The Wolf Among Us Comes to PS Vita This Fall

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The Wolf Among Us Comes to PS Vita This Fall

Hey everyone! We’re super happy to announce that The Wolf Among Us, the latest episodic series from Telltale Games, is coming to PS Vita for download later this fall!

The Wolf Among Us

What’s this “Wolf” stuff about? Based on the award-winning Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is an often violent, mature and hard-boiled thriller where the characters and creatures of myth, lore and legend are real and exist in our world. These aren’t quite the characters you might remember from childhood stories though. Playing as Bigby Wolf – the big bad wolf in human form – you’ll discover that the brutal, bloody murder of a Fable is just a taste of things to come.

If you’ve already played The Walking Dead on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, you’ll be familiar with the gameplay in The Wolf Among Us. It’s all about choice and consequence, but we’ve definitely upped the ante (especially in the action sequences)!

In case you missed it the first time around, be sure to check out the recent PlayStation Blogcast with Episode 1 co-director Nick Herman for more details on the series, and a few hints about what you might be in for…

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among UsThe Wolf Among Us

Like The Walking Dead on PS Vita, you’ll be able to choose between analog or touchscreen controls, or even switch on the fly if that’s what you like. Great news for those who prefer to play inverted as well: we’ve added an “invert Y” option in The Wolf Among Us, so you’ll feel right at home.

Even if you’ve already been enjoying Bigby’s exploits on PlayStation 3, the PS Vita version could be an opportunity to make different decisions in another playthrough, any time and any place it suits you.

We’re working to lock down the debut date and price, so stay tuned for more info on that front! In the meantime, check out the trailer to see what people have been saying about Episode 1.

The Wolf Among Us Comes to PS Vita This Fall

As ever, let us know below if you’ve got any comments or questions. See you in Fabletown!

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  • Question: If you own the PS3 version of the game, do you need to buy the Vita one separately?

  • I hope it doesn’t come with all the laggy delay the walking dead has on Vita at certain points, does it?

  • I second what eBoy says… the lag really ruins the intense moments.. with.. just annoyance.

    :) But otherwise.. looking forward to this.

  • finally. I held out on buying this on console because I wanted it on Vita. I wish we didnt have to wait so long :/

  • I also hope that its much better done than Walking Dead on Vita. WD was great on the system, but looked and played like crap

  • Playstation 4?

  • Great to hear it’s coming to the Vita, but is it possible for early adopters of the PS3 ver. to own the Vita ver. for free?
    Or you could run a promo for that starting on the 29th, that any who purchase Wolf among us PS3 before Tuesday 5th will get the Vita ver. for free or at a discounted price.

  • Oh cool. I may get this for Vita

  • I’ve been waiting for this :D

  • It was really shady of you guys to offer Wolf Among Us Episode 1 for sale BEFORE allowing us to buy the Season Pass. I bought it at $5 and now get no benefit to buying the Season Pass at all. Basically, you just punished all early adopters.

    And I understand no Cross Buy which is fine because I WANT a double Platinum and non-shared Trophies for this game. But can early adopters of Wolf on PS3 at least get a $5 discount on the Vita version Season Pass? Would go a long way to making up for punishing early adopters with your LATE Season Pass on PS3!

  • The timing of this announcement smells funny. A lot of us just purchased Episode One, waited for the Season Pass only to find that it was 19.99, even though we purchased Ep 1 and had to wait 4 days for the pass (should have been 14.99 for those of us who bought the ep.) and now a week later, this is announced. Some of us that preferred the Vita version of TWD may have waited. There had never been mention, in my recollection, of a Vita version. Based on the reply to question 1, it’s a separate purchase, when cross buy clearly is the way to go. Heck, Limbo, which is years old, came to Vita as a cross buy for those PS3 owners, not to mention games that will be cross buy with the PS4.

  • Oh wow this is amazing news. I was tempted to pick up the season pass on PS3, but now I’ll definitely grab it when it hits the Vita.

