New Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Trailer Unveiled, Before the Nexus App Detailed

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New Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Trailer Unveiled, Before the Nexus App Detailed

Hey everyone,

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is coming your way in just a short couple of weeks. The game is an epilogue to the Future series, and is available on the PS Store for a price of $29.99 on November 12th. It’ll also be available on a blu-ray disc at retail.

Ratchet is always known for great weapons. To give you a sampling of some of the new and fan-favorite weapons in Into the Nexus, we put together this video showcasing them. You can select which weapons you want to check out from this “youtube weapon wheel” and then see Ratchet using them in Into the Nexus’ Arena level.

In the video, you’ll get to see Mr. Zurkon, who upgrades to bring along his family members (who also have all their own dialog). The Classic Ratchet & Clank morph weapon returns as the Winterzier, a weapon that spreads holiday cheer with holiday music and presents, turning enemies into snowmen that vary by enemy. The game’s “spooky” theme plays out with three weapons in the video, including the Nether Beast, Nether Blades, and Nightmare Box – which throws out a creepy device to scare your enemies.

Here’s some info on Before the Nexus, the mobile app that syncs up with Into the Nexus, from Senior Producer Greg Philips:

Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus brings the excitement of infinite running to R&C. You can hop between grindrails while avoiding hazards to collect bolts which can be used to upgrade your weapons and armor. Better yet, you can score Raritanium which you can sync with your PlayStation Network account and use to upgrade your weapons in the PS3 game, Into the Nexus.

Here are some screenshots from the app.

Ratchet & Clank: Before the NexusRatchet & Clank: Before the Nexus

We’re also planning a PlayStation Livestream in the coming weeks to give you a chance to check out the game, and have your questions answered by Creative Director Brian Allgeier. Stay tuned for news on that soon.

That’s all for now; we look forward to you checking out Into the Nexus soon!

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  • why not just make this DLC for: Into the Nexus for PS3/Vita?

  • i’ve already pre-ordered WEEKS ago! i’m very excited to to see Ratchet’s next adventure!

  • You can turn enemies into Snowmen?

    OH. MY. GOD. Insomniac <3.

  • Cancelled my Preorder, too many games and systems that week.

  • I bet the framerate of the mobile app is better than R&C FFA, lol…


  • On Vita, I mean.

  • Is the mobile app free and is it on Android?

  • what about the Vita version? Will it be cross buy?

  • Cool!

    Is Before the Nexus coming to iOs, Android, Vita, or all of the above?

  • Will the mobile app coming to PS Vita at least?

    If not, yet another glaring oversight on Sony’s part.

  • Question:

    Have you ever thought about making a $.99 Mr. Zurkon Voice App? Pull out a quote at any time you need it for only a buck!

  • When is the mobile app going to be released?

  • This is cool at some point I’ll check this out.

  • Yay fantastic…not interested in the app but bring the game already…I cant wait to dive in some more Ratchet action.Shame this is the last adventure of Ratchet.But as much as I love it….Ratchet needs a break.

  • Thanks for the information.

  • I would love to play this on the Vita. $29.99 is the best deal I have ever gotten on a retail game day one. You guys are awesome, Insomniac.

  • Will there be a ps plus discount on this game when it releases?

  • I got to get my hands on the game at the Insomniac Games east coast community day last week. Gotta say, it was AWESOME as usual. I love the feel of the game, the theme, the new weapons, everything. Can’t wait!!

  • Weapons look amazing. And I might check out that app :)

  • Sony and Insomniac are milking this franchise to hell, releasing a full gamer per year.

    This looks likes Call of Duty!!, which releases a full game per year too, but doesn’t bring major chances to the franchise.

  • Hopefully for Windows Phone too, right guys?

    Please ;_;

  • Not interested in Into the Nexus, but very interested in Before the Nexus. When is that out on Google Play and Apple’s store?

  • All I got to say is…THIS IS GOING TO BE BROKEN!!!.I’am going to play this more…and it’s going to be easier now that I can collect Raritanium,which can upgrade my weapons…Yep…this is going to be an easy Platinum for me…Let alone this…My god… :o Thank You Insomniac Games for making the game more fun for me! :) Love You Guys.

  • @14 Welmosca: Has it been confirmed somewhere that this will be the very last Ratchet game? All they’ve said here is that it’s the tail end of the Future series.

    I say good if it’s not the end. Keep ’em coming if the quality is there. If not, don’t bother. Which means I also don’t mind them taking a few years off if we wind up with a really great full-size game down the road. :)

  • Psvita version and i’ll buy it.

  • Lets release an app on almost EVERY mobile device but our own….the VITA!!!!!!

  • @14

    Last adventure for Ratchet?

    Yeah no. This just just the end of the Ratchet and Clank “Future” series. There will be more Ratchet games beyond this. Heck, there’s a movie coming out in a couple years!

  • Geez, I never got aroung to the last game. My wall of shame is soo shamefully.

  • @ Welmosca,
    What do you mean by his last adventure? It may be the last for the future series but it’s definitely not the last overall. and what djsaiyan said, a movie is coming in a couple of years. It wouldn’t be right to end a game franchise but still make a movie of the origin story in a couple of years.

  • @28

    You’re absolutely right about that one. It’s just only the end of a saga, one that has been thought to have been concluded, but apparently not. Maybe some time after the saga ends, another saga may rise in the series. It can happen, you know. Just saying.

    James, if you can pass these requests for me to the people at Insomniac, I hope you can input it in the next Ratchet game after Into the Nexus, and the requests are… actual mid-bosses in worlds that take about half as much health than major bosses, but still pose as a threat, and maybe a true final boss. There hasn’t been one made in a Ratchet adventure yet, so I’m hoping to see one, by collecting certain secret items in the next game, that is. I was hoping to see that happen, but I thought it hadn’t… yet. And, I hope to the true final boss have even more health than the final boss, and perhaps see the true final boss made in Challenge Mode only.

    Other than that, looking forward to Into the Nexus, and the real conclusion to the saga!

  • I hope this comes on the Ps Vita so badly!!!

  • @ 25 ThumbsOfSteel74
    @ 28 djsaiyan
    @ 30 sunbunny23

    Well I kinda expressed myself wrong there….they said this is the last Ratchet game on PS3..which could mean the end of Ratchet…but yes they could bring a full-fledged Ratchet game on Vita….unless they do that..its the end of Ratchet….but I seriously doubt insomniac will continue to develop more Ratchet…since now they’re microsoft lovers.

  • @33

    are your feelings hurt that sunset overdrive is xbox 1 only? if your a real gamer you will be picking up both next gen consoles. im going to have a busy next couple of weeks , not to mention the hit my savings account took and will continue to take over the next two weeks. sony is my favorite console but xbox is second on that list, nintendo have screwed the pooch with the wii u , unless your 7 or like to exercise with your console. but thats just one mans opinion.

  • @33 I’m sorry if this seems rude, but I’m sure a R&C game will be on PS4. Even if Insomniac stops making R&C (Which I highly doubt it) Sony could hire someone else to make R&C. It really makes no sense why they wouldn’t make a game on PS4. If you think they won’t because of sunset overdrive then you should know that game is only a game to get more people to know about Insomniac games. Even if they like Xbox One, they will still make PS4 games because they’ve been with Playstation ever since the first console.

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