PayPal Support Added to PS3 PlayStation Store

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PayPal Support Added to PS3 PlayStation Store

Starting today, we’re happy to announce that you can add funds to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet via PayPal directly through the PlayStation Store on PS3.

In our ongoing effort to offer more choice and convenience, we first launched the ability to add funds to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet through PayPal via the web last January, and, most recently, the ability to add funds to your wallet via mobile devices with the Mobile Billing option.

PayPal on PlayStation Store

Adding funds to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet through PayPal is easy on PS3. When checking out from the cart on PlayStation Store, click “Add Funds”, then click “PayPal” and transfer any amount from $5 to $150 (the maximum wallet balance amount). If you’re new to PayPal, you’ll have to set up a PayPal account first to use this option.

Your Sony Entertainment Network wallet can be used to purchase games, add-ons, movies, TV episodes, and more from PlayStation Store.

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  • I didn’t see that coming..

  • Great addition! Very unexpected, but quite happy to see this happen.

  • Nice to see this as an option.

  • No DLNA/Media Server Support for PS4 is Absolutely Awful.
    SEVERE Regression from the PS3.
    Makes me and many other want to look else where for a Media/Gaming machine.
    Where is Eric Limpel.. even he support media on PS3.. all those Picture Apps and media apps.
    No MP3/ Music Support? …?? huh…
    The PS4 absolutely does nothing for Home media users.
    Very Very VERY Disappointing.

  • @4 What the heck is the use of complaining here? Go complain else where.
    This is a Paypal post, you may get a reply, but your comment is still off topic.

  • More options are always a good thing.

    By the way it’s worth pointing out that today begins the two week to the day countdown for PS4. Two weeks from this very second, many of us will be playing PS4! Oh. My. God.

  • This is great, It’s for us Canadians too right?

    and it’s nice to see you again, mr. lempel.. we normally only see you for big software updates..

    hopefully we’ll see you soon, with the right PS4 update ;)

  • Nice addition here. Out of the blue, but nice.

  • Can I add any amount I want? I want to add $12 but the online store only makes me add in 5, 10, 20 and etc. Can I really add any number amount or will it be just like on the online store?

  • You don’t understand how much this helps someone stationed overseas. Thanks! I hate buying the cards when I just want to spend a little or something.

  • Options are good.

    For future reference as this is a North American blog, it would be nice to see a reference to what countries this information applies. Possible to add that to all posts, or at least disclaimer in the bottom that it is only for US, etc.

  • again with the 5 dollar limit :( i wish i could put $1 in it :( for those special moments :( when i just need a dollar more lol

  • This is great, thanks. Though I agree with ItaChu^

  • Are you guys ever going to remove the $5 minimum investment thing when you try to buy something as simple as a single avatar from the psn store?
    Its annoying when all i want to do is use my debit card to buy 1 avatar for $0.49, but i’m forced to add at least $5 to the psn wallet. Why not just let us spend the exact amount?

  • I did try today, can’t add to my wallet?? Got email from PayPal the payment is pending. Care to comment PSN?

  • @4 Shuhei Yoshida has already tweeted that he had a meeting with the ps4 development team about the mp3 and DLNA issues, and they could possibly patch them back in later.

  • As someone who doesn’t have a credit card this option is great! I use paypal with my bank for all of my online purchases, so the more places that make the option available the better.


  • @4 wth are you crying about that here for? go somewhere else!

  • Cool, but the country of paypal account and us pstore needs to be the same, all-in-all useless for me

  • Finally. XBL has had this forever. I assume we can also use it on Vita?

  • Great feature added but 7 years late ! should have had this along time ago !

    Any word if this will be apart of PS4 features Eric Lempel ?

  • great! now I’m gonna spend even more money on PSN =S

  • @16 I don’t believe it until I see the changes. For all we know, it was a move to calm people down and avoid issues with media.

    Until they officially blog or tweet about it, nothing is set in stone.

  • This is awesome! The next step is getting a co-op with GameStop so I don’t have to run to the store for a PSN card so it benefits my points!

  • Do i have to use American visa ?
    My visa is SAUDI but my ID is American.

  • @#4……..Your post has NOTHING to do with this Pay Pal post. Why do you see the need to complain here ?

    Gamer’s are coming here to get info on pay pal announcement and share their interest and opinions.

    Please stay topic.

