Ethan: Meteor Hunter on PS3 Today

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Ethan: Meteor Hunter on PS3 Today

Hello guys! I know, I know, we’re a bit late since our first post here, promising a late summer release. But quality takes time, right?

At Seaven Studio, we’re feeling super happy (and super tired), because you can enjoy our puzzle-platformer, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, today. It’s available to download via PlayStation Store for PS3!

You play as Ethan, who has a great power: telekinesia. He can pause time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles. He has 50 levels to get through, set within three different worlds that feature dynamic use of physics. These physics allows for multiple solutions to puzzles; each player can find his own way to solve a puzzle, or find the fastest way to the end of a level.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter for PS3 on PSNEthan: Meteor Hunter for PS3 on PSN

But don’t take my word for it. Ethan: Meteor Hunter has been a finalist at the Develop 2013 Indie Showcase, and at the Indium Game Contest 2013! It’s also been said that “Meat Boy fans will want to see this…”

I hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think on Twitter!

P.S. We’ve heard your wish to see a PS Vita version. We have now received our dev kits, and are looking if something interesting is possible. We’ll keep in touch!

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2 Author Replies

  • Yo I’m down for a 2D platformer with an anthropomorphic main character.
    While the graphics don’t look all that (no offense), I do hope the game delivers.

  • It looks like a fun game but it’s not a must buy for PS3, like it would be on Vita… good to know they are working on something for Vita.

  • Yes please. We’d like a PS Vita version. Cross-buy, hint, hint.

  • This is a spiritual successor to funky lab rat correct? So will this have PS Move support like that game?

  • might get this. looks good and reminds me of stealth inc.

  • Not quite understanding why a game such as this, was not already cross platform and Cross Buy.

    Make that happen, and a price comparable to Escape Plan, and we might just have a deal.

  • I’d play it on Vita, but I wouldn’t really want to play it on PS3. And with PS4 coming, my digital game buying on PS3 will be very small from here on out. So it’s PS4 or Vita for me.

  • No way..this is a spiritual successor to Funky Lab Rat?…oh man I love that game….well anyway I was about to say you guys can count with ma money already for this game…now that Funky Lab Rat is involved I’m even more certain to buy it…game looks really fun…just my type of game.I love 2D platformers.Thanks for the great job guys and above all for the post here on the blog otherwise I would probably miss this goodness.

  • Oh forgot to mention…you can count with me for the Vita version group as well.Vita and PS3 all the way and forever.

  • For people asking about cross buy, here is a quote from their first post a few months ago, now written in stone so they have to stick with it (hehe)

    “+ Olivier Penot on July 1st, 2013 at 8:24 am said:
    IF we do a Vita version, it’ll of course be cross-buy. So you have nothing to loose trying it on your PS3 early ;)”

    You have to give them credit for listening. If they now have vita dev kits, it seems they are serious.
    This game is a perfect match for the vita touch screen, pausing time and moving stuff around with your finger.

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