The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

Another busy week on PlayStation.Blog!

The Greatness Exchange is live, the Sale of the Dead is live (with some pretty huge deals on hit games), we saw a new Killzone Shadow Fall story trailer, Telltale’s fantastic The Wolf Among Us is coming to PS Vita, Ryan played PS4 launch title Knack and was surprised by its difficulty, despite its high level of accessibility, I played The Witness on PS4 and was surprised by just how freakin’ gorgeous it is, despite its simplistic art style, and more.

Oh, and Batman: Arkham Origins is out! Are you the night? I’m the night.

What are you playing this weekend?

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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  • How about making a hybrid between the DS4 controller and the Vita?
    That would be something really awesome and it would compete against the NVIDI Shield.

  • i’m playing: Valhala Knight 3 and games on the other portable
    last year, vita got biggest month in October (NFS, AC, RO) now? basically nothing save for… Valhala and Batman?

    at least November should be great.

  • I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed III (in preparation for AC4)

  • Playing: Batman AO

    Watching: My Sox get back in it, TWD

    Reading: Stephen King’s new book “Dr Sleep” amazing sequel to The Shining

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  • Someone from the blog go to the PS4 update blog and start answering questions there! seriously… u guys talk that u want to know ways in which u guys can make ps blog better, then we tell u that u guys need to start answering questions and here u are being all silent…. for real? such an important thread and u guys didnt answer ONE question? that update its a system killer for ppl who dont have internet! all the features were suppose to be on the system OUT OF THE BOX!!! This problem does not affect me at all but il talking for all those ppl who cant talk bc u know what? yep… they dont have internet….

  • How about getting SKYRIM, NASCAR INSIDE LINE AND NASCAR 2011 THE GAME on psn as digital downloads huh sony? What is the hold up on this? Both nascar games are on hong kong and uk psn’s and have been for ages now. Skyrim has been on xbox live digital since last year so what is yo problem? Get with the program. Dang!

  • Yeah I may never get a ps4. Just like vita that I just sold a few days ago. It will all be hype but never deliver. The blog team hype everything. They hyped the vita and hyped it and yet features they promised never saw the day of light, game promises turned into nothing but crap indie stuff. No one wants that bit junk. This isn’t the 80’s anymore. I think its time to go Xbox one this next gen. I left xbox 360 for ps3 in 2007 I think I’ll go back to microsoft!

  • At least xbox one isn’t delaying games left and right. At least xbox one isn’t talking about features delayed out like ps4. Ps4 is turning into a 400 dollar dust collector. It will be like vita. 2 years in and hardly no support. I never thpught I’d I would say this but Xbox one is looking more enticing this go around. Might as well go xbox since psn charges to play online now on ps4 by forcing to be plus members.

  • @crazyrage….

    dude… for real… u are talking nonsense and if u are gonna be a critic of something do it right.

    The vita its awesome. possibly the best handheld system out there. the ps4 its gonna be way better than xbone thats obvious. Just look at this generation. sony started slowed but at the end of the day… all the good exclusives were on ps3 and 360 got left with no games. also enjoy getting spied by the NSA with the forced kinect.

    and if u are worried about delays well welcome to gaming. that has happened since ps1/n64 days.

    One needs to give props when they deserve it and bash when they deserve it.

    also… WHO DA F@#K Cares for Nascar games?! U are fighting over nascar games getting digital? LMAO! Just go buy the disc for real…

  • Playing: Hotshots Golf & Sly 4 on Vita. Also just bought Dead Nation $3 for PS3.

    Watching: SOA & the Walking Dead.

    Listening to: Skrillex & Knife Party while I’m training.

  • Sounds like Microsoft is paying off people to put negative vibes in playstation blogs?
    +Crazy Rage– You’re wasting your time. Vita owners are, for the most part, fully enjoying our “indie-portable”. Yes.. my lovely indies of Killzone, Rayman Legends, Dragon’s Crown, Batman, Atelier, Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Playstation All Stars, Sly Cooper.. So many Indies… >_>

    I’m 400% enjoying my Vita and I’d recommend it to anybody that has little time in front of their console.. or just like enjoying a game on the side while watching a comedy.. I love multi tasking and it’s just a great device for having double the fun.. and taking your game anywhere.

  • Oh yeah, playing Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate until I platinum that….

    Gonna get Tales of Hearts R back from my friend and try to platinum my first Japanese game at some point this week. :)

    Anticipation for Ys, Injustice, Spiderman, Tearaway, and FFX HD are building..!

  • Playing front mission / rayman origins

  • Justin! You’re watching Secret Garden?! That’s my favorite Korean drama! I’m watching a couple others now!

  • I’m Watching: Boardwalk Empire…Never really watched it before but now I have been…Great Show!!!

    Watched all of Deadwood and The Wire again.

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