Killzone Shadow Fall: Your Questions Answered

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Killzone Shadow Fall: Your Questions Answered

As Killzone Shadow Fall gears up for PS4’s November 15th launch in North America, we caught up with Game Director Steven Ter Heide to get answers to your burning questions across single-player and multiplayer.

We reveal new details on co-op, dedicated servers, weapons, DualShock 4, and much more. Enjoy!

@ShawnMacLean: Is Killzone Shadow Fall a good entry point to the Killzone franchise? (source)

Steven Ter Heide: Absolutely! In many ways, Killzone Shadow Fall is a fresh start for the franchise — the game takes place some thirty years after the original Killzone trilogy, so most of the characters and story arcs from those games have passed into history. And while die-hard fans will appreciate the nods to earlier Killzone titles, no knowledge of the Killzone universe is required to get into the story.

@nick_serio: How long is the campaign? (‏source)

STH: Killzone Shadow Fall’s campaign should last well over 10 hours for most gamers.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 01Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 04

@DGuetta52: Will Killzone’s campaign be co-op? (source)

STH: No, the campaign will not have a co-op mode. However, we’re planning to release a separate Online Co-op Expansion Pack after launch; it will add a new wave-based game mode, in which up to four players take on hordes of enemies in special arena maps. For more information about the Online Co-Op Expansion Pack, please refer to our Season Pass announcement.

@LB_Ed: Any plans for split screen support? Playing a game has always been more fun locally then online. (source)

STH: We currently have no plans for split-screen support.

@Mr_Tom_B: Will Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer run on dedicated servers, or peer to peer? Will there be peer-to-peer hosting at all? (source)

STH: We are running with dedicated servers to handle the transfer of data between clients.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 09

@IronSir: How will the level system in multiplayer work? (source)

STH: We have a Challenge-based system, where completing one of the 1,500 Challenges will increase your rank by one. We will continue to add new Challenges after launch.

@MrFredchr: Why did you choose to remove XP and levels? (source)

STH: Levels are part of the game, as completing one of the 1,500 Challenges increases your rank. However, we felt XP was less about skill and more about time, so we designed a new system with a greater emphasis on skill.

@Fishrock123: Any news of vehicles in the multiplayer? (source)

STH: Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer will not have any vehicles (such as Exoskeletons or Jetpacks) at launch. We wanted to ensure that player-created, custom Warzones work on all multiplayer maps, and the inclusion of vehicles would have introduced too many new variables and exceptions to guarantee this.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 05Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 03

@BucktownzFinest: Since there are Warzones to join, does that mean there’s no standard matchmaking? (‏source)

STH: Not sure what you mean by standard matchmaking, but when you select a Warzone, the game will then look for a suitable match to join.

@WilliamPeter417: How many weapons are available for customization for multiplayer mode? (‏source)

STH: Killzone Shadow Fall will have 22 weapons at launch, and pretty much all of them can be enhanced with various attachments.

@HamseD: Since all the weapons are unlocked, what about the attachments? (source)

STH: Attachments are not unlocked by default — you can unlock them by completing Challenges.

@TheWroster: ‏How will the DS4 touchpad work in this game? (source)

STH: For singleplayer we are using the touchpad to select the mode the OWL is in. It can be set into four different modes with quick swipes on the touchpad. For multiplayer, we use it to bring up menus.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 07

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 08Killzone: Shadow Fall

@double_T_azn: Will there be more hand to hand takedowns than what we’ve seen in previous trailers? (source)

STH: We have a variety of melee moves, including combo kills where you take down two enemies in quick succession, or a dropdown melee. The dropdown is also available in multiplayer.

@double_T_azn: Will there be bonuses for transferring Vita saves for Killzone: Mercenary onto the PS4? (source)

STH: No, we have no plans for connectivity between Killzone: Mercenary and Killzone Shadow Fall.

