Gran Turismo 6 Partners with Ayrton Senna Institute

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Gran Turismo 6 Partners with Ayrton Senna Institute

Gran Turismo 6 Educational Partnership, 01

GT fans! We are truly honored to bring you one of the most exciting news items culminated in the 15 year history of Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi was present today at the 2013 Brazil Game Show Press Conference with President of Ayrton Senna Institute (NGO) Viviane Senna (sister to the legendary F1 driver), to officially announce a long-term partnership with the Gran Turismo series.

As part of this collaboration, Gran Turismo 6 (coming December 6th) will feature the legendary Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna through online updates, enabling players to trace the roots of his racing career.

The Ayrton Senna Institute is a non-profit organization established in 1994 by Ayrton Senna’s sister, Viviane, who carried on the hopes and dreams envisioned by Senna before he passed away.

Gran Turismo 6 Educational Partnership, 02Gran Turismo 6 Educational Partnership, 03

The programs of the Senna Institute aim to have as many children as possible learn skills required for living successfully in today’s society. And at the center of that education is the effort to raise the literacy level of children.

Since its establishment, schools supported by the Institute have spread to approximately 25% of the cities in all of Brazil, giving more than 17 million children an opportunity to receive education directly, and the Institute has trained over 750,000 teachers with their educational programs.

In schools supported by the Senna Institute, education is performed using curriculum and textbooks prepared by the Institute.

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  • Flickr images aren’t loading

  • I still dont see the flickr images.

  • My game studio (Team KAIZEN sometimes does educational work, including teaching game design in schools and camps through LittleBigPlanet 2. Most people WAAAAY underestimate the educational value of Video Games and how they can show STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Kudos here definitely–so freaking cool!! Games can be great teachers due to high excitement level and ‘safe to fail’ environments where failure is a stepping stone to success, not a permanent F branding you forever. A great STEM infused thing Sony did was the opening to WipeOut 2048, which mixes real world engineering and physics with fantasy. Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • is gt6 Senna dlc exclusive to brasil or is it going to be worldwide?

  • The greatest F1 pilot ever., both on the track and as a human being. This is truly a great honor for the Gran Turismo series. Looking foward to December 6th!

  • Two Questions: Will it have a standalone edition or you can only find the special Senna edition inside the bundle with the PS3? Also, all Senna related content will be available only through brazilian edition GT6 copies or worldwide since day 1?

  • Now this is what it’s about giving back to pave the way for others to have a opportunity. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Great Job PlayStation!

    Just so you guys know, we still need a GT game for the VITA!!!

  • Cool!

    Looking forward to it. :)

  • This is awesome :D The greatest Driver to have ever lived paired with the best race sim franchise= epic! reminds me alot when i used to play Super Monaco GP2 on the Game Gear and Genesis LOL

  • Amazing parnetship with Ayrton Institute.

    The only problem is, Sony Brazil is awful.
    Very bad company, no support, the brazilian PSN is almost empty.

    Brazilian Sony Co. uses the shiny of Sony International.
    We dont live in state of Play because we barely have PS3 here.

    PS3 here cost 500US$ yet. PS4 will be 1875US$.
    And this is NOT the problem with taxes. We can import a PS4 from Amazon USA, with all taxes included and will cost something like 1000US$.

    Xbox one here cost 50% less than PS4.
    Brazil live in state of Microsoft, because Sony Brazil ignore us.

  • I’m not a big fan of racing games, but I’ll definitely buy this game.
    (when I import my ps4, or when it reaches a reasonable price)

  • As a brazilian, I`m so proud that they put together the best F1 driver ever and the best racing franchise ever. But, the only thing I want to know: any hope Gran Turismo 6 be released as digital copy through PSN? I know, will be a ton of gb`s but, I guess it would be amazing!

  • Wow I’m really surprised…..didn’t expected you guys to do something with Ayrton Senna….and brazil….Oh well shame that I ain’t a fan nor a playa of simulators.But GT is fine.Good job Kazunori Yamauchi-san.

  • Gran Turismo really needs to get NHRA Drag Racing, Huge market for drag racing. nothing out there, for gamers who love 10,000 hp on the strip.

  • Dear Sony,

    Your customer support on the phone a moment ago, regarding the PS+ trial with my new PS3 GTA V Bundle not working, is garbage! They could not help me with my issue… You do not care about me as customer and I hate you and your products now. You no longer have my dedication or support. I am mad and irritated, that a simple problem of my code not working due to the fact that I’m already a Plus member, could not be fixed once they logged into my account and have seen the thousands of purchases I’ve made. I get it, apparently it’s a trial, but no where on the description does it state that it is solely for new customers. Part of the allure of the purchase was that I’d be getting an extra month of Plus.

    Again, any manager at any store would have taken care of this issue in 5 seconds… It’s called customer service!

    -Unhappy Customer

  • WoW,… love Senna… so that’s why he does not have the new F1 game? An exclusive Gran Turismo with the use of the image? … Well played Sony … well played … Parabens and now is sure to purchase this .. ;)

  • * so that is why he is not in the game

    sry o/

  • There’s Gran Turismo with a racing wheel and without it, absolutely guys, if you haven’t played yet gran turismo 5 with a goddamm good wheel, you don’t know what you’re missing, it is another experience, holy ****, I really recommend logitech’s g27, it’s the best for the best price.

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