret forgetting Demon’s Souls.

    These lists are hard, man.

  • We are getting so close to greatness!

  • I’m a hardcore devil may cry fan I played and platinum DmC. I thought the Music and acting were really good but the writing and devil trigger were really bad.Sorry I’m not trying to start something

  • I love the fact that Ryan did a sports game review/interview and it seems like he did an excellent job, it is all about broadening your horizon’s lol..

  • I always mean to call in to leave a message but never write down the phone number, lol.. Next time I have to.

  • great show! i was at work listening when i heard nick read my itunes review. not going to lie… it was pretty epic hearing my name mentioned on the show. cheers and keep it up

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