Play PS4 Before Launch at Select Stores in Canada

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Play PS4 Before Launch at Select Stores in Canada

Put your ear to the ground. Do you hear that rumbling? PS4 is ready to emerge. And you know what that means: spectacular, high-definition graphics, bigger game worlds, and new ways to interact with your friends both in-game and outside of it. And thanks to the hard working crew at Sony Entertainment Canada, the next generation of gaming will make its debut right here in Canada well ahead of its official November 15th launch date. And you’re all invited!

Starting November 1st, 2013, we’ll be opening the doors on brand new pop-up stores in the Greater Toronto Area’s Scarborough Town Centre, Calgary’s Southcentre Mall, and Montreal’s Complexe Les Ailes. Each of these locations will be outfitted with state of the art displays and sound, comfortable seating, and of course dozens of PS4’s primed and ready to go! We invite all of you to come in and try the PS4, DualShock 4, and a select cache of next-gen titles before anyone else in Canada!

PS4 Experience, 02

Games on hand include:

  • Killzone Shadowfall — The latest entry in Guerrilla Games’ landmark shooter series.
  • Knack — A platformer for all ages with deep game mechanics.
  • Trine 2 — Gorgeous 2D art that fuses old-school design with new tech.
  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag — Live the dream of being a pirate on the high seas.


  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • Super Motherload
  • Contrast
  • Awesomenauts
  • And many more!

The PS4 Experience will open on Friday, November 1st, and will stay open during mall hours until January 5th, 2014. Those who attend can register for an opportunity to win a PS4 and receive exclusive offers from EB Games! So why not come in and meet some fellow gamers? Or bring your own party, and play some Playstation with us!

Locations include:

  • Toronto: Scarborough Town Centre, 300 Borough Drive
  • Calgary: Southcentre Mall, 100 Anderson Rd SE
  • Montreal: Complexe Les Ailes, 677, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal

Hope to see you all there!

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  • Somehow Vancouver didn’t make the list but Calgary did….

  • No DLNA/Media Server Support for PS4 is Absolutely Awful.

    SEVERE Regression from the PS3.

    Makes me and many other want to look else where for a Media/Gaming machine.

    Where is Eric Limpel.. even he support media on PS3.. all those Picture Apps and media apps.
    No MP3/ Music Support? …?? huh…

    The PS4 absolutely does nothing for Home media users.

    Very Very VERY Disappointing.

  • hip hop, is dead.

  • YAY! Thank you so much for coming to Montreal!

  • The “Be the first in Canada” tag line is a little disingenuous when there have been several events where the PS4 has been playable for the public already including Fan Expo, the Ubisoft event a couple weeks ago and several retailers have stations as well no?

  • What about the countries #1 province, BC?!?!? :(

  • Vancouver..

  • Select stores in Select parts of Canada. Couldn’t even get one in every province!!!!!!

    Plus we have that lack of DLNA thing going on that they tried to cover up burying it in the middle of the FAQ. And we can’t we use the PS3 Blu-ray remote but Move Controllers get to live another day? I guess people actually buy the remote…

  • I came here because it said “Select stores in Ca……” Ca is California not Canada!

  • told my canadian mates…but i just want a ps4 to land in texas already…..

  • Man, why does Canada get such better demos than the American kiosks? Seriously, they get Killzone, Knack, AND AC4. The most exciting things we have are Knack, and maybe that pinball game. At least try to balance out by tossing a Killzone demo our way, huh?

  • Can i change my account region from USA to Canada?

  • Okay… how about breaking the street date on the PS4 console… I have a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall, a DualShock 4 and a PS Camera that are ready for action.

  • I would ask why no Winnipeg, but we all know the reason: no one wants to come here.

  • Canada has more than 3 cities

  • Please add Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta.

  • @2 This is mainly to insist people to buy a Music Unlimited subscription, personally I don’t really care because I only use my console for gaming, I have other devices for entertainment. But I agree this is a huge letdown, I never thought that Sony would have gone this way…

  • lol… so right after you effectively announce you don’t care about Canada… you then come out and prove that you don’t by announcing that only three communities actually get ps4 demo models.

    Sony… if you’re not going to really try, we’d rather you not try at all. It’s just sad to see.

