Uncharted 3 Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with a New Map

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Uncharted 3 Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with a New Map

It’s been two years since Uncharted 3 was released. Our community is simply amazing, and we’re looking to make it stronger than ever. To that end, we combed over a multitude of comments and forum posts to see what you wanted changed in the multiplayer game. We took the most highly-sought changes mentioned and made them happen. The list of those changes is below, and it’s an epic patch that rivals patch 1.13.

If you want to talk to us more about any of the changes, please join us in our Reddit AMA celebrating the Uncharted 3 two year anniversary Friday, November 1st from 3:00 PM to 4:30PM PT. Uncharted 3 Game Director Justin Richmond and Lead Game Designer Robert Cogburn will be answering your questions.

We wanted to celebrate our two biggest changes to the multiplayer in a video.

Uncharted 3 Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with a New Map

A new map, and all our DLC maps, meaning all the multiplayer maps are now free… pretty cool, huh? We asked Lead Game Designer Robert Cogburn to shed a little insight on the making of the Dry Docks map.

Robert Cogburn: When the Dry Docks map was pitched as a single-player level for Uncharted 3, the talented Game Designer Junki Saita was working on a number of setups for the level. All these level setups were represented in a blockmesh format — this is a 3D representation of a playable space using rudimentary geometry made in Maya (the 3D program we use at Naughty Dog). We’ve shown a number of maps like this for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer via our Block Mesh Lab Maps.

Junki was working on one particular setup that showed a lot of promise for a multiplayer map, so I grabbed the blockmesh and started editing it for competitive multiplayer. After some time had passed, it was determined the setup for single player would not be used, and instead the single-player layout you see in the final version of the game was completed. This meant what I had done to make Dry Docks would ONLY be used for multiplayer.

Making games is very time consuming, so you cut things when it makes sense. It made sense to prevent our art team from investing time into the multiplayer version of Dry Docks to match the level of quality we adhere to at Naughty Dog — therefore the Dry Docks map was cut.

A little less than two years passed and the map was forgotten.

Uncharted 3: Dry DocksUncharted 3: Dry Docks

With the two year anniversary for Uncharted 3 and its multiplayer, and the number of cool things we’re doing for 1.18, we decided to resurrect this map and release it to our fans. It’s quite different than the original version, but the changes we’ve implemented have made Dry Docks all the better.

We hope you enjoy it.

As for the full breadth of the patch, here’s the rundown of changes we made:


  • All DLC maps are now available to download for free! Go to the in-game store and download the Flashback Map Pack 1, 2, and Drake’s Deception Map Pack.
  • Dry Docks makes its triumphant debut and is available in all competitive playlists and custom games!


  • Old Quarter map has been added to Co-op arena mode.
  • The drop rate for all co-op treasures has been increased.
  • Old Quarter has been removed from the Hunter Arena playlist.


  • Hipfire accuracy has been greatly reduced on all weapons, along with the angle and distance at which the auto lock engages. But Blindfire from cover has not been changed.
  • Increased recoil on the M9.
  • Decreased recoil on FAL-SS.
  • Rate of Fire mod has been decreased on the M9, Arm Micro, and KAL-7.
  • The recoil of the last round fired in a G-MAL burst has been significantly reduced.
  • The burst delay and recoil have been reduced on the Raffica.
  • The accuracy mod on the Raffica has been slightly improved.
  • The recoil has been reduced on the Tau Sniper and the weapon does not automatically scope.
  • The rate of fire mod has increased effectiveness for the Tau Sniper.


  • Sprint maneuverability moderately reduced.
  • Mega Bombs and Cluster Bombs can no longer be thrown back (competitive mode only).
  • The Marked Man power play now occurs when a team is up 8 kills instead of 6.
  • The Exposed power play occurs when a team is up 10 kills instead of 8, and the range that player names appear has been reduced from 40 meters to 20.
  • The Double Damage power play now occurs when a team is up 15 kills instead of 10, and the damage the losing team does is only x1.5 instead of x2.
  • Deathmatch has been removed from Team Objective.
  • Increase score limit in three-team Deathmatch from 20 to 25.
  • Increase score limit of free-for-all from 15 to 20.
  • Multiple steps have been added during the matchmaking process to help find games with lower ping. Wait times to find matches during off peak hours may increase.

Medal Kickbacks

  • The Medal Kickback Creepy Crawler now costs 12 medals and lasts for 25 seconds.
  • Quick Boom now costs 12 medals and lasts for 12 seconds.
  • Explosives now costs 5 medals.


  • Slot 1 now has Kickback Endurance, Ammo Award, Bargain, and Team Safe
  • Slot 2 now has Beast Mode, Regeneration, Explosive Expert, and Explosive Shell Expert.
  • Bargain paid booster cost increase from $100k to $250k.
  • PING paid booster cost increase from $100k to $250k.

