New Titles for the Wonderbook Library Arriving November 12th

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New Titles for the Wonderbook Library Arriving November 12th

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This holiday, a brand new line up of titles will come to the augmented reality experience, Wonderbook. With its unique and immersive features, Wonderbook lets you live in the stories you love.

PlayStation teamed up with BBC Worldwide to bring you Walking with Dinosaurs, which sets giants like T. rex and Stegosaurus loose in your home. Walking with Dinosaurs will be available as a bundle with the Wonderbook peripheral for $29.99, and as a download from PlayStation Store.

You’ll also get the chance to meet and learn about some of the new characters featured in the upcoming feature length film, Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie, in theaters December 20.

The action-packed detective story Diggs Nightcrawler, follows the journey of a loveable bookworm super-sleuth in his crime-busting quest to restore harmony to the film noir inspired world of Library City. Help Diggs in his pursuit for justice, and find out who really bumped Humpty from his wall in this intriguing tale. Diggs Nightcrawler will be available as a download exclusively from PlayStation Store for $14.99.

Wonderbook’s launch title, Book of Spells, brought wizardry to life in your living room, allowing you to cast spells just like a student at Hogwarts. Now you can also try your hand at potion-making with Book of Potions, the second Wonderbook title to result from Sony’s partnership with Pottermore from J.K. Rowling. You’ll brew magical potions from the Harry Potter stories, compete to win the elusive Golden Cauldron, and find out whether you really have what it takes to become a potions champion.

There will even be a new character, created by J.K. Rowling herself, especially for Book of Potions. In the story, you’ll meet Zygmunt Budge, one of the most accomplished Potioneers ever known — an eccentric, unstable, and vengeful wizard who left Hogwarts at the age of 14 as an act of protest. We had lots of fun bringing his character to life through a number of J.K. Rowling’s delightful stories, and hope you’ll have as much fun meeting him.

Book of Potions will be available as a bundle with the Wonderbook peripheral for $29.99.

All Wonderbook titles will be available November 12th, and if you’re new to Wonderbook, Book of Spells is on sale now.

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  • Will Walking With Dinosaurs be the same price as a download as it is in the bundle? And can the Book of Potions be downloaded as well? I just want the games and don’t need the bundles. Wondering if the prices change if you’re just getting the game.
    Diggs looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait.

  • Will Wonderbook work with the PS4?

  • I know Wonderbook gets a lot of flack, but I’ve been waiting for a non-Harry Potter book to come out because I think it is an awesome concept. I’m planning to pick up these two books for my kids for Christmas. Its a wonderful idea for kids and I hope it is also brought to PS4 soon (cross-buy would be awesome!).

  • Nice, I already have Book of Spells, so I don’t need another Wonderbook peripheral. Will Book of Potions and Walking with Dinosaurs be released digitally as well?

  • Que malos estos juegos ponga algo de verdad.

  • Wait… So you aren’t selling these without the Wonderbook?

    I already have it. I don’t need more.

    I want them on bluray, not digitally. (Diggs I get, since it’s $15, the other not so much)

    I’m very disappointed. Guess I’ll only be getting Diggs then.

  • Oh and SCEA, stop being so terrible with the games that SCEE is involved with. We should have gotten two of these inbetween Book of Spells and the 12th of November with the 4th game. Not you dumping out 3 on one day because you’re lazy.

    And I want the Invizimal games for PS Vita and PS3. D:< And PS Vita Pets. D:< (still salty we didn't get the 3rd PSP Invizimals and we didn't get the 2nd PSP EyePet)

  • With that kind of pricing, I’ll almost certainly get some of these. Kind of funny but I can get the peripheral and all of these games for about the same price as Angry Birds Star Wars. That’s an easy call.

  • Excited for more Wonderbook content…but not too crazy about the prices. I will wait a little for them to go on sale.

  • Will pick up Walking With Dinosaurs. Any chance these games will be released standalone?

  • Glad to see that America is still getting these Wonderbook games! I was getting afraid that I’ll never use my Wonderbook again unless I import games from Europe. Also glad that they’re at pretty good, affordable prices to begin with! Especially Diggs Nightcrawler!
    Will there be a demo for those of us with Wonderbook already, by any chance? Is Book of Potions a bundled-only release? Will the digital releases be cheaper like Diggs since it’s sold without the book?

    And I share the same sentiments as #7/Elvick: Shame to see many SCEE titles not get the best support, or none at all, at SCEA. There’s many games from SCEE that never came here that I wanted to play, like other BUZZ! games, and ESPECIALLY those new Invizimals games for PS3/PSVita! Even if they were a digital-only release like Diggs, I’d be fine with that!

