Battlefield 4 Out Today on PS3

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Battlefield 4 Out Today on PS3
Battlefield 4 Out Today on PS3

It’s an exciting day for both Battlefield fans and the team at DICE. After years of hard work, we’re finally launching Battlefield 4 on PS3. Whether you’re bringing down the hotel of Hainan Resort, or flooding the streets by blowing up a dam in Flood Zone, it’s our hope that you thoroughly enjoy the all-out war of multiplayer, and the thrilling journey of the single-player campaign.

The dynamic concept of Levolution, the focus on Naval Warfare, thrilling new features (like Commander Mode), and the powerful visuals of Frostbite 3, give you the freedom to do more and be more on the battlefield. Create your own path, and play to your strengths.

Join the Battle on PS3

Today, all players on PS3 can purchase Battlefield 4 in retail stores. You can also purchase Battlefield 4 as a digital download by going to PlayStation Store and searching for “Battlefield 4,” or via the PlayStation Store website.

Battlefield 4 Launch Screens, 02Battlefield 4 Launch Screens, 01

Upgrade to Next-Gen

We appreciate that a lot of fans want to start playing on PS3 and then buy Battlefield 4 on PS4 as well. For all of our fans who want to start playing today, PlayStation has put a program in place where you can buy Battlefield 4 on PS3 (on disc or digital), and then later buy Battlefield 4 on PS4 for $9.99 — bringing your multiplayer stats and unlocks with you. You can learn more about this program on the Battlefield 4 website.

Welcome to Battlefield 4

We’re pumped to see you all on the Battlefield, and can’t wait to see what sort of Battlefield Moments you create. If you want to share those moments with the world, find out how, right here.

If you have any questions or comments about Battlefield (or the transfer options from PS3 to PS4), let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer. You can also visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

See you on the Battlefield!

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5 Author Replies

  • I wish GTA V had the $10 upgrade deal.

  • Can you please tell us if we will be able to play our own music (IE MP3) from the PS4 hdd? A lot of people are concerned about this because of the announcement of having to use Music Unlimited when listening to background music while playing games on the PS4.

    I know some of the larger sites, Kotaku, Joystiq, etc are also curious as well. Thanks in advance.

  • And I wish I was able to buy a ps4 sony you disappoint us, just because I didn’t preorder early enough?, guess I better join the xbox fan boys :(

  • I want to be able to buy a PS4…….AT LAUNCHHHHHHH


  • @iceboy9020
    It’s not sony that disappointed “us”. It’s you that disappointed yourself for not pre-ordering early enough. It’s common sense there will be a high demand for it so it’s your own fault. Beside, you may just be in luck to get yourself one…if you turn up to stores early enough. But if you want to join the xbox fan boys, at least you will have yourself a console. Plenty to go round as it’s unwanted

  • Meh…Ghosts has female soldiers in multiplayer and an Alien mode, so i’m far more interested in that game.

  • Y o u don’t like it because it has female soldiers? And you have a female avatar…

  • Ghost is for people with no skills. That’s why it’s so easy to get plenty of kills

  • Bought PC version and PS3 version will upgrade to PS4 version when it comes out … 32Vs32 on the console is gonna be sik …. why does it not suprise me that Ryu wants to shoot females

  • BF4 does look pretty fun, but I’m kinda burnt out on modern military shooters…

    • Give it a try and see if it’s a game that you’ll like. Have you by any chance played any of the previous Battlefield games before?

  • Just finished installing it, going to use the $10 from the psn promotion to get it on PS4. One question though, Im the only one getting it on ps4 out of my friends so if i switch back and forth between next gen and current will my stats keep on both?

  • I really love Battlefield. But unfortunately i wont be purchasing this until i get my PS4.

    I could never and will never go back to playing an unrealistic CoD game ever again, no matter who it is made by. I think what EA DICE has done with the Frostbite engine in each game installment has been magnificent and its definitely what won Battlefield for me; I personally don’t feel any of the Cod games have changed. Maybe Ghost will be different.

    And don’t get me wrong, Ghost visually looks awesome, but Frostbite 3 has blown me out of the f’ing water, both in visuals and actual realism.