  • Thanks for the announcement, Laura! Please offer a Season Pass option, like on the PS3! =)

    I found the lag in TWD for the Vita very minimal. It never obstructed the gameplay & I was always able to make the selections I’d wanted.

    Fellow Vita owners, grab TWD while it’s on sale! A great story & game which looks fantastic on the Vita’s screen!

    • Thanks for the reminder! The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is currently discounted on PS Vita for the PSN Halloween Sale in North America – 30% off ($13.99) for regular users, 50% off ($9.99) for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

  • This is why I didn’t even consider the PS3 version, I was waiting on this. Will the pricing be the same?

    • We’re still working to finalize pricing and dates, but we’ll definitely make some kind of announcement when Episode 1 is available!

  • Great news!
    The delay will be just for the first episode?
    Can we expect the rest of the series coming out simultaniously with the PS3 version?

  • Oh hell yes. I was hoping y’all would bring it to the Vita! =)

  • Hell yes! Thank you so much for this!

  • Can you offer a discount for people who bought the first episode? I was really bummed that it wasn’t on Vita, and now that it is, I will happily wait to play it there, but I’m a bit bothered that I spent $5 on the PS3 version now. I understand if it’s not possible, but the timing for this wasn’t great, IMO.

  • The Walking Dead on Vita is a massive mess. One of the most technically broken games I’ve played in recent memory. Stu… stu… stu… stuttering and freezing all the time. Breaking immersion and breaking timed action sequences left and right. Just horrible! And TTG have stated on their forums that they have no intention of fixing/patching the game. Abysmal effort all around from a scummy company with utterly inept programmers. How can these simple storybook games run this badly?

    Do yourselves a favor and stay well clear of this.

  • I hope you guys can get The Walking Dead Season 2 out on Vita on the same day as the consoles/PC. I’d rather not wait a few weeks to play it on my preferred device :\

  • In for a double dip. Having games like this and The Walking Dead on multiple platforms make it far more likely that I’ll actually go back in and run through again making different choices.

  • If only this was released before the Walking Dead 400 days dlc. The Walking Dead quickly went from one of my favorite games to ridiculously boring piece of trash. Walking Dead Season 2 went from being my most anticipated title of the year to one I just want to puke at every time I hear about it.

    I do appreciate Vita love though. If I’ll buy it, it’ll be on the Vita.

  • No word on whether this’ll run much better than the Walking Dead did on the Vita? I almost stopped playing it altogether cause crucial moments were slowed down to 2 Frames per second…

  • Not surprised to hear this is coming to Vita, though would have been better if it was a simultaneous release.

    Still, unless a Steam Sale draws me in, I’ll be considering the Vita version for sure!

  • Loving the Vita support! I tried the demo on the ps3 and I didn’t like the fighting control scheme to much. I have a feeling I’ll like it better on my Vita, esp if there are touch controls. I might get this after a few more episodes come out. I’m excited for this on my Vita.

  • Wow, so many people with messed up Vitas, apparently. I had no issues with lagging or low framerates when I played TWD on my Vita, and the loading screens didn’t seem to be any worse than on PS3. Really enjoyed the double plat.

    I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to play this series episode-by-episode or wait until the whole thing was out then marathon through it. But I guess this helps make my decision. I’ll play through the PS3 version as each episode comes out, and I’ll wait to marathon through it on the Vita. Double purchase confirmed, TTG!

    • Either way is good! Being involved in the anticipation and speculation between episodes is a huge part of the experience for me, but it’s always cool to see how the story plays out in one long marathon too.

  • Will there be a vita retail version when the season ends?

    • We haven’t announced plans for a retail version, however, episodes will arrive digitally as we produce them LIVE here at Telltale HQ.

      Fun fact: a lot of fans aren’t aware that “live production” is a big part of the process here at Telltale. As players have the opportunity to play each episode, Telltale has the opportunity to listen to your feedback, and sometimes we get to tweak the experience of the NEXT episode based on stuff we’ve heard. It means that fans are kind of involved in the development of the game in some way, which is really a pretty awesome way to work.

