Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Coming to PS3 and Vita in 2014

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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Coming to PS3 and Vita in 2014

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, 01

Since we first announced our action RPG Ragnarok Odyssey ACE back in May, we’ve gotten all kinds of questions, the most popular among them being, “What exactly is Ragnarok Odyssey ACE?” Fans want to know if it’s a DLC expansion for the original Ragnarok Odyssey, if it’s a whole new game, whether your character and/or story progress carries over, and so on. Because I’ve got a minute, in between proofreading ACE’s script and heading out to the voiceover studio, I wanted to answer some of those questions now.

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is a full game — a revised and expanded version of the original Ragnarok Odyssey. We’ll be releasing it early next year in North America for both Vita and PS3, and up to four players will be able to cross-play between the two platforms.

Both versions will retail for $39.99. As a “thank you” to returning players on the handheld, ACE’s Vita version will ship with a bonus soundtrack CD, with 25 songs — including one very nice composition from Nobuo Uematsu, called “Roar of the Black Dragon.”

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, 05Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, 02

Players with existing Ragnarok Odyssey saves can import their character’s physical appearance, voice, job class, and cards (except for those equipped to clothing at the time of the transfer — those don’t carry over, and neither do cards acquired by “near”). If you’ve downloaded any of the original game’s DLC, you can bring it over to ACE just by re-downloading it from PlayStation Store.

New players and returning veterans will both take the campaign from the top, but that’s because there’s new content throughout the main story. Likewise, there are new Trophies to earn, so your Trophies from the original will stay with the original while ACE offers more Trophies for your collection.

So what kinds of new content are we talking about? To begin with, there are new skills, items, and quests, including a new 100-floor dungeon called the Tower of Yggdrasil.

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, 06

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, 03Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, 04

More than that, we’ll be bringing over the Japanese version’s expansion patches. The 1.10 patch, which launches in Japan this week, adds new features including daily quests, online rankings, log-in bonuses, random card draws, and special rare random card draws. Our version won’t launch with it, but we’ll be releasing the patch as free post-launch content, so players will have some new features to look forward to after launch. And that’s just 1.10…

Sorry to tease and run, but I’ve got to finish this pile of proofreading and finish getting ready for the studio tomorrow. Until next time, thanks as always for keeping the questions coming, and stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to launch.

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  • Awesome news. I had fun with the first game, and am gladly looking forward to this one.

  • Nice to know I can import my character over. That might just convince me to pick it up again. I enjoyed what little time I spent in the first one. =)

  • I never played the original so this seems like a great jumping on point. Will definitely pre-order it for Vita. Speaking of which, are pre-orders open yet? If not, when will they open? Thanks.

  • awesome cant wait to play this one.

    I have a question if I Buy this time the PS3 version I cant carry my carts from the PS vita or that option is just for the vita????

    • As long as the save data is on the server, PS3 users will get to carry over the same data from the original Vita RO as Vita users will.

  • Kinda glad it’s being released in 2014 (I believe XSEED was targeting Winter 2013, correct?) Wouldn’t have been able to pick it up in 2013 what with all of the games releasing so soon. Can’t wait to play it next year :).

  • I hope XSEED reads this on things to hopefully improve with ACE.

    1. PLEASE improve the rates of getting refinement procs. Nobody enjoys repeatedly refining, failing the proc, and reloading the game 30+ times for an hour just to boost the abilities on a weapon. This philosophy is NOT fun. I understand that a proc needs to be there (sometimes you don’t want your skill to upgrade), but please increase it from the low 1-5%.
    2. Improve Online/Multiplayer Stability. Hopefully this comes along with each content patch. Too many times I’d be playing online and someone’s connection drops, everyone lags, and half the time it boots us all out in the process.

    Otherwise, fantastic game! Loved everything else to the game and looking forward to playing this one as well! I’m one or two days away from Platinum on this game. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! We’re always happy to hear feedback. :) No word yet on whether there’ll be any changes to the refinement balancing, but online multiplayer will certainly be one of our main areas of focus, since ACE includes crossplay between the PS3 and Vita versions. With that in mind, we’ll do our best to make multiplayer as stable as possible.

  • Any kind of bonus for day one buyers of ACE and RO1?

    I don’t feel like paying TWICE for the same game.

  • Also we will get all post-paid DLC from Japan? no licensing issues etc?

  • No CD with PS3 version? :(

  • DO WANT! Skipped original Ragnarok Odyssey, now waiting for Ace. Thank you, XSEED!

  • Is it any easier? Gotstuck inthe original because the game is pretty rough.

  • Does progression transfer over? I stopped on chapter 7 with vanilla RO, would Ace pet me pick up where I left off?

    • Well, the bad news is that story progression doesn’t transfer over. The good news is that the reason it doesn’t transfer over is because of the new story content that’s been added throughout the game.

  • @Elvick

    They added the mercenary system (AI allies) and special abilities for each class so I hope so…..

  • Probably going to pick this up.. looks pretty. And bonus content always gets me amped.

    Any word on Ys: MoC? I want to play it.. and play it.. and play it again.

  • I may pick up PS3 version of this game :)

  • Is the ps3 version gonna be digital only?

  • I still need to get that ultra sexy Mercenary’s Edition of the first game. And time to play it……

  • Amazon pre-order page, please!

  • Hey Ryan, Will there be cross-save between the two platforms? Also, please increases the drop rates for this game if you can, thanks.

  • would there ever be more character class, like a gunslinger or gunner class

  • There’s posibility of a Pack between PS3 and PSvita digital? Like 60$ a crossplay pack? Digital OST included please ;)

  • The 1st game rocked!! this looks awesome

  • Noice! Got more time to play VK3 :) Save transfers got me thinking picking up the first version. This is really nice. Thank you again for you endless support for the Vita, XSEED!