    • Happy to hear that you really like Battlefield 4! We worked really hard and it’s definitely our most ambitious game yet. Whatever you choose to play in the end, be sure to have tons of fun.

  • I have a question, I pre ordered bf4 for the ps 4, I’m not getting it for ps3, if i order the premium membership on ps3 will that carry over to ps4 even though i never bought a ps3 bf4 version ? the reason I’m asking is because i want to take advantage of the $50 deal going on.

  • @Pavelbure1 it say in the description on psn that it gives you access to premium on both versions.

  • @kmtburton

    I am almost positive that the stats/unlocks transfer can only be done once from the PS3 to the PS4. You can still play the game on PS3 however.

  • I didn’t receive the china rising map pre purchase bonus when i started to downloaded the game this morning.

  • @irishdude2
    You would be that one guy huh? Smh I feel sorry for your life. :(

  • I was all set to get this but COD Ghosts really upped the ante with squad mode and couch co-op. They did not take anything for granted this year, so I preordered COD for PS4.

  • Ryumoaner: “COD has women and aliens, dur so that’s better than this”

    This has to be your most moronic attempt at trolling. That all you can think of to say why you think COD is better?

    That’s pretty sad if that’s all you have going for in that game. Then again, what minor improvement in that rehashed game that has run on an antiquated 10 year old engine? Not much else to look forward to I guess.

    At least DICE actually works to make each installment better than the next, unlike the same drivel COD is year after year.

    We both know you will read this, you are a sad sack of manure.

  • Don’t put credence to the loser Ryumaou, he’s the resident troll. Its a Battlefield 4 post, yet here is talking about the crappy COD. Not surprised he’s a fan of game made for novices.

    @iceboy9020, good then leave for the xbots. We don’t need slackjawed yokels who didnt plan in advance and now think Sony are the bad guys. You are on the same level as those who think Sony is scamming them because they put out a free game after they had purchased it. Go swell the ranks of Xbox mouthbreathers,

  • Anyone thinking of buying ps3 ver. beware !!

    From IGN review:

    ”The 360 and PS3 versions of Battlefield 4 each suffer from screen-tearing, anti-aliasing issues, and low-res textures (many of which are noticeably worse on PS3). Fog and smoke effects obscure scenery often enough that it’s bothersome, and it lathers an unpleasant graphical grime on what seems to be a pretty world with remarkable character models. Everything looks unclean. Additionally, Battlefield 4′s campaign is packed with bugs on consoles – I saw more than a few floating enemies, enemy spawn closets, and objects disappearing from the environment.”

  • a few of my friends posting the trailer on the Facebook wall, and most of them on PC made me itch for the game (hours until the store updates?! :( )

    but decided to jump into the Store anyway, and to my surprise it’s already up!?

    if only I can stay up to try it out xD (past 12am here at the moment)

    too bad i think the installation would take as long as the

    can’t wait to jump in tomorrow!

    upgrading to the PS4 version as well once it’s out.

    quick question- Commander Mode is NOT available on the PS3,right? That was the last I heard of it..or has the situation changed and the PS3 does have support for tablet based Commander mode?

    • Commander Mode is available on PS3 (if you haven’t been able to try it already), so no need to worry. But, you’ll need to have Rank 10 before you can start playing as a Commander, so don’t expect to jump into the action instantly.

  • @luvmyR6
    Get an avatar before you start replying to people’s comments.

  • Sorry…but there are 2 ways for me to get this game…1st is waiting for a price drop and buying it really,like super cheap and the 2nd is for free….not paying full price for a copied and pasted game….sorry Dice I’m an avid BF3 player but I know that EA forced you to make this cash-grabber….I’m BF3 premium but I ain’t supporting you guys anymore until you make a new game…plus the BF4 beta was really boring….didn’t felt that awesome like BF3.

  • I would love a PS4 demo. The ps3 beta was fun, but doubling the number of players would be much more fun. Also, I played hours of the beta and heard almost no one with a mic. I’m a playstation fanboy of sorts, but the lack of vocal teamwork on online games on ps3 is depressing.

  • Dat Voice Acting though…

  • Well I will be picking this game up for ps4 today even though I have to wait another 2 weeks to play it on the new console. Looking forward to blowing stuff up with some new friends since I’m the only person I know getting a ps4. Hope to see you guys on the battlefield!

