PlayStation Home Chips in for Extra Life

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PlayStation Home Chips in for Extra Life

PlayStation Extra Life

We’re unlocking a selection of previously unreleased Home items in the spirit of the PlayStation – Extra Life partnership! You may have heard, but we’ve teamed up to help Extra Life raise money for Children’s Hospitals across the country, and we’re using this opportunity to encourage the PS Home Community to get involved as well.

Register for Extra Life, help raise money for Children’s Hospitals, and get digital PlayStation prizes as you go. Visit this page for more. You can also join Extra Life as part of the SCEA PlayStation Home Extra Life team and help us represent! Go here to register for Extra Life as part of the team.

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

Lockwood Halloween Update

Have a Halloween party to attend and nothing to wear? No worries, Lockwood offer you a range of delightfully spooky items for you to really get the ghoulish festivities going! If you are avoiding a certain someone at the party, with the Bat Swarm LMO you can go *POOF* and transform into a billion bats to get outta there! Perhaps you want something a little subtler?

Well, we also have some cat ears for the men, spookily awesome contacts for the ladies and you can all have a boogie with our fantastically devilish Demonic Dances. And if you are still feeling the Spooky wedding vibe, tie the knot aboard the Nightmare Yacht with the Black Bride Wedding Dress! That ought to set the mood!

Pottermore Update

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

JAM Games Halloween Bake

Read all about it! Read all about it! This week Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread are back to strike fear into your neighborhood! They have dusted off their Christmas frosting and have started a crumb-spree across PlayStation®Home in the Halloween Bake Collection!

Get ready for fun this Halloween in these outfits from JAM Games Ltd, they’re biscuits with bite! Fancy something not so sweet? They also bring you the gorgeously haunting Mr. and Mrs. Halloween outfits…. and a fun free gift too!

Lockwood Iron Fusion Vault

Lockwood’s latest gift bundle takes one of the most popular gifts and makes it even more desirable. The Iron Fusion Vault features a top secret location, filled with a collection of 5 Iron Fusion suits with 4 exclusive new colour schemes.

Each with their own individual mechanics, the Iron Fusion Vault holds the secrets to metering out justice where needed. Exclusive to the Gift Machine, better start buttering up your friends now if you want one.

Hellfire Halloween Sale

It’s Week 4 of Home Tycoon’s Anniversary Celebration! Save 35% on the Halloween Building Pack in Home Tycoon through October 31, just in time to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in style.

Also this week, check out Home Tycoon’s Facebook page for a sneak preview of Home Tycoon: New Heights, the huge new update coming soon! Winners from the Anniversary City Showcase contest will also be announced this week, so stay tuned to Home Tycoon on Facebook to see if you won!

VEEMEE Assorted Update

VEEMEE Snapback Update

This week VEEMEE release the second set of Snapback Bundles. The second set offers a choice of Black and Orange caps either straight out of the box or detailed with years of wear and tear. The bundles contain a number of hats that offer you a variety of ways and angles they can be worn. Grab your own only on PlayStation®Home.

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

VEEMEE Billabong Update

There are exciting new additions to the Billabong catalogue this week. The beautiful Cool Wip Beach Strollz Dress, as the name suggests, is perfect for a walk on the shore at sunset. The versatile Off Black On The Rocks Dress is just as good for evening wear as it is for more casual occasions. The Dark Marine Spinner Tank Top for men has a rich array of warm colours and contrasts well with the Military Camo Scheme Shorts and Camouflage Transit Snapback Cap.

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

VEEMEE Aquatic Animal Avatars

Take to the seas and explore the ocean depths with the new Aquatic Animal Avatars from VEEMEE. Become the fierce terror of the seas as a Great White Shark. Take a more leisurely journey as a majestic Manta Ray. Or hunt in packs as the fiercely intelligent Orca. These are available individually or as part of a great value bundle.

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

ToyLogic Hats and Boots

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

Atom Republic Halloween Update

“Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? Be sure to check out Atom Republic’s hilarious and gruesome creations, they’re sure to get you noticed: you will lose your head (literally) with the “Beheaded” outfit, the cunning “Gorilla Cage” will have you captive in a cage held by a gorilla, and with the “Head on a Plate” costume, a little gremlin standing on your shoulders will be holding your head on a plate!

Finally, with the “Zombie Walk” locomotion, you can drag your feet and lumber around, in true undead style. Complete with grunts, groans and clouds of flies, this spooky LMO will even let you talk like a zombie by holding the square button…”

Granzella Halloween 2013

Halloween arrives at the Glittering Sands Beach! Let’s fly around the fantastic night sky in your Halloween costume! There are wonderful Halloween gifts waiting for you, too. On this Halloween, please come and visit Granzella’s Glittering Sands Beach.

Granzella Halloween Witch and Wizard Costumes

Before you know it, you’ll be under their spell… Witch and Wizard costumes have arrived! New from Granzella, it’s the Halloween 2013 Seductive Witch 3-piece Set and the Seductive Wizard 4-piece Set. Tonight, nobody is safe from their charms.

For women, the set features a pointed hat, Witch’s suit, and high heels. For men, a pointed hat, Wizard’s jacket, pants, and shoes. Available in black, red, blue, purple, and white. Also available are Seductive Witch and Wizard hairstyles, sure to go with whichever color you chose.

So tonight, dress up like a witch or wizard and soar through the Halloween sky!

