Pre-load Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Launch

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Pre-load Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Launch
Pre-load Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Launch

Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3

It’s T-minus six days from the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 November 5th, and we wanted to share a few cool things we’ve been working on as we’re gearing up for the big launch.

Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts on PlayStation Store and you’ll be able to start downloading the game any time after 3:00 PM PT on Sunday, November 3rd so you can begin playing as soon as 12:01 AM PST on November 5th. This feature will be available for both the standard game and the Digital Hardened Edition.

Then, after you’ve picked up your game, take advantage of the Double XP event during launch weekend from Friday, November 8th (10:00 AM PT) to Monday, November 11th (10:00 AM PT). You’ll earn twice as much XP on all of your multiplayer accomplishments.

Also, for those of you planning on picking up a PS4, don’t forget you’ll be able to upgrade your PS3 version to the PS4 version for $9.99 — get the full details on that program here.

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  • Sure would of been nice to of had this for Battlefield… or GTA… Guess CoD gets the special treatment. :/

  • File size?

  • Cool glad to see this.

    Strange it’s not more common since the EU has had a bunch of pre load pre orders.

    But at least we get it one time near the end of the ps3’s life…

  • Oh really, GTA5 is the king.

  • I’m very happy for the preload, I asked about it the other day. This type of thing is something id like to see more.

  • @ Article: “…you’ll be able to start downloading the game any time after 3:00 PM PT on Sunday, November 3th…”

    How is that read out loud? November Threeth? It should be “3rd”, fyi…


  • Is this for the us

  • I won’t be buying this game but I wanted to stop by and say that allowing those who are to buying it to pre-load is amazing.

    I firmly believe that, in order for digital to gain ground on retail, games have to be able to be pre-loaded so that the game can be played immediately upon release. That is, after all, one of the biggest ‘pros’ for digital, or should be at least –the ability to be playing at midnight when others are at the store buying their copy.

    Kudos to all involved in this decision.

    Make sure to continue this with every game going forward.

  • I hope we can look forward to pre-loading for more digital pre-orders in the future.

  • YES YES YES !!!!! Hell Yeah Sony you are THE BEST!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Can my PS4 come preloaded with COD? :)

  • Please make this a standard for every PS4 game. Or at least every big releases.

  • @aro52

    It maybe due largely to the resale of COD games, whereas, Battlefield players are usually owners (not renters).

    Love them both, but in the end, Battlefield takes the gold.

  • Will all games have this from now on please do for Need for speed rivals too :D
    East coast has to wait until 3 am though? We got to play gta v at 9 pm why midnight now :(

  • Yeah I think it’s dumb that I’d have to wait until 2 am to begin playing and if people on the east coast have to wait til 3 am. Better off not waiting 2 hours when I can pick my copy up at GameStop and be on about 1230. I can see how people won’t care to wait but I go hard and want my ranking to be as high as possible ASAP. Plus I’m impatient.

  • Trusting Sony’s word is like trusting a pathological liar that he or she will do something for you but won’t. When it comes to my confidence and trust with Sony, I have none. Enjoy the game for those sheep oops I mean fans, I don’t care for this franchise or any first person shooter (cancer of video games).

  • So you let Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-load but not Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield 4, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag? What?

    Not that I would pre-order a digital download, but I don’t like how Ghosts gets more treatment than other games.

  • @2, 19: Battlefield 4 DID get an early preload, in fact it was actually playable straight away 2 days ago.

  • Finally you guys start the pre-loading functionality. Thank you very much.

    I really hope this becomes a standard practice so you can have the buying experience as user friendly as possible.

  • Damn, I still woulda been better off pre ordering it in GameStop, seeing as us Europeans can’t play until 6am GMT :(

  • Now, THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!!

    Turned my crappy day into a happy day!

  • what about double xp weekend for people picking up the ps4 version of the game, it releases the same day as current gen, but obviously it wont be playable until the next weekend, do the ps4 players get their own double xp weekend?

