Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming January 14th to PlayStation Store

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Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming January 14th to PlayStation Store

Greetings, PlayStation Assassins! We’re very excited to announce that Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD will be coming to PS3 via PlayStation Store on January 14th.

When we set out to do Liberation HD, our objective was simple: improve upon what worked on the Vita and adapt the gameplay and missions to be the most fun and enjoyable they could be. As a result, each mission has been reworked in order to improve its pacing, and the challenge it poses to the player.

Liberation is set in New Orleans between 1765 and 1780, in the period between the end of the French and Indian War, up to the middle of the American Revolution. Liberation tells the story of Aveline; a female Assassin of mixed French and African heritage. Brought up in a world of privilege and contrasts, Aveline becomes a strong-willed woman and an avid opponent of slavery.

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Concepts, 01

AC Liberation HD Reveal, 01AC Liberation HD Reveal, 02

Recruited to the Assassins by an escaped slave, Aveline joins the struggle against the Templars as they try to take control of New Orleans following France’s handover of the city to Spain. Striking hard and fast, she is instrumental in the Louisiana Rebellion that forces the Spanish and Templars out of the city for nearly two years before they return in force.

In addition to the HD upgrade, we also have new missions specific to Aveline’s Personas. Aveline is the first Assassin with such clearly different character types — Assassin, Lady, and Servant. Each persona has its own advantages and disadvantages when playing missions, and each generates a different reaction from the city life around Aveline. That’s a total of 15 missions delving deeper into Aveline’s story.

AC Liberation HD Reveal, 03

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If you haven’t had a chance to play this chapter of Assassin’s Creed on Vita, or simply want to play Liberation on the big screen, we hope you’ll check out Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD on January 14th for $19.99.

See you on the Bayou.

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  • Unacceptable that those of us who already have Liberation can’t have the HD version at some sort of discount at least.

  • This was pretty good as a Vita game, despite some bugs, which I suppose are common to the AC franchise. But I’m really interested in the additions and improvements made, especially with the sound. Can’t get it day one since I need more time to pass before replaying a game, but yeah, I could totally get this a little further down the road.

  • It’s only 20 dollars, not like they are charging 40 like they do for most HD remakes. And this is not a ps2 or psp game its a vita game and a very good one. It’s a bargin and I plan to buy it again and play it on my ps3.

  • What? No physical release? :(

  • I loved this on Vita. Glad to see those that don’t have a Vita yet get to enjoy this story as well. Can’t wait to replay this after I beat AC4 on PS4!!!

  • So let me get this straight, you guys have time to bring a sony game to xbox consoles but you don’t have time to bring splinter cell conviction to the sony platform

    That’s why i don’t buy ubisoft games anymore

  • Amazing how much Ubisoft is screwing over vanilla ACL buyers with this. If they hadn’t rushed out vanilla ACL to launch with AC3 and simply released it when the game was done, this probably wouldn’t even be necessary and ACL probably wouldn’t be so buggy. Could have atleast given vanilla ACL buyers those new missions as $10 DLC……

  • Now an Uncharted: Golden Abyss HD Remake!

  • I’d just be happy if the Vita version of Liberation gets a patch to address the bugs. I’ve never had a game on the Vita crash before Liberation, and I play a ton of Vita games.

  • Looks great! I hope you guys do come back for another round on Vita, though!

  • Can you comment on connectivity content (AC3 crossover missions)? Are they still in the game?

  • Really hope you guys are working on another Vita AC title! I wish the resources that went into porting this game would have gone towards a brand new Vita AC game instead!

  • new platinum?????

  • Nice for the price. But I seriously wish you would take some time and fix the issues that are STILL on the vita version. Do that and I will double dip for this game.

  • Fix the Vita version!

  • I bought the white Liberation Vita bundle and I’ll probably buy this PS3 port, too.

  • Agree with all the other comments: Vita users should get a patch to fix the widely-reported crashes, at least, as well as a option for the new missions as DLC.

    Will the PS3 version have better-quality audio assets? Can we expect a PS4 version?

    Thanks so much for giving us a game whose lead playable character is neither white, male, passive, or overly-cheery.

  • first, jo HD remake is given at areduced price to vanilla owners. this game is not for vita, but other consoles.the vita copy did not sell enough as an excusive, thu rereleasing it on other consoles. i have the vita and am happy with it no real interest in buying the port, personaly, even with extra missions.

  • So, it will finally look like all those touched-up press images you guys used for the Vita release.

  • I’m all for Ubisoft releasing enhanced versions of their games, but just like Eidos’s Deus Ex debacle (where they’ve released a new version of the game with no apparent way to patch the original via DLC), I really resent having to rebuy “enhanced editions” of games that are available for current platforms. It’d be nice if the Vita version could get patched with the new content as well.

    With that said, AC 3: Liberation is one of the best console-style games on the Vita, and better in many ways than AC3… though it may not feel as nice on a TV screen since it’s a much smaller game.

  • I *might* rebuy it to play again on PS3. However I will probably be using my PS4 almost exclusively so you should also release on that console.