  • So I pre-ordered bf4 can I download normally cuz of downloaded the theme yet I can’t see it

  • The BF4 beta was cool, hopefully people support the game & buy it.

  • i have an avatar, so here: @iceboy9020, good then leave for the xbots. We don’t need slackjawed yokels who didnt plan in advance and now think Sony are the bad guys. You are on the same level as those who think Sony is scamming them because they put out a free game after they had purchased it. Go swell the ranks of Xbox mouthbreathers,

  • Can we use are vita to play BF4 via PS4 can you please help me

  • Is the spend $50 and get $10 still going on? Or is it over? I was hoping it would still be going as long as the PS Store hasn’t updated.


  • @fivexl

    U mad bro? ツ

  • Answered my own question. If it’s still being advertised on the store it’s still in effect.

  • Excuse me, I bought Cod ghost for 50$ on September, but there a ¨Buy for 50$ and receive 10$ on PSS¨ and I need that 10$ for PSS, so can I have it please? (Im a really big fan of PSN and there alot of game in PSS that I want and I have more than 3000 trophy)

  • @fivexl, thanks bro lol.

    @iceboy9020 No, but I think ur mad, lol. Get used to no avatar by my name, I don’t want one. What are you waiting for? Go get your Xbox!

    lol, and are you begging for a PS4 in post #6? Pathetic, its just a game console.

  • So I didn’t pre-order BF4, I’m getting it for the PS3 soon, and I’ll still be getting it for PS4

    Will the voucher still be available, or should I wait till PS4?

  • it’s funny, some random guy sent me a psn message thinking luvmyr6 is a fake account i made up.

  • @luvmyR6

    See unlike you I have the funds and I have a wife who apparently has preordered for me. I just want more because I’m greedy and can’t afford more don’t be jelly because you can barely afford an avatar

    Once again I ask…

    U mad bro? 

  • @iceboy9020
    No need to feel sorry for me. I’ll be having so much fun playing my PS4 on day one as I pre-ordered many months ago so will be me feeling sorry for you for missing out :)

  • @irishdude2
    Same goes to you in post #41

  • he has an avatar

  • Why would I be mad? I’m not the one begging for a console on Day 1. Unlike some people I actually ordered it the day they announced the price, I’m actually hyped that in ~3 weeks I’ll have my hands on a PS4.

    If you’re going to lie, at least come up with something better than, “oh I was just lying, I’m not a moron begging for a PS4, my wife preordered one, lolz, you only think I’m a moron.”

    I’m going to be fine and dandy with my Day 1 preorder, not sure you are being totally honest about having it preordered though, on account of you begging for one in your earlier posts.

    Maybe let this be a lesson for you on the next console release in 6-8 years, don’t wait until the last second to order one, so you aren’t left in the cold without one like with this release.

  • @ fivexl lol!

    Sorry man, didn’t mean to drag you into this, this actually isn’t my main account for that very reason. Last time I called someone out out on their BS on my main account, I got death threats and angry PM’s……yeah some people actually take this a little too seriously. Not my fault they just post without thinking, making it so easy for me to call them out on the BS.

    That’s why I post on this account, I never check my PM’s, hell I NEVER sign on with this, so they can PM me all they want I’ll never read what they say lol.

  • @iceboy9020
    You say you have funds and then you say you can’t afford more. Which is it? If you have funds then you should be able to afford more. Or is it the wife doing all the hard earning and paying for everything while you sit on your bum? Either way, enjoy crapbox. Your wife will have the money to buy your PS4 when she get’s the funds. Until then don’t go building up her credit card or no PS4 for you

  • So why are there no people on any of the servers and why when I went to download the China Rising DLC the PlayStation Store says there is no content to download???????? Starting to piss me off.

  • I recently bought Battlefield 4, and I started playing the online of the game. When I reached Level 7 in the game, I have been freezing when I pick my character to join the lobby. I already deleted the Game Utility Data, and the Saved Game Data, What should I do? It is irritating me some what.

  • @falizar China Rising hasn’t even been released yet. calm down champ. try the server browser to find populated games.

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