Hands-on with Resogun: Old-school Shooting, New-school Tech

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Hands-on with Resogun: Old-school Shooting, New-school Tech

Resogun on PS4

Fire up Resogun, muffle out the world with a pair of killer headphones, and get lost in a flurry of bullets. This is the kind of shooter that demands a gamer’s full attention, and it’s the kind of demand worth giving in to.

Resogun, which launches alongside PS4 next month and will be included as the first Instant Game Collection title for PlayStation Plus members in North America, marries the joy of chasing high scores with cutting-edge graphics tech. Like developer Housemarque’s other downloadable games (Super Stardust HD, Super Stardust: Delta, Dead Nation), picking up the controls only takes a few minutes. Move with DualShock 4’s left analog stick, fire with the right. Your ship has a boost attack, bombs, and a devastating overdrive attack — all executed with the triggers.

Resogun on PS4Resogun on PS4

But getting caught up in the pounding, explosive flow of Resogun will inevitably lead to score chasing and an almost meditative state, as bullets coat the screen and explosions churn with the thump of the music. Resogun has killer sound design, which amps up the pace of each level — the perfect accompaniment to the sizzling visuals dominating the display.

Resogun is built with voxels (volumetric pixels), which means everything falls apart into little cubes after getting punched with enough lasers, before spilling and tumbling down the sides of the cylindrical stages.

Resogun on PS4

Although play occupies a 2D plane, the levels loop around onto themselves. The player can see straight through to the other side of the stage, opening up a host of strategic possibilities for advanced pilots with an eager trigger finger (or thumb).

There’s plenty of shooting to do in Resogun. Players can fire either left or right (echoing old-school shooters like Defender), but snagging power-ups can unleash extra blasts, homing lasers, and other screen-clearing attacks. To make matters more interesting, eliminating key enemy waves will free humans that have been captured in containment cells. Grab them, deliver them to an extraction point, and earn even more rewards.

Resogun on PS4Resogun on PS4

At a glance, Resogun may look like a bullet hell, but this game is designed to bring order to the chaos. Enemy ships follow patterns, and harmful bullets are color coded to give players all the information they need to dodge out of danger. Additionally, the ship features a thrilling boost move that roars like a motorcycle (if motorcycles are still used in end-of-the-world science fiction). This boost makes the ship invulnerable for a time, and ends with a spin attack for clearing out any pesky baddies lying in wait.

The stages themselves are a testament to Housemarque’s artistic ability, with crackling electricity lighting up dark clouds, and gothic buildings that crumble in the wake of heavy combat. Prepare for huge boss battles, too, which take up massive sections of the level and require careful dodging — and an extra dose of firepower — to bring down.

Resogun promises to please anyone looking for a gorgeous shooter on PS4. Be ready to lose a lot of hours hunting for that high score, and saving humanity from certain doom.

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  • Free on NA PS+ as well right?

  • This will consume many, many hours for me starting November 15th.

  • I’m going to play the heck out of this when it comes out.

  • I hope it feels as good as Super Stardust HD, love that game!

  • thanks for the trailer….i looked on youtube and it looks cool. I cant wait for it to be free one day

  • @MakoSOLIDER

    YES! They finally confirmed this today on the DriveClub Update post earlier. The one bright spot in all this mess of delay news. :)

  • Not really into side scrolling shoot-em ups. If its free for ps plus i’ll try it for trophies, but no way do i imagine myself buying this.

  • The game is made with voxels? Rad! It’s nice to see a resurgence of the voxel, and it’s good to see it in a game like this, where the potential for voxel destruction is several orders of magnitude greater.

  • I really want this game for the go. :(

  • Can’t wait to play it on November 15th, but I have one question: Is this game going to be in 3D?

  • I wish your hands on articles included a video.

  • Completely off subject here, but Sony really needs to start spreading the word with helpful and interesting videos about the PlayStation 4. Everyday I’m seeing another Xbox One video about the interface, cloud gaming, kinect, or something else. The PS4 has only a month left and other than the price and a few select info, I feel like I know nothing about the PS4 and I feel like I’m going into a $400 purchase blindly. Please give us some hands on videos of the new interface step by step(not some trailer or quick view), Gaikai(haven’t heard anything since May), gaming DVR, maybe the new online structure. Anything would be better than nothing or at least better than another live action trailer of “Greatness Awaits”.

  • My most anticipated launch title. Can’t wait!!! ^_^



  • Hey Ryan,

    do we have a platinum with this game?

    a reply would be appreciated

    i know hearing about the driveclub delay is a bummer, but i think resogun and killzone (along with vita) will keep me busy till then

  • Housemarque title and above all spiritual sequel to Stardust…ha I’m still trying to believe this will be free for Plus…….I would throw $20 for this game easily.Hope PS3 playas can grab this for free to play in the future.

  • will sony file a copyright claim if i show these game trailers on my youtube channel?

  • Nice that we get Resogun and Contrast for all the Plus members when the PS4 arrives. You saved me money I was going to buy these two games and now I dont have to. Makes me happy to save some dough.

  • Don’t usually play this kinda game, but I loved Super Stardust HD so I’m looking forward to this one.

    Looking good.

  • Say what this will be epic for sure Doods, being a PS Plus member is the best. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • No new gameplay video? ….bummer.

    ah well, very much looking forward to this game.

    Killzone will be my first disc game and Resogun will be my first DL game on PS4.