    I will also only be willing to buy it at a discounted price like $30 or $40 since its just a HD re-release like Square’s recent Kingdom Hearts HD and FFX HD

  • Enjoyed it on the Vita already!

  • I’m really excited this is getting a makeover and being released for the PS3, but it really should also be re-released for the Vita as well as a cross-buy. That’s the least that you could do for folks who bought the bug-infested original version (so glad I waited).

  • Haven’t played this AC game yet so I can’t wait to get it on Jan. 14th.

  • I feel insulted that the titled has the letters “HD” on them. I thought my Vita plays games in HD if not, then what the hell definition is it on?

  • Great price point! I’ll buy it for sure! Never played the vita version!

  • Only $20? Definitely picking it up again.

  • First Off,
    I wanted to Thank You, for being a company that has made attempts of lowering the price of your downloadable copies.
    (Rayman Origins was Fantastic, and I am now learning what I had been lacking, for my Vita,
    with Dungeon Hunter : Alliance – Hope you have another sale, to ditch my physical copy)

    I hope you continue to add more (A Huge Fan of Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six).

    The community does have some viable points.

  • i think people who didn’t play either version should get a dual pack with buy the PS3 version and get the reg liberation for free. And also a cheaper version for ones who purchased the PSP version

  • YAY!!! Definitely looking forward to this. Looks pretty amazing.

  • Thank you for all your Vita support *rolls eyes*.

  • Wait a minute, wait a minute. It wasn’t HD on the Vita after all?! My Vita isn’t HD?! This is now a conspiracy theory.

  • beenin the gamer i am. i do have a ACL and after that last update for ACL sumtime last year i havent had to many issues with my copy. but there is sum issues i can address! but really i still play ACL just to feed my assassin hunger. but i will download this HD version. hope i cant link my vita up and tranfer my saved data, that would be a plus. other then im good, but sum DLC would be good. cant wait for that Final Fantsy X HD. would like to see sum God of war on vita, a beautiful remake of Dissidia..”both”! havin almost all of the vitas good games, those there would be great!

  • mstrFrumix
    I’m also curious about the connection of this and AC3.

  • Wish the add-ons for the Vita came out on the store…

  • At some point I just may look into this, PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Thank you for not charging $39.99 for this port. I don’t have a Vita yet and I don’t plan to get to get this game on that system, so this might be a buy for me. Wished this game sticked with PlayStation instead of porting it to other systems.

    @MarkakaJin You have to be stupid to even think that the Vita version was HD. The Vita may have good graphics, but the visuals still has to be toned down because of limitations.

  • Really?
    …. No retail release? I might hold out for a while then, just to see if Ubisoft
    decides to release a disc-based version later on or at least release some type
    of Assassin’s Creed III Bundle Collection that features Assassin’s Creed III
    complete edition with all add-on content on one single Blu-ray disc along with
    Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD. In the meantime, it looks like Ubisoft won’t be
    getting any of my money. I am one of those “no digital” gamer.

  • I… don’t know how to feel about this? AC3 Liberation was ultimately more interesting than Assassin’s Creed III. Aveline is a billion times more interesting than Connor and has atleast some sort of semblance of personality. I guess I’m still bitter about my finished game being randomly erased by the game.

    I’ll definitely hold out until the title is on sale or something, but hey, atleast people without a Vita will get to experience it.

    By the way, never use the Lady persona unless the game forces you to. It’s so freaking buggy and allows almost no movement.

  • Woo hoo! An HD update of a really UNREMARKABLE game that ran like molasses and was buggy as hell.

  • Did you remove the horrible online? Because I wouldn’t mind going for a platinum again if there is no online factor.

  • Does this means that you wont bring more AC for PSVITA???????? if thats the case then ill be very dissapointed of you…

  • I wonder why SONY BLOGGERS did not banned this guy (gamezlimited) from posting here, that guy always put derogatory remarks to anyone here.

  • @hazelcabug I never said he was stupid, I’m just saying people like him would be. Companies want you to think Vita games are HD. But in reality, they aren’t. Their just sightly downgraded to fit the portable market. I hope your still enjoying life being married by your mom who buys your games for you. I’m going to keep telling you this until you leave me alone.

  • The ‘bonus’ mission in ACL, for having it and AC3, is the one where you team up with Connor… only you get to play as him. It was pretty disappointing.

  • Big fan of the Vita title. Any chance any of the non-graphical improvements (in other words, the refined gameplay and extra missions/tutorials and framerate issues) being patched into the original Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation? I mean, I’d pay for the extra missions as DLC, but at least patch in the ‘smoother experience’ you tout as a selling point.
    I’ve already asked this on your Facebook page, Ubisoft, and received no answer. That’s fine, as I’m sure your page gets a bajillion questions asked. However, the lack of communication on here is disconcerting. And I doubt i’ll get some sort, any sort of answer other than complete silence.

  • Would be great if it was cross buy considering how lame it makes having the Vita version assuming that the HD update ironed out all the bugs in the game.

  • why can’t the vita version look like that? Is the Vita not powerful enough? :3

  • Very nice single player and I’m liking the updated graphics just please plan on changing the multiplayer. It was the only turn off for me.

  • Vita does not need its few “exclusives” heading to the other consoles…

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