  • Where in Scarborough Town Centre can I play it?
    Also, how long will the lineups be? Will there be plenty of consoles around so that I can actually try it?

  • I am getting a PS4 and I have a PS3 at the moment. PlayStation please bring all that’s great about PS3 into the PS4 with Updates. DLNA, MP3 music, background themes, etc. I would be shocked if you just through these things away for your NEXT GENERATION console. I love what you are doing though in most areas. I believe you will try your best to make your system best for all your customers.

  • Scarborough Town Centre? Seriously?

    You’ll be very lucky if your demo PS4s don’t get stolen at gunpoint. Scarborough is a freaking dump.

  • No Medicine Hat? How about the bustling metropolis of Moose Jaw? C’mon… at least Kamloops!

  • No Vancouver? What did the giant Xbox One scare you away?

  • very cool

  • lolVancouverites.

    I’ll be driving down to Southcentre this weekend, then. Thanks, Sony.

  • Seriously? No media server support for PS4? That’s a huge step backwards..not excited for the PS4 anymore, shame, shame.

  • @26

    Yeah… Because that’s what defines the excitement for next generation of gaming.

    A media server.

    Drama Queen much?

  • Dion, don’t be stupid. Most people do a lot more on their consoles than just play games. So it’s easy to understand how one could lose interest in a “next-gen” product that has actually regressed. Now I’ll have to either buy extra hardware and clutter up my entertainment center or just get an XBox One.

  • Canada is just as excited as the rest of the world for PS4 yeah!!

  • BC the country’s # 1 province? LMFAO, please! Everyone knows Alberta is what makes this country tick! I’ll enjoy going to Calgary (the true capital of Alberta) to try me out some PS4!

    [PS] Go Flames Go!

  • Calm down now, calm down, that was just my way of taking a jab at both Canucks and Oilers fans;P BC is a great province and I have relatives there. Beautiful place. And yes it is odd that Sony wouldn’t also have this in Vancouver.

  • Watch _Dogs of Canada demand brake rules for once on street date for PS4 (^_^) Alberta is #1 province of Canada BC is just 90 km away from Calgary so stop crying Vancouver!
    Glad to see events like this Sony doing there moving to Calgary this year from Manitoba…. Hope this will continue

  • Look I’m as excited as anybody to get my hands on a PS4, but the recent revelations regarding media functionality have really destroyed a lot of the optimism I had for this system. What really sucks is that everyone expected all the great things from PS3 to be there on a ps4, and then they drop the bomb in the FAQ…

    We all loved being able to play our mp4 or avi videos off our external hard drives, or have our mp3’s running in the background. It made the ps3 the first all in one entertainment centre… And now Sony is basically giving that away to Xbox? That’s pretty sad in my eyes. I’ve had this thing preordered since mid June, I’ve got everyone I know excited for it and securing preorders, and now I feel like an idiot.

    Thanks Sony… I had a lot of faith in you, I’ve been there since the first Playstation as a loyal customer, and now I’m disappointed that the “next gen” system isnt as “next gen” as it was marketed to be. I was supportive of PSN charging for online, as I wanted the best online experience that can be given, but the shadiness with media functionality really hurts.

    Hopefully someone somewhere can turn this around before a lot of us are pushed to buy an Xbox.

  • @32

    By the way, Alberta is not the number 1 province of Canada… Maybe number 1 at environmental degradation, and conservative values, but I’d argue that BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia are far better provinces. :)

  • Oh I see, Sony is asking me go and play with that giant Xbox One in Downtown Vancouver.

  • @kchow23 go check out the sony store at metrotown. I played knack there last week. Dual shock 4 feels amazing!

  • swaeg

  • @2
    They are going to change it, they’ve already replied.

  • CommTiger,

    Shuhei said he talked to the dev team about the idea for future considerstion. That is not a guarantee or even a commitment to bring back medis capabilities. So, unless you have new information and source, I think you may be mistaken.

  • So, I managed to find some vague information regarding DLNA/MP3 support. Sources indicate that we should receive support for these on the second PS4 update. Although, there is no official word as this is all word of mouth from a unanimous “representative”. Not reliable enough for me to believe but I sure hope it’s true!

  • Well thank you sony for coming in Montreal,going to the Complexe Les Ailes to try it.

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