New Tearaway Story Trailer Debuted

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New Tearaway Story Trailer Debuted

Tearaway on PS Vita

The PlayStation.Blog team came to visit us at Mm towers recently to make a series of videos about our studio, and our latest game, Tearaway. This is the first video, which features Rex, Kenny (And me!) talking about Tearaway’s world, story, and music.

What we don’t talk about in the video enough are these guys, iota and atoi, the messengers. Tearaway differs from other games, in that you play alongside the main character, not as them.

You first meet iota or atoi at the start of our journey, when a strange message is sent to you from a papery dimension. Before you can read it, it falls back down into the papery world it came from, and comes to life.

Some villainous Scraps immediately try to stir up some trouble, but you sweep in and save the day using your giant fleshy fingers to squash them. Glancing skywards at your face peeping through a hole in the sun, your messenger sees it was you that saved them, and from this moment forth the bond between you both will grow stronger and stronger.

Hope you enjoy this video, look out for more of them over the coming weeks, and don’t forget you can pre-order Tearaway now before it launches on November 22nd!


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  • Looking good.

  • What pre order goodies will be included day 1 on PSN store?

    The Jukebox Pack or Special Delivery Pack?

  • Look amazing.

  • I wasn’t aware that they still made games for the PS Vita, i thought it was discontinued. They should let the Vita die with dignity already.

  • @5

    You stand up sucks, don’t quit your day job. It’s your loss if you haven’t experienced the PS Vita yet. Seriously, it’s a huge loss for you. Truly an amazing device that has tons of games to play and more to come.

  • My son won’t stop talking about Tearaway! He keeps watching your new trailer in amazement. “Dad, when will November 15th be here?”. He’s 5 almost 6 and really wants to play this. He is LOVING LBP Vita right now. I help him with the hard bosses but he is able to do everything else. You guys are truly talented and thank you for bring Tearaway to the Vita!

  • Cannot wait.

  • Yeah @5, Go troll the Vita elsewhere. Those who own the Vita love the device. It’s the only gaming device I play and I own the 3DS and PS3… It’s the only one I really make time for and it being portable makes it that much easier!

  • So I guess Canada is going to never have the preorder bonuses addressed? I am very disappointed in the lack of answers.

  • @6 Crusader Forever

    I have to agree that the Vita is amazing and it’s good that were are getting a original game instead of the usual ports and indie games we get most of the time. I think a game like this would bring out the potential of the Vita really good and bring a quality experience to go along with it. I can’t frickin’ wait for this game.

  • Very excited for this. I just wish I could pre-order today so it would qualify for the spend $50—get $10 promo.

    And, I don’t want to feed the troll, but I’ll just say I have a Vita backlog so there’s plenty of great games that I have waiting for when/if I finish Persona 4 Golden and Tearaway.

  • Please push this really hard on Vita owners. Otherwise, it’ll be sent out to die in the “Nex-Gen” frenzy.

  • Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! Spaff and Rex are so dreamy.

  • This is a stellar game but game journalist will still be saying there’s nothing for the PS Vita. But we as the gaming community can change that if we support the platform. There has been a lot of variety on the PS Vita but if we don’t support it well it will be game over.

  • Nothing to do with Tearaway but as its the newest post I write it here.

    Wanted to stack my PSPlus Sub which is until 30 th March 2015 since it´s still the 10 bucks back promotion at the moment.

    But I can´t. Always when I want to purchase 1 year and wanna proceed to checkout the store crashes and an info prompts that I have to start the store new.

    But It won´t work. Really a shame you can´t stack up more than 1 year. Already tried to deactivate/activate the automatic renewal but it won´t work.

    I am quite angry about that.

  • This is a must buy for us Vita owners.

  • Sorry for my problem post above. Solved it by using the store on the pc.

  • Looks like you guys have put some serious thought into this.
    Been hearing about it for some time now, but so hard to be too enthused about something until you know it is real.

    ( I remember how seriously heartbroken I was, there was no such thing as a Hoverboard )

    Hope it is a title many children, as well as adults will enjoy.

  • @ agrees with CrusaderForever.

    On both points.

  • Looks like another classic from Mm. Can’t wait to get my fingers on it and tear into it. lol

  • Seriously I’m a troll? All I did was expressed my opinion and everybody is bashing me because I’m not a vita fan? I guess for now on, I have to say pro-Sony things on here now or be labeled as a “troll” and be banned. I will have to be a blind fanboy who cannot criticize anything even if it’s legit. I think most of you are blind to the fact that the Vita isn’t getting getting any real support from Sony. Sure there’s a few games that are interesting, but let’s be real here. A bunch of indie games that makes up 90% of the vita’s library that don’t take advantage of the hardware. None of my friends haven’t even heard of the Vita before and Sony seem like aren’t advertising it like they should. When’s the last time you saw a Vita commercial on TV? Oh, but my criticism is unfounded because I have to give these companies a free pass. I guess with my thinking they would be worse off, but I don’t want to take the risk in investing in something like this. That’s my opinion and your free to call me names if you want.

  • It looks like i will have a reason to get my Vita out! I will pre-order soon!

  • “None of my friends haven’t even heard of the Vita before and Sony seem like aren’t advertising it like they should.”

    Yikes! That’s some atrocious grammar, napkinmanhole94. Perhaps you should sit down with a good book instead of watching TV looking for Vita ads. I could recommend the new Thomas Pynchon: “Bleeding Edge.” It’s a fun read. Are you really surprised you are being attacked on here? I’m sorry to say it, but you and your friends sound pretty clueless. When you comment out of ignorance in an obvious attempt to provoke knee-jerk responses, you should expect to be attacked and/or bashed. So, let’s be real here. Tearaway is going to be amazing!

    I have two Vitas (one black, one white) each with 32mb cards and I’m running out of space. There are so darn many good Vita games, and the top of my list right now, in terms of anticipation, is Tearaway. It looks to be a truly unique experience.

  • As a Sony fan, I don’t regret buying a PS Vita. I’ve spent $300 on the WiFi/3G model and I never looked back. I’ve owned and still own every single Sony gaming systems. Heck, I own a PSP Go that a lot of people don’t like. The Vita is a great system because I had the pleasure of playing Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush, and Dragon’s Crown. Am I a blind Sony fan girl? Not really, I do criticize them sometimes, but overall, the PlayStation is the place to be if you ask me. I have to buy a new memory card because I’m running out of room. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on games, so don’t tell me there isn’t games on the PS Vita. However, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. BTW, I’ve checked my grammar before I posted this message. :)

  • @ Michaux-0 Thanks Mr. grammar police, why don’t you criticize other people on this thread who aren’t using proper grammar.

    @starspd11 Whoppie-do you own all of the Sony’s products, congradulations. You are obviously special and nobody cares.

  • so excited for this. have it preordered.

  • We need more quality games like Little Big Planet, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Killzone Mercenary, Gravity Rush and Tearaway.

  • @CrusaderForever

    Actually, it comes out on the 22nd and not on the 15th. I wished it did though. Someone brought up a good point, are we going to get a preorder bonus if we decide to buy the digital version from the PSN store?

  • I’ve got an eerie feeling that this game will not sell well which is really unfortunate. :(

  • You should make it so you can preorder it on the store!

  • Finally! Preorder bonuses in Canada. I’ve been checking all the time for them and nothing.

  • Yay cant wait for Tearaway…besides me having an already big backlog on Vita…when I get Tearaway I’ll play right away…also love these videos…looking forward to the next one…and Kenny Young that guy is THE guy…he’s really a genius at making songs.

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