The Nightmare Before Christmas Comes to LittleBigPlanet

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Comes to LittleBigPlanet

LBP: The Nightmare Before Christmas

LBP: Jack Skellington

Our lovable Sackboy headed deep into the woods today and came across some a strange collection of trees, each of which had a door with a strange carving on them… Sackboy opened one of the doors and stepped inside… What’s this? What’s this?

It’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kit and Sackboy has just unknowingly arrived in Halloween Town! This wonderfully dark level kit available next week for both LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is chock full of new goodies just ripe for the taking for any Sackboy or Sackgirl that is brave enough to explore this creepy town!

LBP: Oogie Boogie

That’s not all though! Halloween Town just wouldn’t be complete without meeting some of its most famous residents and you can even become some of these memorable characters with our new The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Pack.

Thanks to the Jack, Sally and the rest of the residents of Halloween Town, it’s going to be the most fright-filled and fun Halloween ever on LittleBigPlanet!

So head on over to right now for a sneak peek of all of The Nightmare Before Christmas goodies that will be available on the store next week!

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  • It’s beautiful! *Tear*

  • So the level pack will be available for both LBP2 and Vita? That’s a first if so.

    Looking forward to this immensely.

    • That’s correct!
      We have two different The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kits! One for LBP 2 and one for LBP PS Vita!

      They both contains the same creation goodies but each level is its own unique trip to Halloween Town with the PS Vita version including some unique touch-based gameplay just for the PS Vita! :)

  • Too adorable; too perfect for Halloween. Thanks!

  • Loved that movie as a kid. :)

  • Why will the The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kit: PS Vita cost more than the PS3 edition?
    Price: US $5.99 vs Price: US $4.99

  • Trophies?

  • Nightmare Before Christmas + LittleBigPlanet + Portable = Awesome

  • If they are $4.99 each, does this mean that they are not cross-buy?

    • That’s right, each Level Kit is a different kit made specifically for that title and not a cross-buy purchase.

      The Costume Pack is still a Cross-Buy purchase though and will work across LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet Karting. :)

  • Leve Kit? As in just Stickers surfaces etc. Or actual levels and Trophies? I’ve been dying for a non arcade level pack on the Vita

    • There’s a level included within the Level Kit that you will be able to play and explore to collect all of the creepy goodies for Sackboy to create with. :)

  • OMG…what a surprise…wasn’t expecting anything like a new level kit for LBP…and even less something this great….Nightmare Before Christmas is really cool…a perfect fit for Halloween and all this goodness for $5.00 ?….I can’t wait already….I’m so happy for being a LBP playa…I love you Mm.

    PS:Jack is already my fav costume there.

  • Although this is unrelated to you guys…

    I cant help but wonder why disney is so co operative with bringing its characters to LBP, yet they wouldn’t do the same for PSASBR.

    I really wanted sora to be in that game….

    Hey do you guys think you can get some kingdom hearts character costumes in LBP? That would be awesome!

  • Now this one I like!
    Jack and Sally’s story was so sweet and cool. I used to love that movie!

  • Fantastic! I feared there would be no more Disney content due to Disney Infinity and the removal of the Toy Story DLC. That makes me hopeful that we’ll get Star Wars content soon. Bring us Sack Vader!

  • Thanks for the replay, sounds good. Shame it isn’t a 5 level pack like Pirates etc. But I’m happy (Y)

  • Totally gonna get that costume pack! Might get the vita level kit also, the vita create mode does seem kinda lacking to me with materials and stuff :/

  • This is awesome as always now I just hope this year we get LBP for PS Vita. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Think the littlebigplanet website link is a little broken.

  • I agree with @ 11. Why is Disney so nice with Media Molecule but not Santa Monica? Why can’ Disney add Sora to PSASBR? It’s not like it’s safe to add Jack Skellington in LBP; where people can easily make videos of Justin Bieber killing Skellington.

    I’m not mad at Media Molecule or at anyone else. I’m just disappointed that Disney would allow content for one PS Exclusive but not for another exclusive. Plus, I would love to have something Kingdom Hearts related on the PSN. A LOT of people wanted Sora in PSASBR. But Disney and Square Enix didn’t allow it for unknown reasons. Maybe a Kingdom Hearts level and kit in LBP 2? I’d rather buy an official Sora costume than the made-up one I have.

    Other than that minor rant, great content here. I’m glad that LBP 2 is still alive and creative!

  • @18 it’s because disney has been doing it for awhile 2011(i think) with the pirates of the Caribbean pack. and Littlebigplanet 2 is already a big game and a success where as disney might not want to take risks with a game like PSABR.

  • @19 How can it be a risk to add Sora in PSASBR? Sora is one of the most and well known characters in the PS2 and the series has a large fanbase. People would’ve bought the game just to play as him. I understand also that PSASBR is a newer game. But it is also the only game of its kind for Playstation and it can always get better if it had more care from the developers. And nice to see you on here too Wiz. :D

  • Hey any new for littlebigplanet HUB reveal yet?

  • Just by the sound of it when Steven replied to #9, this kit will only have one level. That sucks, I wish there was more to it, but it’s cool the see Nightmare Before Christmas on LBP.

  • Buying this for sure.

    Now we need some Kingdom Hearts costumes! (and older Final Fantasy ones… like FFVI… ;3)

  • Oh and Puppeteer costumes! That game’s design is insanely awesome and would look awesome in LBP.

  • the level kit… its just a level or a story dlc pack like the MGS4, pirates of Caribbean and the others that had a story and stuff. if thats correct this will give me a reason to jump back to LBP after this long.

  • btw Love NB4C.

  • This is Awesome!!!!

  • will they make something for ps4 like a whole new little big plant

  • Links were not found.

  • This is the one problem with LittleBigPlanet. You release too many level kits without actually creating any levels yourselves. I knew you weren’t going to, especially when I saw this was going to be a LittleBigPlanet 2 and Vita release, but the idea of going through official levels like with Pirates of the Caribbean or the Muppets was so great. Unlike those two, I’m a huge The Nightmare Before Christmas fan, so this would have been even better for me. And I know other players are going to make good community levels, but it’s not the same and that’s hardly a good excuse for not having official levels.

  • I dont remember the last time i purchased something from the PS store, I have seen this movie like 100 times. Im 33 and still watch it with my son. I will be buying this

  • Sweet! Great to see some Disney love on LBP.

  • Guys, it’s not up to Disney for Sora… You’re forgetting that half of Kingdom Hearts belong to Square-Enix, which encompasses all non-Disney related characters, including Sora. It’d be up to SE whether KH characters were included in PSASBR. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

  • What happens when LBP & Tim Burton collide. :D

  • @ Steven Isbell:

    Thanks for the level kit news, i am really happy and i will buy it day one. keep doing more items for lbp vita.

  • This is awesome! One of my favorite movie! I’m going to pick this up for my Vita~ Thank you LBP Team!

  • 37 year old male here to chime in and point out just how excited I am to spend my money on this. Sadly, none of the links are working for me to check it out further.

  • It’s about time! Looks cool and I do like TNBC movie! But I have a question, will Oogie Boogie be glow-in-the-dark like in the movie, and will his mouth piece be removable?

  • My goodness one of my fav movies of all time now in Sack World!!!!!!

  • Will the this level kit be available after this sale? (pleeease :)

  • This is totally awesome! and at a good and reasonable price. Excellent work Sony. :)

  • Hello,

    Can someone help me out here.
    I bought the nightmare Before Christmas levelkit
    For ps. vita and bought it on the vita store.
    When launching the game it installed but i cannot find it in the game ?

  • I wish i kept lbp2

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