Everything You Need to Know About Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

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Everything You Need to Know About Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is gearing up for launch on PS3 and PS4. In anticipation of this momentous event, we’ve created a brand new trailer to deliver all the details you’ll need in order to stride confidently in the daunting shoes of Captain Edward Kenway. With compelling characters, an expansive world, and a near-infinite amount of pirate activities to engage in, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is the largest and most immersive game in the Assassin’s series.

Everything You Need to Know About Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Get to know Captain Edward Kenway and his host of fearsome pirate allies, like Charles Vane, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack, and Blackbeard. Take on pirate hunter Woodes Rogers, whose ruthlessness is surpassed only by his infamy as the bane of outlaw sailors.

Board the Jackdaw and meet Adéwalé, your talented Quartermaster. He’ll ensure the Jackdaw sails true, and will even guide you in upgrading the ship, adding additional cannons, swivel guns, fire barrels, and even the ability to rain hell from the sky with explosive mortars. Board any ship you please and press its crew into service, use it to repair the Jackdaw, or gift it to one of your crew and put them to work earning you money and goods as part of the Kenway fleet.

Assassin's Creed IV, Gamescom, 04Assassin's Creed IV, Gamescom, 05

Explore over fifty exotic locations, from dense jungle and island plantations, to hidden cenotes and grand cities. Immerse yourself in the gameplay elements that have made Assassin’s Creed a world-class adventure series. From stealthy assassinations to all out brutal melee combat, you’ll be able to experience the Golden Age of Pirates on your terms.

And there’s even more as you drink, dive, and harpoon your way through the lush Caribbean landscape!

Armed with all of this knowledge, you’re finally ready to set sail with Captain Edward Kenway. Join us under the Black Flag of Assassin’s Creed IV.

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  • I was let down by 3, worst game in the series by far, but this looks interesting. I don’t even care for the story I just want to explore the setting.

  • Totally looking forward to it, though I do still wish one of the MP modes were ship to ship battles with other players…

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag looks absolutely amazing. I’m from The Bahamas and I’m glad that I can actually visit my hometown of Nassau and it being a major city gives me such a spectacular feeling. I can’t wait to ride the high seas robbing ships for treasure and looking for buried treasure on islands assassin style. Ubisoft never disappoints. They’re my favorite game developers, they won’t let me down with this amazing looking game.

  • Yawn. An advertisement for a non-exclusive AAA game.

  • I got this pre ordered for the PS4, and I can’t hardly wait! Anyway, I really hope to see the return of The Truth puzzles/glyphs/messages. They were so deep! That along with The First Civilization story line, is what separates Assassin’s Creed from all other Sandbox/Action Adventure games!

  • On the spend $50 get $10 back through the 29th.
    Looks like I am not alone on the understanding of “through”

    Do purchases made on the 29th count, can we buy things released on the 29th?
    What time and timezone does the sale end?

  • This will be my first retail PS4 game, really looking forward to it. :)

  • Omg seriously how many trailers and previews of AC4 are ubisoft gonna release, too many trailers reduce hype levels, i’d like to see more watch dogs pleease

  • I don’t care what other people say this looks like garbage same as ac3 but there’s not many open world games at launch so I guess I’m getting it .I was most excited for watch dogs

  • Im not fond of yet *another* Western colonial setting after already getting Liberation’s French New Orleans and 3’s British New England. I wasnt even going to get it at launch since Im so un-excited for it, unlike previous AC games. However I just had to preorder since Ubi cancelled Watch Dogs and there’s nothing else to get at launch with my copy of Killzone.

    Ubisoft, please, PLEASE choose a new setting as well as a new era for the next game. If I may humbly suggest locations like Egypt, Persia, China, or Japan – those would all be awesome and I would be wildly excited for those, unlike this one.

  • Well, it’s another Assassin’s Creed game and I’m looking forward to it.

  • Hey guy! Any info on the Size of the Game? To make space to download it on tuesday!

  • This is interesting based off of the comments, not that many people interested in this game in the states. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • I still dont have and haven’t played AC3 yet…but Black Flag is already a must buy for me…been saying this for months but I’ll just keep on saying…this game looks amazing fo real….I cant wait to explore that gigantic world…plus I love pirates…I’m just in doubt if I buy for PS3 or PS4…dont plan to get the PS4 before 2015 and I have an immense backlog….oh well.

  • How does Edward James Kenway become an assassin?

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