New 3rd Buddy Boosters

  • Cutter — Cutter KAL-7 — Jade Para 9 — Sugar Buddy
  • Eddie — Eddie’s AK — Jade Para 9 — Booty Buddy
  • Draza — Draza’s Dragon — jade Para 9 — Thanks Buddy
  • Flynn — Flynn’s G-MAL — Jade Para 9 — Explosive Buddy
  • Lazarevic — Lazarevic’s FAL-SS – Jade Para 9 — Stealth Buddy

Map Adjustments

  • Gate added to London Underground tunnel to block off dead end.
  • Plunders chests have been rebalanced on Syria and Museum.

Uncharted 3: Dry Docks

A minor note: if you notice any doubling of boosters, reconfigure your loadouts. Once you un-equip and re-equip your boosters there should be no more visible doubling effect. This effect is purely aesthetic (in the UI) and has no impact on gameplay.

And there it is. This will be the final major patch to Uncharted 3 unless there’s a dire need for a future one. Our support for the game will continue via Lab updates and community events.

We’re also offering up some super deep discounts on select Uncharted 3 multiplayer items. Check the in-game store and on PlayStation Store to see what’s on sale in your region. These deals are incredibly sweet, so don’t miss out as they’ll end November 4th.

Enjoy the Dry Docks map, the discounts, and now having all multiplayer maps for free. Thank you for an incredible two years. We’ll see you online!

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  • Hey Eric! Looking forward to this! I love Uncharted 3 multiplayer!
    Just wondering, will there be an Anniversary Drake like there was for Uncharted 2? I think it would be awesome if I got to play as Anniversary Drake in UC3 like I did(still do) in UC2. Also, will there be a day where the Dogs will be playing online?

  • Good to see this update Eric! Been playing The Last of Us for awhile now, hopefully going to challenge myself into this new map! ;)

  • Ahh alright. That’s no worry. Thank you very much for the link & more importantly, thank you & the Naughty Dog team for creating such a memorable multiplayer experience :)

    • Thank you for playing our multiplayer. We try to make them last as long as possible…and keep ’em fresh.

  • I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since this amazing game!

  • Will we be able to earn DLC trophies now or will I still need to buy the DLCs?

    • You’ll need to buy some DLCs to earn the trophies – such as the co-op modes – but it’s very, very cheap from the next week.

  • Amazing!! Thanks for keep supporting the game!! :D

  • And this is why naughty dog continues to wow it’s fans:-)
    thank you so much

  • Wow. This kind of support is awesome.
    I feel like I’m a valued fan and I value you for that and making the greatest games of all time.

    Still playing TLOU and eagerly anticipating more DLC (and a PS4 version…).

  • Any hint for a new uncharted…….?

  • One more reason I put Naughty Dog as one of the best developers out there! You ROCK!

  • Will this change the fact that the DLC maps are not showing up for map voting in Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception Multiplayer? I stopped playing because of this issue. I love Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, and before the Last of Us, it was the best game of all time. Thanks!

  • If I own the Game of the Year Edition, would the patch still apply and despite being free, I won’t need to download the DLC maps because they are already on the disc?

    Also, finally managed to get a copy of The Last of Us. Amazing game.

  • I’m going to fired it up this weekend now!!! Drop a few Uncharted 4 eggs in for the PS4

  • I was just thinking of picking up Uncharted 3 again. Has the most addicting multiplayer I’ve ever played. Can’t wait to try the new map!!! Thanks Naughty Dog!

  • Thanks for the great stuff you guys are offering. I’m thinking getting this game brand new sometime this winter, and enjoying the first uncharteds i got a couple weeks ago. Last of Us made me a fan of Naughty Dog. Once again thank. :)

  • Just patiently waiting for Uncharted 4 for the PS4.

  • I just wanted to let you know that the Uncharted series is what brought me back to Sony. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $600 for the PS3 at launch. A month ago I talked my lifelong best friend into coming back just to play Uncharted. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed for an Uncharted 4. Keep up the great work guys! You are absolutely the best at what you do!

  • Sorry about that. Let me reformulate my question. Alright here we go.

    Any hint for a new uncharted ps4 game title?

  • I recently picked Uncharted 3 back out of the drawers the other day and realized I really suck at this game. Oh well, I guess practice makes perfect, and there’s no better way to practice than with new maps. Thanks NaughtyDog, you guys are the best!!!!!

  • Aw, no free Fort?

    Oh well, thanks for finally giving me the opp. to pick up the first map pack.

  • All I can say is thanks guys its the reason i stopped playing uc3 because all the trophies you needed the dlc maps after the patch I know its hard when all these games tend to release map packs like crazy I wouldn’t mind getting map pack free once in a while it makes us gamers feel appreciated

  • Will there be a sale for the other two DLCs?

  • Can’t believe this is Naughty Dog, balancing weapons AND nerfing hip fire? Count me excited and surprised.


  • @20: Fort’s in one of the flashback maps; it’d be free.