  • the walking dead is a fantastic game but the glitchy parts do take u out of the zone when the reply/talk options are comin up. …and the fact that you bluntly say you aren’t going to patch it only tells me you in it for the mone over anything else.

    what would make me think this would be any better and worth my money?

    if its kind of broken like The Walking Dead is, i fear they’ll be no support for The Wolf Among Us and therefore have another broken game.
    ill wait till the season pass is out but as for now TELLTALE, you guys have a ishty reputation it seems on theres playstation blogs/forums and elsewhere.

    the poster above “aizawa” is brownnosing you. im sure u know that tho!

  • Can you please address the questions about the pricing of The Wolf Among Us’ Season Pass being $19.99 even if you have bought Episode 1?

  • Are you guys going to wait till next year to release season 2 of Walking Dead or will it be released alongside Wolf Among Us this year?

    • We are planning to run the seasons concurrently – so you might get an episode of The Wolf Among Us, then an episode of The Walking Dead a couple of weeks later, etc. I can’t share any info on The Walking Dead Season Two right now, but thankfully I don’t think we’ll be keeping quiet for much longer… ;)

  • @29-The little bit of replying that was done was to butt kissers.

  • When a pretty Aussie gal tells me I need to buy The Wolf Among Us on my Vita, how can I possibly say no? ;)

  • Disappointing that it is a separate purchase… Will it come out to PS4 at least?

    • We haven’t announced any plans for PlayStation 4, but (like the rest of the world) everyone in the studio is excited about the possibilities!

  • Off topic question: Are girls still called Sheilas down under, or is that an out of date term?

  • I never experienced lag with the Vita version of the Walking Dead. I had the physical game card though. I look forward to Vita version of The Wofl Among Us (now going to skip the PS3 version in favor of this version). I hope a physical release is also made available, and not too long after the five chapters are available for PS3.

  • Maybe I’ll hold off on getting the PS3 version and wait for the Vita version instead.

  • Oh man! I wish I’d known this sooner! I’d have taken this for my Vita! Well, at least the trophy list is separate, right?
    I’ll probably get the vita version now when it’s complete since I’ve already gotten it for PS3…BUT if you give us PS3 owners a nice discount (50%?) then I’ll double dip!

  • Yay! I love me some Vita love =)

  • Just got TWD for Vita on the sale. I had the PS3 version but I liked it so much I wanna play it again on Vita. I think these interactive games are the perfect fit for Vita. Oh btw…I know it’s only for Japan but PS Vita TV….ummm…yeah I’ll take 2 please…come on Sony bring it to US!!!

  • Finally!

  • The Walking Dead bundle finally sold me on the Vita (along with the $50 price drop of course). This game also looks to be right up my alley. Decisions, decisions on which version to get (or both!).

  • Heh, Telltale games are all about tough choices! ;)

  • All hale Rothfuss, the fall is here. The only time of the year I get to use my Vita as much as I want. More games like this all year round Playstation! I’ve got the money to spend, just bring me more Vita games…

  • this really should of been released simultaneously but at least i was smart enough to see it coming and not buy this game yet

  • I bought this game without even knowing about Fables comics. I chose to buy it only because Telltale developped it, which makes it an instant-buy for me. I’ve been really pleased with it, as always, great job!

    I also got a question: Will Vita version have a seperate list from the PS3 version (will we be able to get trophies for each version, like in The Walking Dead?)?

  • @11: The Season Pass only seems to include Eps 2 -5 not 1 – 5. Which is good, or I’d be very angry right now. But the whole point of a Season Pass is to offer a discount up front, otherwise, why bother? Right now it is pretty pointless.

  • Sweeeet! The interview from the ps blogcast really has me interested in this game, but now that it’s coming to vita, it’s a must buy! Thanks Telltale : )

  • This is great news to hear that this excellent game is making its way to the PS Vita. PS 4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Very cool. I will buy the full season , when it becomes available.

  • @46 I bought the Season Pass and it includes Episodes 1-5. If it was 2-5, there would be no discount…

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