    Looking forward to picking these titles up & hopefully more from SCEE! *crosses fingers*

  • Wow, I am very impressed! My son will eat this up. Time to get a Wonderbook. Perfect BDay or Christmas present. Can see him playing this Christmas morning. Hopefully Wonderbook will continue on the PS4 as well. Thanks Sony!

  • had me at dinosaurs

  • I loved Book of Spells since I’m a big Potter fan. The AR worked great, you just had to have enough light. I’ve been looking forward to Book of Potions and Diggs and Dinosaurs. I appreciate having options other than the ubiquitous shooters and platformers.

  • @4 and 7 – All the videos state that the games will be sold separately from the Wonderbook. The post even states in the text Diggs and Walking with Dinosaurs are available as digital downloads. So no, you don’t have to purchase another Wonderbook.

    I’m definitely down for Diggs and Walking with Dinosaurs.

  • This is a cool edition to the Sony platform, I look forward to more unique experiences such as this.

  • The videos do say at the very end…

    “(… is sold separately from the Wonderbook peripheral, PS3 system, PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera.”)

    I’m going to guess that means, you don’t have to buy then in a bundle.

  • This looks cool…I’m yet to find a game who does better use of the Move than Sports Champions…but I wanna try this…any chance of a demo or for free on Plus?….I mean is that too much to ask?

  • I got the Wonderbook: Book of Secrets for $20 last year, and I thought it was really cool (despite the fairly dull demo showed off at E3 in 2012). I’m excited for when my kids are old enough to play with it.

    And that’s really my concern about Wonderbook… it’s taken a full year to launch more software and Sony’s said barely anything about it. I think the big question at this point is, “Will these games get ported to the PS4 so they’ll be worth buying?” (The Wonderbook itself should work, and the Move controller will be supported.)

    I hope the answer is, “we’ll find a way to get this on the PS4.” Because there’s a real market for these games, but the PS3 is probably not going to be where they’ll have a chance to grow.

    The Move and Wonderbook both seem like they’ve been written off, which is sad… but maybe they’ll see a renaissance on the PS4 as AR becomes more commonplace. Sports Champions 1+2, Medieval Moves and Sorcery are all underappreciated, and even though Killzone 3’s move implementation felt like a weird experiment, it was still a neat idea that could work better as the tech improves.

  • We really liked the concept of Book of Spells, and enjoyed playing it despite the limitations of the PS3 Eye camera (tons of digital noise, etc). (We also really liked EyePet and EyePet & Friends despite the INSANELY LONG LOAD TIMES.) I am super psyched for the possibility of playing these AR games on PS4 where the player can APPEAR IN 3D on the television thanks to the PS4’s stereo camera. I think 1:1 motion in full resolution 3D will really blow people away in a fashion that the PS3 AR games never did.

  • I’m with @19 — at this point, I’d want to know that these other Wonderbook titles will be available for the PS4 in the future. I can understand not wanting to ‘confuse’ the PS4-buying market with too much mention of Move, camera, or 3D. With Wonderbook, though, the lack of information is going to make fans like us who bought Book of Spells take a “wait and see” approach. If I were SCEA/SCEE marketing, I would do a PS4 Wonderbook push with a PS4 Eye+Move+Wonderbook+PSN code bundle in 2014Q4 (holiday push). But that bundle will be a hard sell internally if these existing Wonderbook PS3 titles don’t sell well.

    If we can get some inkling that our digital Wonderbook PS3 purchases will get cross-buy upgrades on PS4 later, then I’ll snatch up this new wave and be giving them as gifts to the nephews :) Otherwise, it looks like Wonderbook is dead and the titles are being dumped on the market – not a way to instill confidence in their quality.

    PS: Would love to see “Deluxe” versions of EyePet, Sports Champions, and Start the Party on PS4 with 1080p 3D support!

  • Definitely getting Diggs NightCrawler. That one piqued my interest since Day 1. Most likely getting the other 2 as well.

  • Awesome I wanted to play Diggs Nightcrawler with my kids they always want to play with wonderbook but I never liked book of spells this seems awesome!

  • Hi will wonderbook come to PS4, playstation camera coz i am excited if it is and if it is do you need the motion controller

  • @15: Digitally… not on bluray. I’m not paying full retail price for digital.

  • “Walking with Dinosaurs will be available as a bundle with the Wonderbook peripheral for $29.99”

    Does this actually exist? I’ve looked online everywhere and can find no mention of it. We aren’t Harry Potter fans, so this bundle is essential for us. I really would love to find a copy of this for my son!

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