  • The title pre-load function is greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks Sony for letting us download the game early but why does it always have to be midnight pacific time? Why not Eastern?

    Also thanks to Infinity Ward for making the ps4 version of ghosts the best at 1080p and 60fps. I’m glad they didn’t compromise the ps4 version just to make the xbox one look good with its inferior technology.

  • @Ryumoaner.

    Can you not ever post without criticizing something?

    I know you are just trolling, but in the small chance you actually are complaining about the time zone, I’m glad it inconveniences you. Keep getting owned lol.

    Love living in CA where we don’t have to put up with east coast BS.

  • @ AizawaYuuichi

    I think it’s “thirth”.

    @ ryumoron

    ‘Cause the east coast blows…

    @ luvmyR6


  • If I order the PS4 version can I also download the PS3 version?
    If the PS3 upgrades to PS4 the reverse would be nice.

  • Welp, can’t w8 much longer.. BF3.5 Sucks and is boring as hell.

  • you guys think thats bad, I have to wait till 6am GMT to play it :/

  • @Ryumoaner If I have to rate you as one of my top 10 trolls on the PS Blog, you’re in 5th place. You need to learn not to criticize everything at Sony, which is annoying.

    @supvic Really? Guess I wasn’t aware then.

    @luvmyR6 I agree 2nd.

  • I honestly feel bad for the people who feel the need to come onto every blog post just to complain. I won’t name any names because you know who you are. It must be a sad life to feel that jaded all the time.

    OT: This is great news to me because for one I pre ordered COD Ghosts and two I hope this will become a future implementation for all Day 1 Digital titles going forward. PS3 and PS4.

    Thank you Sony (and Activision) for finally giving the US the pre load ability.

  • I love the idea of being able to pre-load early, but I still don’t get why it wouldn’t unlock in your respective Timezone as Steam does. For the record, I’m not complaining, just curious! It’s still better than dealing with going to a midnight sale at Gamestop,

  • FILE SIZE is 10.7gb/12.27gb if update is included… ;) there’s a ps3 cod:ghosts torrent up on sites an thats the size for it…

  • btw… it’s playable from MIDNIGHT your own time! i spoke to sony guys a few days ago. once its downloaded its playable from midnight on the 4/5th

  • Quick question, do we get any bonus when we pre-order it from PS Store?


  • only a poxy theme that moves for the ps3 :(

  • @ 5 tusunami – King in what?….being the most game full of bugs?…or the most overrated game of all time?

    Without special ops now it’ll be quite hard for me to buy another Infinity Ward CoD….anyway I’ll never support a CoD game doing pre-order or something alike..only way to buy CoD is very cheap…..what is the point of supporting their game if they dont have respect for us PS playas?..

  • Will this be allowed for the PS4 version?

  • This is only for US? I pre-ordered from Mexican’s PSN Store :(

  • HELLO>>>>>>>
    Quick question, do we get any bonus when we pre-order it from PS Store?

  • Awesome. First time I decide to jump on a Day 1 Digital pre-order and this happens. Pretty excited to be playing some Deathmatch soon.

  • No thanks for the reply cuz you guys fuccking suck. All I need to know was we getting Free Fall map if we pre-order it from you guys and the answer is yes. Moderaters sucks or who ever was keeping tabs on this post. Asssss holes

  • And no im not getting ot from you guys know cuz im getting it from gamestop like I had it cuz u guys dont give 2, u know what about us gamers. Its all good, thanks for nothing

  • how can you download it now?

  • only able to download the theme?… where 2 find the game??

  • When I saw you could pre-download and then play at 12:01 AM on Tuesday I was sold to go digital and cancel my Gamestop preorder. After reading more carefully I can not start playing this until 3:01 AM ET on Tuesday. Not sure why it would make me wait until 3:01 AM my time but looks like I am back to the midnight release.

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