  • Weird question, Señor Clements (¡BEYOND!):

    I don’t plan on buying PS4 at launch, but I DO want to get the PS+ freebies for when I eventually buy it. Is there a way, either online or through PS3 / Vita, to ‘buy’ and initiate / cancel PS4 game downloads so they show up in my queue and I have them as part of my IGC for later?

    Thanks! ^____^

  • My PS4 gaming on November 15th: Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, Contrast and Resogun!

  • @Milkmaniac

    I’m pretty sure that you can do that on a PS3, since you can pre-purchase Knack right now on the Store.

  • Could you guys please put some sense into Sony Brasil’s mind so they can change the PS4 final price? R$3.999,99 is a joke. Gotta be.

  • Awesome that its finally confirmed to be on PS Plus! I know what I’ll be playing :)

  • is psn network down i cant log on keep getting this stupid error every time i try to log on

  • @27 same problem here, I get an error when trying to log in: 8002A548

    Is it down or what?

  • Will this game be in 3D also? 3DTV not 3D gameplay :p

  • Gonna buy this for sure. Oh wait, I get it free! :D

    So awesome. :3

  • Off topic, but any news of people not been able to log in to PSN?
    IS it on maintenance or something?

  • I’m psyched to play this, Contrast, AC4 and Tiny Brains on launch day.

  • The price of the PS4 in Brazil is theft! What justifies the XBox One that is also imported to be cheaper than the PS4? Sony you are mercenaries!!

  • Can’t believe all the people surprised by this being free on Day One with PS+. It was announced on-stage at E3 by Jack Tretton. It’s seriously OLD NEWS.

    That being said, the game looks awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Getting Contrast with PS+ as well is a huge “plus”. I was planning to buy it, so DriveClub getting delayed actually benefits me, haha.

    Can’t wait to see Housemarque’s work on the PS4. This and Dead Nation 2 will be amazing.

  • Ryumoau on October 18th, 2013 at 8:25 am said: “Not really into side scrolling shoot-em ups.”

    Then why’d you click on it?

    What a #@$%!NG #@&.

  • Wow, I had no idea this was going to be free for PS+ members in the US. I thought that was just for EU.

    I was ready to hand over my money either way, but this is awesome!

  • Too bad I can’t trade Super Stardust Delta for it :(, but “free”?
    Once again, can we get on the solution to fix the ability to purchase games that get discounted, that are in your IGC?

    Will look forward to playing this, but Sine Mora is in two weeks, and will be getting my “Lifeforce” kicks in to see if the concept is any good.
    *Anyone remember the old Colecovision game Looping ???*,And Hotline Miami, looked like a super tweaked version of Metal Gear (original).

  • Stereoscopic 3D support?
    Please say yes!

  • You had me at Housemarque.

  • @primerolncognito ….. Shut up! I see you are still in here harassing people people that voice their opinions that you don’t like. Learn to mind your own business for once boy. I see Morgan Haro keeps ya around still even though you constantly go against TOS to the right that says don’t be a JERK and you constantly break that TOS and Morgan loves you for it but he blocks the rest of us from defending our opinions against weasels like you. You do nothing but attack everyone that has legit criticism. You nothing but a annoying fanboy!

  • I have fond memories of the hours I put into SSDHD during my first year of PS3 ownership (it was the first game I bought from PSN). Looking to replicate that experience with Resogun when I pick up my PS4!

  • I love how ps4 games are getting delayed last minute one by one. Whats next? The ps4 gets delayed to lol. This is ridiculous! They had plenty of time to get these games done by launch but as always they hype these games at e3 and after and put out preorders only to last minute pull this delay crap pulling people into a plus membership just to trick them and delay main plus ps4 games and giving us crap indy style games like this junk. Not getting ps4 till you actually have games worth playing on it.

  • No wonder ps3’s nickname is Delaystation3. Now its Delaystation4!


    What opinion? He only clicked here to condescendingly let the developers know he disapproves of their game. What purpose does that serve? He does it on purpose just to be an annoying little twirp, like he always does… and like YOU always do, SLICK T.

    That’s right, I know it’s you. Think you’re fooling anyone? You’re just going to get banned again.

    “Crazy Rage” huh? Heh heh… still think you’re a bad ass, don’t ya? Remember what I told you in those PMs we exchanged…

    By the way you contradicted your argument by being a “jerk” to me. You really gotta start thinking before you type, man!

    You’re not “crazy”, you’re just confused. And you’re not “raging”, you’re just unstable. Your next username should be: CONFUSED_INSTABILITY.

  • And how many times do I have to say I don’t attack legitimate criticism? I never have attacked legitimate complaints. Ever.

    How many damn times do I have to point out it’s only the pointless posts from confused trolls such as yourself that I pick apart? “Legit criticism”? Is that what you call all that childish pouting and whining? You call that legit criticism? Really? Yes, you definitely are confused. You don’t have a clue what legitimate criticism is.

  • I struggle to put into words how coool it is that we get freeeeee games on day one of this quality. I think Sony are mad but who am i to complain about free stuff!? Midnight… home… ps4 unbox with a beer…. sign in…. dwn resogun. How many sleeps again?

  • This game looks so sick i can’t wait . I really hope they update it to be 3D . I just bought an year playstaion plus i really did not know why i did not have it before all the games i buy id of saved tons of money. This game is getting me so pumped up for the ps4 .

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