Codeglue Thunderstorm

Codeglue celebrates the upcoming Halloween with new hot Thunderstorm outfits designed by Home user Dani as well as the memory reduction of some of Codeglue’s Halloween classics, like the Creepy Painting, the Guillotine and the Skull Chair. Dani’s new outfits come in red and black and come with or without lightning effects! The Thunderstorm collection comes as separate items as well as a great-value bundles. Codeglue wishes all Home fans a fantastic Halloween!

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

nDreams Update

Become an Icon with these two pose packs from nDreams. Relive some Iconic dance poses with the Dance Pack and show off your martial arts skills with the Martial Arts Pose pack. Each pack includes three poses.

Home is a mix of people and nationalities and what better way to show off your homeland than with the Flag Head icons from nDreams.

After the success of the Luxury Hot Tubs nDreams has created a few more in different styles in order for them to fit into any and all apartments. With 6 people sitting in at once, colored lights and bubble switch this is the best Hot Tub in Home.

PlayStation Home Update 10-23-2013

VIP x7 Update

Check out x7 this week and get your Halloween themed VEEMEE Morphsuit update, Element update, Lockwood Halloween LMO, and your nDreams Love/Rude Gestures.

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  • Hi Paul!
    Will the PS4 version of Home be a revamped version or the same Home as on PS3?

  • Yes Paul please give us literally any details about home on PS4. PLEASE!!!!

  • You know what be even better? PS Home on the PS4. It would go perfectly together like peanut butter and jelly. :)

  • Im guessing that PSHome will be better on PS4 cause on PS3 it’s 720p and on PS4 now we can play games/PSHome at full 1080p/i. Hopefully it does come to the PS4 otherwise I will postpone my PS4 preorder until we get home via firmware update.

  • I know some of you would like to have PS home on PS4 (so am I) and I hope the PS Home team will work on that. Is there any free stuff this week (I’m flat broke lol)? We finally reached 1,000,000 points each of the vampire and werewolf game at Serenity Plaza Halloween, so Happy Halloween everyone!!!(arrrrrroooOOOOOOOoooooo lol).

    • Yep, there’s some free stuff. Extra Life has been working with PlayStation this season, and as a result there’s a selection of previously unreleased stuff that you can pick up form the store! Just check the Extra Life section.

  • I have the Feeling Sony will not put PS Home on the PS4 because they don’t want people to stop using the PS3 console. There are millions of people using the PS3 , some of those millions use PS HOME , imagine what would happen if HOME is indeed on the PS4, the PS3 Will becoming obsolete, specially here in the states , Asia , and Europe , People wont have a reason to be on the PS3 when they have the PS4 right in front of their face , that’s what I believe, maybe I am wrong, we will find out for sure NOV 15TH .
    Paul Sullivan I have a question for you , and I hope you Reply back , my question is , When are we gonna get more Furniture slots ? 100 slots is not ENOUGH . Will we have to wait 3 years or more for you guys to give us more space ? I would also like to get MORE POP OP COLORS , I have PS PLUS and to get 8 lousy extra colors is crappy, we should of had a color customization for our skin, eyes , and Pop op colors.

  • I wish Sony had done more with Home to appeal to gamers.

    The very first thing I ever saw on PS Home was Namco’s Arcade room and I was really excited for this.

    You could walk up to a 3D arcade cabinet, Pac-Man for example, and play it. The only problem with this is that it took nearly 4 minutes to go from Home to starting a game which unfortunately ruined the experience.

    If they could build on this idea on the PS4 they will have a hit.
    I have been a gamer for 30+ years and I really think there is a market for this if done right.

    They should let us build our own arcade with DLC cabinets (maybe $2-$5 ea.). Let us invite friends over, compare high scores, voice chat, etc.. There are a lot of us older gamers that crave to experience the arcades from the 80’s once again. Throw in a virtual jukebox where we can stream either our own music or even push your Music Unlimited service.

  • Well at some point hopefully I’ll get back into PS Home even if it’s for a little. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Just so you know, buying items through the PS Home store gives Sony the tax write-off for the charity, not you. Same as donating a dollar at McDonald’s, Toys R Us, Regal Cinemas, even Humble Bundle, etc. You feel good giving a dollar or so, but the company gets the tax write-off.

    You’re better off donating to Extra Life directly, getting a donation receipt which you can apply to your own taxes.

  • Yeah, some kind of info/announcement about PS Home on PS4 would be greatly appreciated.

    ….and more adventure game integration. Xi wasn’t horrible, but it could be so much better. Uru would be awesome if it were integrated into PS Home.

    And what of current SOE properties like DC Universe and my favourite: Free Realms? I wish there was more story-based content for Free Realms. It looks like it’s been stagnant for a long time now.

  • Hi.

    I logged into ps home on wednesday and saw that the wolfen suit was for sale in the new items store. I have the head and was trying to get the rest of the outfit but it disappeared forever. Well i went out to buy a PSN card, and i just plugged it in. But when i went to buy the rest of the outfit, it was GONE! What happened to it??? Are you going to bring it back??? is this a bug??? will it be back?? Did it get moved elsewhere? I really want to get this, and i’m kind of dismayed it’s not there anymore.. that’s why i bought the psn card. Can you help?

  • Hello Paul Sullivan, we are experiencing disconnect Errors, every time I go to Hudson personal space , it disconnects me, D31 (F13) Error . Please fix this Mess.

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