Hands-on with NBA 2K14 on PS4

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Hands-on with NBA 2K14 on PS4

The dedicated team behind the next-gen edition of NBA 2K14 has an eye for detail. And not just a normal, everyday eye; they have hundreds of eyes, hell-bent on making this the best basketball experience in video game history.

Their passion just about bled onto the floor of a crowded San Francisco bar earlier this week as they presented NBA 2K14 running on PS4. It was easy to see, from the first trailer to the final multiplayer tease, that NBA 2K14 is visually arresting, and damn fun to play.

As the footage of NBA 2K14 looped over the massive bar displays, the team were insistent that the PS4 version was not a simple port job. It was built from the ground up for next-gen tech, and they made their point by announcing the brand new engine powering the action: Ecomotion.

NBA 2K14 on PS4, 01NBA 2K14 on PS4, 05

The art assets in NBA 2K14 have been built from scratch — not a single legacy piece of art remains from the current-gen version. As Studio Art Director Anton Dawson said at the demonstration, making this look like a real, next-gen basketball game came down to “thousands of little things, and the interconnectedness of those thousands of little things.” Zoom in close enough to a phone sitting on the media desk of the arena, and you can see an oily thumbprint on its display. That’s how meticulous these graphics go.

Of course, even a great-looking game is only average without great play — as the team itself reiterated throughout the afternoon. Tremendous manpower and resources went into refining the raw play of NBA 2K14, with special focus on the physics of player and ball movement.Players plant their feet and shuffle across the court like their real-world counterparts. And the ball itself spins off player’s fingers with startling accuracy.

This translates directly into controlling these next-gen basketball stars, as playing NBA 2K14 feels both immediate and natural. As players fly down the court, flicking the right stick will cause them to dribble in different directions, opening up huge strategic value in how they maneuver through and around the opposing team. With more accurate physics and player-to-player interaction, the tactics of basketball really shine through.

NBA 2K14 on PS4, 07

NBA 2K14 on PS4, 06NBA 2K14 on PS4, 03

To enhance the human element of the game, the devs have employed their new Emotion+ system, which classifies the players into different personality groups. Now during play, some explode when in the spotlight, while others crack under the pressure. Teams can come together at the last minute to pull through, even when the odds (and the raw statistics behind them) are stacked against them.

Even as a gamer with virtually zero knowledge of basketball, NBA 2K14 is a complete blast. I can only imagine what devoted basketball fans will feel when they get their hands on a DualShock 4, and experience one of the most detailed sports games coming to next-gen.

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  • Beyond! Hey Ryan! :P Love the preview. Would really like to start seeing maybe video previews or if we are lucky enough; Reviews! Keep up the good work :D

  • Man this looks so good. Won’t be getting a PS4 anytime soon, but this will most likely be the first game that I buy when I do.

  • “Even as a gamer with virtually zero knowledge of basketball, NBA 2K14 is a complete blast”…

    Hmm, i’d beg to differ. I say you better should have alt least some basic understanding of the rules. It’s a simulation, not an arcade game. So the game WILL punish you for making too many mistakes…

  • Im all over this one like a loose ball in game 7 of the NBA finals! Count me in! Go Lakers!

  • Beyond! Ryan Clements writing about sports games?
    ” I doubt it!”

  • I have not played a basketball game in a long time on a console. Since probably the PSX days of owning them, and messed around with demos on the PS3.

    But this looks amazing. May just have to pick it up on the graphics alone!


  • Not fair y can’t I pre-order it the European can n we can’t n the USA not fair take my money please you guys are making it hard for us gamers when u make all the games come out at the same time without pre-order come on take my money now I want digital Ughhhhhhhh

  • Man Ryan, you’ve got the sweet job! You’re getting a lot of Hands ON time! Keep the great articles coming!

  • Gotta say this looks really good….besides sports games being a completely waste of time…Basketball is the only one that is actually worth and fun to play….I dont have a single Basket game on PS3 but I played a lot of them with my homies….2K series are really good.Impressive graphics…they did a good job.

  • If I buy PS3 version of this game off PSN Store, will I be able to buy the PS4 version at a discounted price?

  • @10, nope; As it seems you need to purchase the $100 ‘super fan pack’ which has both. I am not going this route.

  • This game looks sweet. I have fond memories of playing 2k on Dreamcast. Loved the setup for free throwing with the analog triggers. Might have to pick this up. Not many titles at launch to choose from on the PS4 that I’m interested in. But, it gives me time to get though the PS3 backlog.. :)

  • All i know is nba live 14 better bring it this next gen because they had 3 years to work on this game. Because if those reviews are horrible people should be fired for putting out a poor product. PS4 day 1 shipping i’m out

  • All i know is nba live 14 better bring it this next gen because they had 3 years to work on this game. Because if those reviews are horrible people should be fired for putting out a poor product. PS4 day 1 shipping i’m out

  • I can just see Ryan at the press event talking to a developer: “So I have to put the ball… in the hoop?”
    Ahahaha just kidding Ryan! I’m not a big sports game fan either, but graphically this game sure does look nice! :)

  • I purchased NBA 2k14 at launch for PS3.

    Is there going to be an upgrade to PS4 program?

    Similar to how Europe is doing it.

    I’ll be a bit disappointed because 2k14 on current gen looks like a copy and paste of 2k13 with better defense mechanics. The exact game. Only differences is the defense is better and the music is different.

    I’ll take whatever answer. I just need to know before November 15th.

  • Did you get to try MyPlayer? How odd the lover of JRPGs writing about NBA 2k :P

  • Did you ever finish Gravity Rush?

  • Reversible case jacket?

  • Very realistic!!

  • I know NBA 2K14 is not on the Blog List of upgradable games for PS4 but are there any news from 2K on any plans for it? I have the digital version and Im getting a PS4 at launch… Seeing how amazingly different the game will be on PS4 makes me… Anyway, I wish it would become upgradable at some point…

  • Great post!
    Gameplay looks amazing! Any chance this will go up for pre-order on PSN?

  • is that true that the NBA 2k14 ps3 upgrade program to ps4 is not happening in the USA ?

  • @ 16 syk1288 – “I’ll be a bit disappointed because 2k14 on current gen looks like a copy and paste of 2k13″…hahaha I’m really surprised with this that you wrote….and I wonder why are you disappointed only now?…game has been copied and pasted for years and years….just like every other sport game franchise.Fifa,Madden and the list goes on and on.

  • Its almost impossible to believe that such a beautiful game could be created, not only that, but a lot of people said 2ks developers are slackers and lazy because of the current-gen release of 2k14. They had already pushed this console generation to its limit, and to be honest, the fact that they are the only game developer not making a simple port-over for their video game, shows that they are one of the most hardworking, if not the most hardworking, dev teams in gaming. I mean, this game is a completely new experience, and the way they’re making it sound, my career could easily be released as its own stand alone game

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  • This is already my first PS4 game reserved. I was doubting what 2K was going to do with the game, but after watching this video and the information about the MyMG, I am hooked.

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