Listen to the World’s Radio with TuneIn for PS3 and PS Vita

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Listen to the World’s Radio with TuneIn for PS3 and PS Vita

TuneIn on PS3 and PS Vita

TuneIn is the world’s most popular service for listening to live, online radio. With more than 70,000 AM, FM, and internet radio stations, TuneIn brings the world to you. You can download TuneIn for your PS3 later on today from PlayStation Store. The PS Vita system version will be available next week.

At TuneIn, we’re constantly improving on our designs for phones, tablets, automobiles, and smart TVs, but even so, we can confidently say our PlayStation app is one of the most visually stunning apps we’ve ever developed. To us, the best thing about TuneIn for PlayStation is that gamers can enjoy this amazing service wherever they are, whether it’s on their PS3 at home, or on the go with their PS Vita.

While working on designing TuneIn Radio for PS3 and PS Vita, our goal was to make it easy for you to find and discover what you love, from music, sports, talk, and news, to live music festivals, concerts, and events. Here are just a few of the great features on the TuneIn Radio app:

  • World’s Radio: With over 70,000 stations and 2 million podcasts from around the world, TuneIn is a leading service for listening to music, sports, and news.
  • Live Music: Live Music on TuneIn lets listeners discover and enjoy unplugged, acoustic, and even local performances from their favorite artists — plus, TuneIn has partnered with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Austin’s SXSW, San Francisco’s Outside Lands, and Seattle’s Bumbershoot to make live music festivals available to music fans everywhere.
  • Sports: TuneIn offers listeners the ability to catch a wide variety of live sports, including college football, cricket, lacrosse, and baseball.
  • Talk: Listen to the world’s best comedians and personalities on TuneIn, like NPR’s “Fresh Air,” “This American Life,” or the Adam Carolla Show.

TuneIn on PS3 and PS VitaTuneIn on PS3 and PS Vita

PS3 was the perfect place for us to express a wilder side of TuneIn, with the console’s powerful hardware and graphics, and sleek, fun interfaces. The app also boasts rock-solid response times, thanks to the PS3 hardware. So, the result is something not only aesthetically unique, but fast; one of the fastest versions of TuneIn yet. Needless to say, it’s something we’re all very proud of.

You can find TuneIn Radio in the “What’s New” and “TV/Video Services” sections on the PS3 system XMB, as well as in the “Apps” section of PlayStation Store later on today. The PS Vita version can be found in the Apps subsection in the PS Vita store when it’s available next week.

Follow TuneIn on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog to stay up to date on live events, new stations, and more. And don’t forget to download the app and let us know what you think!

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16 Author Replies

  • How much will it cost?

  • Is this available in Canada?

    Either way, glad to see more apps coming to PlayStation, especially PS Vita.

  • This looks pretty cool. I love listening to music from Radio1, BBC and all that.

  • ive grown fond of music unlimited…..whats the story on comparison? will this replace that or does it depend…hmm…

    how much a month? and the screensaver? the music unlimited one is a bit lacking….takes 5 minutes to activate and anything interupts it and restarts the timer….please fix it?

    but im curious to check this new radio option out. never used it before, free trial and i may be sold, maybe just depends.

  • Really cool, but I hope the Vita app actually materializes, and we don’t get another crunchyroll situation where the app never showed up.

    Also @Sony please get rid of the 100 app limit on Vita so we can feel comfortable installing new apps without it meaning we have to delete something else, even when we have lots of memory card space available. I imported a 64GB card and have 34GB free space, but can’t download any other games or apps. It’s annoying.

  • This is a great app on my iPad/iPhone. It’s free there, hope it’s the same one the Sony platforms.

  • Guys, TuneIn is pretty much like iHeartRadio or iTunes Radio. You can listen to live radio broadcasts, and it’s completely free.

  • @1 Tunein has always been free. I doubt they would charge now and if they were, it would be in the above. I for oneam very excited about this. Now I can list to my football teams that aren’t being played on tv. No longer have to use my phone app to do it.

    Thanks guys! Made my day!

  • woot! More apps! :D

  • This is awesome. When it comes to Vita next week, I’ll be checking it out! Thank you.

  • Radio must be free for all!

  • Probly won’t work in Canada.

    I mean, most apps don’t, not right from release anyway.

  • if its free i’ll get it. My iHome stereo has been acting crappy lately so i couldn’t use the radio function on it. :(

  • Sounds a bit like the Internet radio that is available on the PSP, or at least it was the last time I was on the PSP.

    Great news if it’s coming to the Vita.

  • That’s superb news. I hope the Vita version will work while switching apps… but I fear it won’t

  • I’ve got this app on my phone, guess it won’t hurt to have it on vita or ps3.

  • As someone who works in Canadian Radio, I very much hope this is going to work in our great country.

  • This is great, thank you Max for bringing the best radio app, I use it regularly on my phone, but having it on PS3 is awesome!!

  • and once again, all you need is youtube.

  • If it’s free I’ll get it…

    If it can be run while playing a game..

  • ** on the Vita, that is.

  • Got this app on my android. I even paid $1 for the enhanced edition. If the PSV/3 version of this app is like it’s phone cousins, it’ll be worth it. No matter what the price.

