Canada Gets Azure Blue PS3, NHL14 Bundle for $249

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Canada Gets Azure Blue PS3, NHL14 Bundle for $249

Canada PS3 NHL 14 Bundle

What do Canadians love more than maple syrup and poutine? Hockey, obviously. This is why Sony Computer Entertainment Canada is hoping to capture the hearts of passionate Canadian hockey fans and gamers with a new hardware bundle just for the Canadian market! Get ready for an exclusive bundle which includes an “Azurite” blue PS3 console with a 250GB hard drive, a matching blue DualShock 3 controller, and a copy of EA Sports’ NHL14, all for just $249.99. This Canadian bundle is available exclusively at EB Games retail and online stores starting this week, and available at most major electronics retailers starting mid-November. What are you waiting for Canadians? Grab your toques and head out and grab one, eh.

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  • Eh, those kooky Canadians.

  • I do not reside in Canada, but I dig the blue look. Hope this model gets a U.S. bundle someday.

  • I’m digging the gamestop black friday bundle, now that is a cheap price

  • Next time there is a US specific bundle (perhaps it will include some kind of gun). Maybe the blog post can pull out every type of ‘Merican stereotype, and add it to the copy?

    Obviously I’m joking, no I’m not that sensitive.

  • Even though “toque” is acceptable spelling, “tuque” is actually how most Canadians refer to them.

  • @5 Actually toque is the correct spelling, it’s just pronounced as if the O is a U.

  • Oh wow!!! That’s beautiful!!! I wish I lived in Canada =)

  • I still think the new PS3 design looks like the Sony shower radio. I replaced my old fat with the latest non-super slim before they became impossible to buy new.


  • When are we getting some PS4 demos? Also give some love to West side of Canada… Toronto gets everything.

  • @10

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’ll probably get downloadable PS4 demos when the PS4 comes out. It would be pretty pointless to put them up for download when no one but people with dev kits or people in the industry who managed to get one early can play them.

  • Blue like the Leafs. Go Leafs Go!!!!!

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve seen some for Canada in a long time. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out


  • Watch out Canada, if your already a Plus member the free month will not work for you!

    Dear Sony,

    Your customer support on the phone a moment ago, regarding the PS+ trial with my new PS3 GTA V Bundle not working, is garbage! They could not help me with my issue… You do not care about me as customer and I hate you and your products now. You no longer have my dedication or support. I am mad and irritated, that a simple problem of my code not working due to the fact that I’m already a Plus member, could not be fixed once they logged into my account and have seen the thousands of purchases I’ve made. I get it, apparently it’s a trial, but no where on the description does it state that it is solely for new customers. Part of the allure of the purchase was that I’d be getting an extra month of Plus.

    Again, any manager at any store would have taken care of this issue in 5 seconds… It’s called customer service!

    -Unhappy Customer

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