    That said… ND, is the free map price permanent or a temporary sale?

  • I’m 99.9% positive Old Quarter was already a Co-op Arena map. I remember my brother and I used to play Shade Survival on it all the time, and we could never beat it!

  • TY Naughty Dog! This is how DLC is done right! After a certain time if you’re not going to make any money off the maps you should just make them free. It rejuvenates life into your image and keeps the fans happy. The reason I don’t buy more map packs is because after the first month or two the population dies down and it’s hard to find games on DLC. And once it’s free require they download it to play online. I’d much rather buy DLC knowing that I’m paying for the privilege of first access to new maps than pay for something that is essentially useless after those first two months. What good is a multiplayer map if no one is there to play it against? And those worried about losing sales based on people holding out until they become free should realize that people like me are also not going to buy the DLC because if it isn’t announced to go free later, the value of the DLC goes down because of the lack of playerbase.

    I bought the season pass thing almost two years ago and I feel like today I’ve been rewarded for putting my money and faith in you guys.

    Thank you! :D

  • Hey what happened to the Free to Play players being able to purchase the level 25 cap unlock ,or the unlimited level unlock. i don’t see it anywhere anymore


    I’m from the UK
    I have downloaded and installed patch 1.18 on 30th October 2013
    Wheather it is from the PS store or the UNC3 in-game store, I cannot download the DLC maps for free.

    The DLC maps still cost money as of installiing the latest patch 1.18.
    Flashback map 1 = £ 6.49 (GBP)
    Flashback map 2 = £ 6.49 (GBP)
    Drake’s Deception Mpa pack = £ 7.99 (GBP)

    I am unable to download them for free.
    Even though it says I can now download them for free now on the ‘message of the day’
    Will I have to wait for a certain day for them to be free?
    Different times for different countries?
    Please help me and explain why this I cannot download them for free.

  • Hurray for Drake! Uncharted is in the pantheon greatest games ever created. I hope we get a PS4 Uncharted.

    Thanks Naughty Dog for showing us just how amazing games can be, and for raising the bar in terms of production values.

    You guys are the best!

  • Thanks for the FREE MAPS..ive been waiting for this! i didnt think it would be free though..just good discounts..and its pretty good timing..im getting tired of the GTA Online matches..its time to get on some PLUNDER!!!

  • @ 1 RCF_TOD – Hey man if you still play UC2…add me….I’m still in search of UC2 players.

    On another note…how cool of you guys to keep supporting UC3…differently from UC2 that had 1 year and 3 months of support only and sadly.

    Well got just one thing to say about UC3….the best MP ever created ruined.

  • Pretty cool for people who want to get into this game ;)

  • LOVE hearing about games that continue to improve , not too mention, add additional content at no cost.

    Not only does it encourage buyers that have not purchased it, but also the few who did.

    Only criticism I could think of would be,
    that news info of this caliber should be given during the waiting periods before the update and drop patch info is given. IE – Sunday, or Monday.

    Just the two cents of a concerned, and interested consumer.

    *Good Luck, and Golden Abyss has been the first Vita game I have made platinum. (Great Game)*
    I look forward to the day I can play the PS3 IGC, even if it is on a PS4.

  • Guys as you know that Uncharted 3 has made all dlc`s for free, so uncharted 3 players please help me… Guys can you please help me !!!!!! I need help i downloaded the dlc maps and they are not working properly …. i download and install the free dlc maps and they say pruchase and install from ps store …( i go to custom game to check still not working ) please HELP!
    I am having problems, like i install the DLC and i dunno but i think it doesnt read it , for me there is no DLC toggle on or off button i have downloaded and reinstalled like 7 times….still no luck….please help Eric ND, im having a BIG problem! Once again PLEASE HELP URGENTLY!
    Thank you Naughty Dog

  • We want more game modes for TLOU! 4 new maps doing the same thing…come on! The maps are awesome but we need something new to do. Give us a game mode involving the infected like a vs match with infected scattered all over the map or something(pedro voice from Napoleon Dynamite)! But really guys stellar game I’d just like something to mix up the gameplay I mean 4 new maps nothing new to do…..

  • Thank you. You guys are awesome!

  • Patch very interesting and map Dry Docks is awesome :)

    I noticed something unusual: because the booster Bargain is level silver?

    I had bargain gold level :(

    Why Bargain was moved from Booster 2 in Booster 1?

  • Hey what was the reason for making the cluster and mega bomb non rethrowable, if you don’t mind if I ask.

  • I was so happy that The Dry Docks map was added in U3 multiplayer i told my friend (he had the game since it came out). and he flipped out we downloaded all of the map packs.Well i have no more to say but… I LOVE YOU GUYS!.THANKYOU!

  • 2 years yet still haven’t fixed that not being able to high five people on uneven plane field.

    still amazing game! i recently played it, while the community isn’t as active as before, there’s still alot of players playing, especially new ones tbh!!

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