  • This is great news! Now if I’m missing funds I don’t have to go to my computer to add them :)

    I hope this will be a feature for all PSN regions, not just NA (ie Japan, EU, & others) as currently its a nuisance to be forced to buy PSN cards or attach a credit card if you need to buy something quickly.

  • Thanks for telling us what the maximum is. I always wondered that.

  • PayPal is available on web store long time ago but Sony refused my payment and refund back to my PayPal account. so useless.

  • I would advise against using paypal. Everything credit card companys do to prevent your credit card being used by strangers, paypal nullifies just so that you can impulse buy faster.

  • @4. You go right a head and say what you want, because you are wright to complain! and the rest of you, so what if he is off topic, this is a playstation post and the ps4 having mp3/mp4 support is VERY important to Playstation.

    We need to have this problum fixed ASAP, because it is so wrong to have to PAY to play on line and then have to PAY on top of that, just to listen to MUSIC! Its just plain WRONG. We need to post this plain fact EVERY where, every post on any topic playstation! or we WILL end up paying just to listen to music… I mean nuthing against any of you, but this is how i feel.

  • @29 me too. Your paypal address got to be the same with the psn ones or something like that. Dont know if that works though.

    On that note, does sony realize that non-US is using the US psn? By not stricting the payment etc to those who currently living there, people can add their funds easily. Buying a 50USD psn funds for 56USD is getting old.

  • #4, 23 and 31, I complained about the lack of mp3/audio cd as well. But I complained in the RIGHT POST. To complain in a post about paypal is dumb as hell and does nothing. Do you really think someone will reply to you in a PAYPAL post about those issues? No one at Sony is going to pay attention to that in this post. Go reply to the PS4 post.

  • Is there any chance of a similar option being added to the PlayStation Store app for the Vita?

  • @ 31 Thank you.

    Thank you.. this is a blog.. and my comment included “Eric lempel”.. whom made this post and currently posts and makes decisions behind PS console features.

    @5 @18 @16 @26 i thought there was plenty of relevant relation.

    My god. you people are so hostile i’m trying to get sony’s attention to bring back important features (not just for me). if you guys want to go ahead and ignore / not fight for the features you want, you go right ahead. Dont mind me though.. its like your battling against me because you dont want features added the PS4 that should be there.

    smh something is wrong with some of your guys thought process.

    I will continue to post the same post (on what i think are relevant posts).. until a direct answer is received.
    I know shu replied on twitter that Sony would talk about it. I want implementation though.. not just talk.

  • AND @33

    … did u actually read my comment..?

    ..okay now that you actually read it…. who made this blog post?

    Does this person typically post about features and additions to the PS consoles?

    Okay. thanks

  • Finally! *Deletes credit card info from account.*

  • This is great, better late than never I suppose (I also agree this should have been available long ago).

  • Wow about bloody time.

    Can we finally choose any amount to fund Via paypal, or fund the ‘remainder’ of our order like with a CC, or are we still stuck using the 5, 10, 25, 50 etc… like the web store?

  • I agree with @14 I’d love to see the minimum amount ($5) being removed and just let me pay for whatever the amount is.

  • It’s good to have options for payments on the psn store. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • How about getting Amazon Payments? PayPal is okay, but I would very much like an Amazon Payments option!

  • Logged in just to say : Thank you !!!

  • Wow. Finally! Pretty sure you are doing this because of the PS4. Now let me go back in time (October 27) and use the 50 bucks I have, to buy games.

  • It would be nice if we could chose how much money we would like to put into our wallet, sometime i would like to put something like 2.50 but the minimum is 5$

  • @45 agreed.

  • @45 jimfear – What’s worst is getting caught in a cycle of having to add $5. There’ll be something that costs $3, so you’re left with $2, then there’s something that costs $2.50 and you’re left with $4.50. 90% of that funding essentially wasted until your next purchase decision. I would bring up Steam, but their “wallet” has the same $5 condition, but their direct purchasing options allow for only billing what’s needed for that transaction. If SEN could figure a way to bypass their wallet gateway…

  • Wasn’t expected but nice, i think it will make things easy for those who don’t want to add there card details.

  • Wow that is scary, a friend of mines and I were talking about paypal in reference to ebay yesterday. He told me how paypal is known for almost the top when it comes to security, good to see it on the PS.

  • Google Wallet support incoming?

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