  • All I want is a Pandora app

  • Wow I didn’t see this coming! I’ve been using tunein on my phone and tablet for a while now to listen to some of my local radio stations. Thanks alot for bringing this to ps3 and vita.

    @people asking about price: The Android version of tunein is free so I’m assuming (and hoping) that this will be as well.

    @Max Batt do you know if we will be able to listen to music from the app in the background while playing a game?

    • Glad you’re already a fan! And yes, it is free for you to download.

      To answer your question, unfortunately you won’t be able to listen to music in the app from the background.

  • Thanks!
    Now Sony, please remove the 100 app limit. That’s such a silly restriction to put on a device.

  • yeah i echo the sentiments of my fellow posters here.first of all,more apps always a good thing.good job sony! this mean that sony is committed to the ps3 for the long haul?second of all,will this app cost anything to use??also more apps for the vita the better and more so now that i have cable internet WOOT! :)

    oh and yeah pandora app for vita and ps3,please! :P

  • Love this! Of course the real business would be a PS4 app that can run in the background ala Music Unlimited.

    (I would pay upwards of $50 for a Spotify app that could do the same :/ )

  • This will be a great addition to my Vita so I will check this out, thanks.

  • YES! I loved using the internet radio app on my PSP and I’ve been awaiting its return to Vita. This service carries my favourite station and more! I can’t wait for the Vita version!

  • 3 questions:

    1.Will the service still be free?
    2.Will it come to PS4?
    3.If it does, can it be used to play music in the background of others apps, including gaming?

  • Finally a free radio app for Vita. Thank you bunches.

  • About time another app for the systems!!!

  • I can’t seem to get the Blu Ray to remote as yet. It’s not the end of the world, but I would prefer to use it instead of my controller so I won’t have to use up the controller’s battery life. I’m guessing that might come in a future update, as they are new to the platform.

  • That is great that TuneIN is coming to the PS3 and Vita. Between my Smart TV, Ipad, Phone, I am completely covered. I only hope that the PS3 and Vita version will be able to sync accounts so that I don’t need to search for stations manually again.

    Great news!

  • I asked this Question on your Twitter account and i’ll ask her in case i don’t get a Answer on Twitter. I am browsing the APP and i can’t get some of the radio stations i listen to locally to connect, is this a Bug with the App ? cause i know this radio station is live all the time or late into the night at least. and it should be live right now.

    So is this a Bug or glitch and something you need to fix on your end for the App ? so far i’m liking what i see of the App but for now i can’t listen too the station i like listening too the most that’s local.

  • Hi James, is this happening with all stations or one in particular?

  • Hellz yeah! I love TuneIn and this truly one pleasant surprise! I’ve been using it for about 2+ yrs now on my Roku 2 and Android devices (and as someone else mentioned even sprung for the Pro version when it was on sale). I love the diversity of channels you can all use as well as the fact you can even get some of our local stations. Glad, you guys are the first ones making the jump to get us some internet radio goodness on PS (hopefully this will make others do the same)! I love my Music Unlimited sub, but I also love internet radio services too and being the music fiend that I am, lol, hey you can’t never have too many options for getting my music fix. XD

    AND it gone be for the PSV & PS3, too?! Now that’s what’s up…..I’m bout to jump on downloading it as soon as it’s available!


    Yeah, agreed. To be honest, I should probably actually get me an account now there (I’ve always used it, just never got around to signing up for a actual account), lol, because I got a helluva lot of stations saved on my Roku/Android devices that sure as hell wouldn’t want to go digging for again once I add it onto my PS3 & PSV.

  • Nice.

    Now if something could be done to convince ATT to make an unlimited data connect plan for $50 or less.

    Then I might actually get to make use of its 3G capabilities, other than Wi-Fi.

  • Hey Max, it’s happening with 2 Stations that i have seen i only tried stations locally that i listen too, and two of them didn’t want to connect.

    • Hi JamesSoprano– it may be these stations are unavailable, but I can check for you if you give me their call names!

  • YES, YES!

    Now have it be able to play in the background while I’m playing a game, or “Custom Soundtrack” and you guys are awwwweeesome!

  • It’s up in the web store, also I hope you guys make it possible to use tuneIn while using the Playstation’s Internet browser.

  • Hey MAx The Radio Stations Are: 89.9 The Wave and 105.9 Seaside FM

  • Thanks Max. glad to help out. on this stuff incase things need to be fixed and such since it’s a New App and such

  • fantastic app. love listening to radio stations from other countries. thank you. hope it comes to ps4 quickly too.

  • Hell yes! Super excited to try this out. Thanks for bringing this to the Vita.

  • Is there ant way we contact you guys if there is anything we find suspect?

    like missing radio stations?

    do we use your contact email on the website?

  • Yes! For any issues you have feel free to get in touch with us at Thanks!

  • It’s free and available in Canada? Sweeet!!!!! Is it going have clear quality sound and free from static when listen to the radio app even on PS vita (It’s annoying to some people lol)?

  • awesome and hate to ask but will it before the PS4 or sometime later for it. i see myself using this a lot.

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