@nurseman22: My question is: where have you been all my life? (source)

STH: Right here in the studio, working hard on Killzone Shadow Fall!

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7 Author Replies

  • “We currently have no plans for split-screen support.”
    Ah, that’s a shame.
    Game still looks great though.

  • Damn, I should have asked about the game’s story. Killzone 3 was my favourite of the series because of it’s great pacing, but the story did falter a bit. Hoping Shadow Fall rectifies that.

  • Wait. No questions on a campaign for Echo?

  • Surely someone asked about clans and how they will be managed, no?

    Will it be as good as KZ2, or as bad as KZ3?

    I can’t find any information on the clan system in Shadowfall, which has me worried. It seems like it would be something you’d talk about if it was as feature rich as KZ2.

  • Helghast campaign please!!

  • I knew all these answers already lol. Thanks for reassuring me though (Y)

  • When will I be able to pre-order the season pass for
    killzone SF on psn?

  • Besides some knowledgeable answers provided in the pieced up Q&A

    My questions is. How many people can I have in My PSN/PS4 Party Chat Room at one time.. Either us all playing Killzone Shadow Fall or playing another title, watching a video, listening to music or just hanging out in our party chat room while we are all online? What Is the Max Number Allowed on PSN?

  • And on a sidenote congrats to the team at guerilla-games from killzone SF going gold ;-)

  • Is the game going to have PlayStation Move and Stereoscopic 3D support?

  • Can we expect Boss battles in the campaign? Vehicles/Mechs?

  • Will we be able to pre-order the digital version of KZ:SF & the Season Pass on the USA PS Store (or SEN Store website) so that we can take advantage of the “Get $10 for Every $50 Spent” offer which expires on Oct. 29?

  • Will there be an option to turn off the input lag?

    • Not sure I get the question – there’s no input lag (at least that I noticed) when I played. Are you referring to the series’ traditional “weight”? If so, this has been reworked for KZSF based on my experiences. It’s very responsive and you feel more maneuverable and nimble.

  • Did they fix or add any recoil on the weapons??

  • Will there be a demo on the PSN when the PS4 launches?

  • @4 same thing ive been trying to get info on for a while. Like srsly no one asking questions about clan support????

  • No split screen? Well theres no way I’m getting that multiplayer expansion now. Is there a reason? Kz2&3 had it?? Time restraint? Didnt want to ruin pretty graphics in favor of fun.

    …man you guys seriously lowered my hype for this game.

  • When will the preorder be available on PSN!!!

  • 3D support ?

  • There will be more Operations maps Shadow Fall? 3 only KZ3 Multiplayer.
    Habra mas mapas de Operaciones en Shadow Fall? Solo 3 en KZ3 Multiplayer

  • Nice to read about the lengthy single player campaign.

    I’d like to know more about matchmaking. I see Guerrilla Games didn’t understand the question. What’s meant is, will players of similar skill-levels be matched up against each other rather than a newb being thrown into a room full of veterans?

    I think there was a missed opportunity of save transferring between Mercenaries on the Vita & Shadow Fall on the PS4. “Assassin’s Creed II” worked both ways, unlocking content in the PS3 & PSP versions of similar games. Ever since ACII I have been looking for more games to do this. Considering how close in time both games are released from one another I’m actually surprised this wasn’t done.

    I have two new questions of my own:
    1) Will “Killzone: Shadow Fall” support 3D like KZ3?
    2) Will “Killzone: Shadow Fall” support the PlayStation Move like KZ3?

    Game looks amazing. :)

  • I would love vehicle only maps in future DLC… spaceship battles; tank on tank; mechs only; jetpack only; tanks vs mechs would be f***ing awesome!

  • Sounds good so far. Kind of a shame that they are not including split-screen or vehicles, but it’s not that big of a deal considering they are pushing this as a launch title. Hopefully they add these in post-launch, or add these in to the next Killzone PS4 game :D

  • What about 3d and move support? After their flawless implementation in killzone 3 I would love these features to return .