  • I never played the original, but I’m definitely intrigued! I will keep this on my Vita game radar!

  • Will I be able to play PS3 version digital copy of this game on PS4 with original RO saved data on the server? And still be able to cross play with PSV, or carry over DLCs?

  • I wasn’t too impressed with RO’s demo, but I might try the ace version on my vita after all. Is there a real storyline for this game or is it mostly quest based? Nice that the PS3 can play it as well. Soundtrack looks good too.

    • Overall, I’d say RO and RO ACE are more focused on gameplay, though there are new story elements in ACE to go along with the new gameplay elements.

  • Im really looking forward to this game. Loved the first one.

  • Hey XSEED,

    I just wanted to say that I deeply respect your work in bringing these kinds of titles over. Even though I’m a digital guy, I also respect your commitment to physical copies for those who like that stuff. The Vita has lots of Japan-only games that look interesting, and without you (and some of your compatriots) we’d never see these games. So thanks for that.

    I’d be interested in a digital preorder bonus with the soundtrack. PSN has several soundtracks available on it, and I’ve enjoyed that format through which they’re distributed. I wouldn’t ask you to go out of your way to do something that may be difficult or add cost, but I would certainly find it to be a nice sweetener. I also love preordering digitally.

    Also, you probably can’t comment on this, but have you guys ever spoken with SEGA about doing localization for them? PSO2 and Yakuza 5 are sorely missed over here.

  • Just a quick question that may of been answered before.
    How long do you think online play will be supported for this?
    Only asking because this seems like it make be a fun game to play with my bf and a couple friends

  • Is it good enough as an offline RPG? I don’t want to play another MMO right now.

  • First of all, thank you XSEED for bringing us all the RPGs you can!

    As far as RO though… The action in the original was fun enough, but I never finished it.

    I prefer steady xp/level-based progression in my RPGs, and while I understand that not all RPGs need to be like that I really didn’t enjoy basing my character’s progression almost entirely on rare drops from difficult bosses. Just my personal opinion.

  • Question: Earned trophies in the original games will transfer or not? Id hte to do that danslief BS trophy again, that was hell

  • I will buy this game, I’ve the first one was excelent!!

    The only problem was : Online/Multiplayer Stability. Like someone said connection drops and lags; the first months was great but then it started to decay…. even though, count me in!

  • The wait is over! Thank you Sony 2014 the year of the vita!!!

  • Oh, I will be buying both copies. Thank you for bringing Vita games to retail in physical.

  • “… from Nobuo Uematsu…” SOLD! D8.

  • I’m not a Vita player (yet?), but I do love music discs (and painstakingly detailing them at the VGMdb), so is there any chance this one (and the one from the first release’s Mercenary Edition) being available from the Merchandise section of the XSEED Games Online Store down the line? (Or the Mercenary Guide, while we’re at it?)

  • Sweet! I love the Ragnarok DS game and the anime series, so I can’t wait to jump in and play on my big screen!

  • Nice. I can see myself picking this up, I put a good number of hours into the first game.
    Speaking of which, I just platinumed it over the past weekend : )

  • Never played the 1st game, so this is the much improved version aye I could get this for sure now. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • @Ryan: Hmm, well depending on the release date I’ll probably buy it on Vita then. Hope the AI helps. Would love to be able to finish the game (people online didn’t really help at the boss I’m on, it’s the second time you fight that annoying huge guy that can stun you and then slams on you and you pretty much are dead…)

  • Any chance at all on Cross-Buy support? I was sad when Dragon’s Crown didn’t have Cross Buy but still shared trophies between games and was pretty much the same content. I don’t mind essentially buying an expanded version of the game I already own, but needing to get two copies to have it on both platforms would be a bit much and I’d probably pick only one.
    Perhaps a discount bundle on Amazon or even on PSN where you save $20 buying both?

  • NO cross buy please,cross buy mean vita version is free>> who the hell have times to make a free game for vita and vita need more games,stop cross buy please.Will buy this for my vita :D

  • @Elvick Grendel is the boss you’re thinking of. If you still need help fighting it, I’d be glad to assist. Just hit me up on PSN

  • So now I have to buy a game twice for what sounds like an expansion? No thanks.

  • Cross Buy.
    Why are companies ignoring this crucial factor!!??
    It is a reason, I have not purchased Dragon’s crown.

    I have 4 boys, and including, myself that makes 5. We all vary in our console use, yet we all have one.
    Which gets expensive.

    All I ask is why???
    Crossbuy, allows us to buy the systems, and yet still be able to play a majority of the games……that is without giving up a lung.
    And should I no longer have to use the portable, would very much like to still have it on my PS4/PS3.

    I should not have to keep rebuying the SAME game, when it was a marketing factor of the Vita.

    Anyway……..Think about it.

  • And of course a day late. :(

  • Not very interested in this one though,
    the game is missing some of the key elements, that make this type of gameplay fun.


    There seem to be so many of these games, so very close to what would be a great game,
    and yet missing some of the most important things MMORPG’s have had, that have made it so addictive
    (worth playing).
    I would do a little more research on games like Everquest, and Dark Age of Camelot. (Even Star Wars of The Old Republic)

    -Things like crowd control and tactical hunting spots, with better AI.
    -Techniques that are not overpowered, and based more on strategy. (Not how powerful of a weapon I use)
    -For online, of course like a battleground (arena).

    I know that with a Vita it is limited, but with the proper mapping, a zone could be made to make the game appear larger.( Even Killzone seems fairly large with the right attentions to detail).

    -Good luck in hopes that you are trying to make a game worth playing, instead of another way to pay bills at the expense of kids that are wanting the fun you advertised.

  • EEk! Very exciting! How awesome :3 definitely a future buy :D

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