Play Beyond: Two Souls With Your Mobile Device Now

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Play Beyond: Two Souls With Your Mobile Device Now

Beyond Touch is a free app available now for iOS and Android devices that allows you to play Beyond: Two Souls using either a smartphone or tablet, instead of a DualShock controller.

You can play the entire game, in Solo mode or in Duo Mode, and control both characters using a simplified gameplay interface, specially designed for touch screen devices.

Play Beyond: Two Souls With Your Mobile Device Now

In Duo Mode, each player can independently select his controller. All combinations are possible; two DualShock controllers, one DualShock and one touch screen device, or even two touch screen devices.

Developer Quantic Dream designed the app to make Beyond: Two Souls accessible to non-console gamers who don’t feel comfortable using a DualShock controller. So for those of you who played Heavy Rain while your non-console gaming friends shouted out directions, now they can take part for themselves.

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  • On the spend $50 get $10 back through the 29th.
    Looks like I am not alone on the understanding of “through”

    Do purchases made on the 29th count, can we buy things released on the 29th?
    What time and timezone does the sale end?

  • I dont believe what im reading, what a slap in the face to us (psvita owners), this wil be the last insult that im taking from you, from now on its ps4 for me no more psvita support. You dont care why should i?

  • euh yeah im mad !!!is ps vita not a mobile device ??? what wrong with you guy ?

  • Nice, no Vita support :(

    Please Sony/Quantic Dream, will you release the “Advanced Experiments” DLC on PSN?

    Some people around the world had trouble downloading this DLC (me included) because the code included in the voucher for the pre-order version does not match the disc region. For example: my code works on brazilian PSN, but the disc included was the US version. Sony BR is not offering enough support for this issue, so I was wondering if the DLC will be added to the PSN so I can purchase the version that matches my disc (US).

  • No vita support? Seriously? I’m with #2 and #3, no support for me, no support for you. Not buying this game.

  • So instead of taking this new as a great new way to play B2S, we already have complainers ? What is wrong with this generation of gamers ?

    I also own a Vita and would luv to play with my Vita as a controller, but hey I also own a Galaxy, so hey I can get with this. Think about it for a sec. There are around 5mil Vita owners and over 100 million Smartphone owners, you do the math on that for a sec. This is a great new way for QD to get their game out to more gamers, and a very smart business decision.

    Lets cut back on the complaints guys/gals and try enjoying our awesome playstation games a lil bit more. As always, Keep on Gaming.

  • Wow. I may be able to convince the wife to play a PS game with me now. She was interested in the trailers for this. But she isn’t a gamer at all. Interesting.

  • @6
    as a vita owner im disappointed as well/
    and as a in house dev they definitely could have made a app for the vita even though the PlayStation Mobile suite which are Android apps, so stop making excuses for them

  • Question, “touch screen devices” include a PS Vita?

  • @6, Sorry, but I have to agree with people here. Using your Galaxy S4 as a controller isn’t going to sell more copies of the game than already have been sold. No one is clamoring for that feature and holding off on picking up the game because of it.

    It seems like they had a neat idea here that should have included the PS Vita. It would have been a better press release to say, “Beyond: Two Souls Gets Free Cross-Controller Support for PS Vita”. And would have been a big boost to the Sony brand.

  • no Vita support?

  • I hate to basically repeat what many people on this post are saying, but I completely agree; why on earth is there no Vita support? The Vita can be used as a cross-controller for select PS3 titles like LittleBigPlanet; if we can get that as well as having a smartphone with no buttons that can play Beyond: Two Souls, why can’t the Vita be used as an alternative controller?

  • Agree with all the other Vita commentors.

    This should be on the Vita !

  • I bought the game and I have yet to finish it (im only 1-2 hours in it) but i really dont see the point of this, really I dont.

  • I was not making excuses for the devs. What i’m saying is as soon as any news on ps3 games with no Vita support gets announced, TONS of Vita owners complain of no Vita support, and as soon as a Vita game gets news, TONS of ps3 owners complain of no ps3 cross support. It gets stale after a while. Why can’t we just get some gaming news and be happy with it and not 100 negative posts.

    I own a vita and understand that not every ps3 game will be compatible on Vita, its just a fact.

    Keep on Gaming.

  • People:

    “Developer Quantic Dream designed the app to make Beyond: Two Souls accessible to non-console gamers who don’t feel comfortable using a DualShock controller. ”

    As they said, they developed this app for folks that don’t feel comfortable using a DualShock 3 (which is likely the optimal way to play). Do you really think those people would be more comfortable using a Vita? Or that they even own one?

    I have plenty of casual gaming friends that would be more open to playing with this more familiar input method, so congrats. I don’t know it’ll help sales too much, but it will get more people to play – likely people in the household of someone who owns the game/system – and that’s a great thing.

  • im relly starting to see SONY’s ways.

    they drop hardware and let deveopers call the shots because evn in house teams aren’t f#(kin with SONY PLAYSTATION HARDWARE.

    i thought by this time the PLAYSTATION Vita wouldve been sooo much further.

    Ill be buying a damn phone next time. no more PLAYSTATION Handheld HARDWARE.

    As for the PLAYSTATION 4 i guess im a wait on that too. let iisht get built up first.

    Since PLAYSTATION 3 came out i bought practically evey piece of hardware accessory for it and bought every PLAYSTATION 3 system too.

    …but nothing gets the support that SONY says when they show off new product.

    Time to build out a new PC, i need a i5 motherboard. cant do i7, but can upgrade later.

  • I agree with @DeRR1ck19 but I still would have wanted to see Vita support

  • QD will not have my support since my hardware dont. ill stay playing LBP VITA or The Walking Dead on Vita.

  • I still can’t believe they dropped support for the Move controller. Heavy Rain proved that Move can be useful, as well as making perfect sense for it. Either way I don’t buy games full price any more and will wait when it gets cheaper.

  • “Developer Quantic Dream designed the app to make Beyond: Two Souls accessible to non-console gamers who don’t feel comfortable using a DualShock controller”.

    But it is a console game anyway. Non-console gamers wouldn’t even feel comfortable playing a PS3, right? :D

  • I look forward to using this on my Android phone AND I have a Vita. Waa waa waaaaaaaa.

  • good game, but sound sucked!!! couldn’t hear voice over the loud music…. no way to change like on most good games!

  • This should have been on PS Vita as well. It baffles the mind how Sony continues to make poor decisions with the PS Vita. I love it to pieces and defend it on many occasions, but Sony is doing it no favors by showing a lack of support.

    It would not have killed you to include PS Vita in the list of things supported for this. And it would have shown that the PS Vita is actually, you know, in the mind of Sony. Instead of just kind of there.

    The PS Vita is supposed to be a companion to the PS3 and even more so to the PS4, yet you can’t even put COMPANION apps on it?

    Come on Sony, step it up. We’re not asking for you to NOT put these things on mobile, but we are asking you to acknowledge the PS Vita with them.

  • Still waiting for dat Digital Release! Please and thank you.

  • VITA should be more close to PS3/PS4.

  • Great idea for mobile/casual gamers. I have to echo the many comments though about the Vita not being included. Come on Quantic Dream. This (and remote play) would have been much desired throughout the community.

  • I was excited to try this feature out, but when I attempted to download it through the App store it indicated it was only for phones that have a gyroscope. Pretty sure mine has one (I’ve played tilt games before) so… ?

    Meanwhile my Vita looks on longingly wishing it could help.


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