  • Wow the campaign will last 10h…thats music to my ears(KZ3 was really short)….would like 20+ hours but whatever.Guerrilla if any of you guys are reading this please consider adding split-screen to the co-op DLCs….its something like this for me:Split-screen=Insta buy…no split-screen=No buy……got no motives to buy a co-op DLC without split-screen…take note of the failure that is BF3 co-op because it doesn’t support split-screen….

    Ok the level system looks good…I’m still trying to reach the last lvl on KZ3 and its a pain…….but my fears have become true….one of the things that makes KZ3 online amazing is no customizations…why in the heck did you guys added customizations?….I’m already seeing that Shadow Fall online will be a mess…are you guys trying to appeal to someone?…yeah sure you are.KZ3 weapons and abilities system is perfect…why change whats already perfect?

  • 1) will i be able to create a warzone with pre-determined classes per team?For example a team with 2 scouts,5 assaulters and 5 supporters.I want players jumping into my games to play tactical,so i wont have 10 snipers in my team and only 2 players running for the objectives.2)Can i kick-out players from a warzone I created?

  • Plus what a shame that there wont be Exos and Jetpacks…those are awesome on KZ3.There will be botzone at least?

  • Glad to hear such good things. Thank you for not sacrificing visual performance to support a watered down split screen co-op mode. Killzone 3’s Split Screen Co-op was just weak. Turning Natko into a silent puppet was not cool. I’m not sure how I feel about the difficulty if it was an issue of PlayStation Move or Co-op, but it was broken compared to killzone 2. I’m happy that there is a separate co-op experience being developed as well, can’t wait to jump on that.

    Also really happy we have spawn beacons, not exactly spawn grenades, but definitely a step back in the right direction. I’m going to miss dedicated jobs though. Hopefully this mix and match thing goes a long way in making me not miss that feature. KZ Shadow Fall was the first game I put on preorder for PS4, I’m really happy this is a launch game.

  • what about the playstation move, it was very accurate and fun to used on killzone 3. I don’t see how harmful it would be to implement such a great additional option. please!, at the very least think about it.

  • No vehicles at launch is disappointing, but I guess the question now is, why specify at launch? Are there actual plans to release some later? or is that purely another hypothetical…

    All in all I’m afraid this game is beginning to look way too much like another generic CoD like game, just with a sci-fi twist…. It doesn’t seem true to the KZ world and just seems to have a generic light-weight military approach…

  • I am sure this wont get answered until launch but what rez will we get? 1080p 60FPS?

  • can Challenges be completed in campaign too? Or only in multiplayer?

  • Dedicated Servers is great news! I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Shadowfall. This will be Day 1 Digital.

  • Sorry, meant that as a question. Will this be available Digitally Day 1?

  • So they still didn’t bring back the server browser?

  • I have a burning question to ask ANY of the DEVs/Producer/Whomever in charge!

    Killzone 3 for quite a while, are rampant with cheaters! and glitchers, who just ruins everyone’s enjoyment of the multiplayer game play. To my dismay, none of these cheaters have been permanently banned yet. Such a player as infamous as Zeus_BR, who connects his PS3 wirelessly to his rooted Galaxy S4 and runs a hack program which basically turns a “lag switch” on!

    What will you guys (GG) do about cheaters once they start showing up in Shadow Fall? I love your game but why would people want to support you if you cannot even support US with such a simple task.

    Now I know some people LAG because of their internet (A-la less than 1.0 Mbps UPload speeds). There are numerous proof of such cheaters, and yet nothing has been done about it!???

  • For the people who cannot stop asking about the MOVE and 3D support: ANSWER IS NO!

    Stop using such a gimmicky, Overpowered, no skill move. I know what you’ll say “But I don’t use auto lock/aim lock”. . . When pigs fly, i’ll believe it. ALL of you MOVE users will get ownd soon. Believe that.

  • @nurseman22: My question is: where have you been all my life? (source)
    STH: Right here in the studio, working hard on Killzone Shadow Fall!

    And they say Duke Nukem was in development the longest. Guess this now debunks that fact…. Lol… seriously, great stuff. Always been a big KZ fan since the controversial KZ Uno. great job GG

  • Sid, you are the MAN!

    …even if you did insist that everyone but you was pronouncing Kojima incorrectly. lol

  • It would be ashame if they dont do the 3d support as killzone 3 personally to me is the best looking game of all time with 3d on it looks amazing and is probably close to the oculus rift experience. Also I cant believe Sony said they wont show 3d support on boxes anymore like how puppeteer has it but its not on the cover. THen they publicly said we dont need to put it on because its probably going to an assumed feature. News its not assumed unless all the games support it, also how about some 4k games, since ps4 is supposed to be twice as powerful as xbox one.

    Also good job not connecting shadow fall and mercenary must be tough since ACIII did it and Ubisoft is a third party.

    Besides my bit of grief i cannot wait to get this on November 15th with my day one preordered ps4, looks amazing

    Any news on lightbar pseye support for this game? Since i heard Thi4f uses light bar to indicate bleeding with red color on lightbar.

  • I love Killzone, but the lack of online campaign co-op holds it back. Really a shame you guys couldn’t make it happen this time. Still getting it day one, but had to give my 2 cents. Maybe next time. Oh, and co-op defense modes are not as good as co-op campaign. I’ll take my PlayStations over my XBOX’s any day, but MS has a better grip on how to do online co-op campaigns…. please learn how to do this, and kick their ass.

  • no split screen for local co-op game?? :S
    it’s really disappointing

  • i know this is off topic but i heard some intresting news that watch dogs is still being released for ps4 but not ps3 i called my local game stop and they confirmed it so sony…. is this true?

  • No 3D? No Move? No Sharpshooter? No Split screen? No 60FPS?(For single player)

    Let me guess, no custom music either.

    Maybe it would be easier to just tell us what it does have, from here all I see is it does not have almost anything from the previous games.

    You gonna add a coop campaign as DLC, could you make that support split screen at the very least?

    Might have to buy the game digitally so I can play it LAN style with two PS3’s and two tv’s with people I actually know.

    Skipped all this and still can only manage a 10hr campaign “for most Players” In english that means the game will be lucky to last 7hrs for the people reading this blog.

    Whats the problem? Bluray disc too small? Pressure to release before you guys were ready? Saving something for the next game? too hard to work with this new console?


  • This game looks awesome I recommend it to people who like FPS and play online a lot. I’m going to miss out on this game. I find local multiplayer is where the party is at. Nothing beats having a few beers with your buddies while playing local multiplayer. Maybe your next game will have some local play options but going with call of duty because of the local multiplayer.

  • KZSF will be the only FPS i will play online, like 2 and 3. They offer something the others don’t, which is why i play Killzone. I just hope i can get a PS4 around launch cause i didn’t pre-order one 8(

  • Keep up with the weight. One of the main reasons I prefer Killzone over other shooters like Call of Duty and Resistance is because the weapons give the feel of being real weapons, games with too fast and light movements like the two mentioned make it feel arcade-ish. That is one of the reasons I like Battlefield too.

  • This is the going to be a most epic this will be the best, PS4 day 1 shipping i’m

  • I can’t wait to play through the SP campaign but one thing that bothered me in the GTTV segment was the rain. The rain looks like sparks in their brightness intensity. That’s not how rain looks, it really detracts from everything else. Look at the screenshot in this blog post with rain and sparks in the same screen, they are about the same intensity. That looks really strange and really detracts from the rest of graphics which looks fantastic.

  • seriously bad if Move is not supported on KZSF,even as a later update.. I know You want to use the DS4, but Move was great on KZ3, so it should come back!

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