Velocity Ultra Coming to PS3 This Year

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Velocity Ultra Coming to PS3 This Year

Velocity Ultra on PS3

FuturLab and Curve Digital are delighted to announce that they’re working to bring the critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita title, Velocity Ultra, to PS3 later this year. Brought to you by Curve’s in-house development team, the PS3 version will run at full HD resolutions and retain all the features beloved by fans of the PS Vita version.

Velocity Ultra is a mix of a vertical shooter and puzzle mechanics that fuses elements of traditional spaceship shooters with a clever teleportation mechanic. It’s all about speed, quick reflexes, and fast decisions, set to a pumping electronic soundtrack.

The PS3 version of Velocity Ultra will share its Trophies and leaderboards with the PS Vita version, so fans will be able to pick it up in glossy HD and start chasing new highscores right away.

Velocity Ultra on PS3

Velocity Ultra on PS3Velocity Ultra on PS3

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“I’m genuinely proud of what we achieved with Velocity Ultra,” said James Marsden, Managing Director of FuturLab. “We poured our creative heart and soul into this game, and it’s fantastic to be working with Curve to bring the game to more players.”

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  • This better have Cross Save and Cross Buy!

    • Hiya,

      We would have loved to have done both Cross Buy and Cross Save (we’re doing it for Velocity 2X), however there are good reasons why we can’t do it.

      Cross Buy:
      Since we (FuturLab) self published on PS Vita, and Curve Studios are publishing on PS3, it wouldn’t make any financial sense for Curve to publish if it were cross buy (because so many people got the PS Vita version for free on PlayStation Plus). We thought it was better to have the game on PS3 without cross buy than not at all. Hope you can understand this…

      Cross Save:
      Because the game is being published by different companies (which are both small with limited budgets to make this stuff happen), it would have been too much work to do cross save as it is a complicated process.

      The game does however share trophies, as that is a painless process that both companies had enough time and resources to support!

      Sorry if you’re disappointed by this, but again it’s the only options we had available!

      James @FuturLab

  • I understand the reasoning for Cross Buy because it’s being published by a different company however I don’t recall this game being free for PS PLUS.

  • Transparency? That’s pretty awesome. I respect and appreciate it. I’ll look into buying it for my PS3 but I don’t even have it for my Vita first.

  • Good answer… I guess it was free on EU, I guess it will be free for US Plus in the future.

  • How can it not be cross save if it is sharing a trophy list? that is absolutely nanners. So if you got the platinum with the vita you can’t earn new trophies, but you can start off at the very beginning? Shenanigans I am calling shenanigans on this.

  • Uhm.. This is going to be so difficult O_o– The touch screen feature saved my butt countless of times and was the only reason I was able to platinum this game. Wowza… getting into those corners and such with just physical buttons..

  • I’m just not that skilled, I suppose. Haha. When going for those time sensitive ones.. and I have to get in between a small space between 4 lasers… I just freak out.

  • awesome. just started playing this on vita and was really surprised at how fun it was. can’t wait to play on the big screen!

  • So who do we talk to about getting a kick starter going for Cross Save support lol.

  • I’m confused, why do you guys think we want this game to share trophies with the Vita version?

    When I buy a game separate times for separate systems (like Rocketbirds or Stranger’s Wrath for PS3 and Vita) I look forward to playing it on PS3, earning trophies, then playing it again on the Vita and earning a new set of trophies.

    To me, shared trophies are a drawback, not a feature. If I already have all the trophies on the Vita version of the game, it takes away the desire for me to replay the game on PS3.

    Sorry, not trying to sound overly negative, just trying to provide feedback. But for me (and I’d assume many other trophy chasers) shared trophy lists are a bad thing, especially when a game isn’t cross-buy. I’m curious why you (or any others) feel like a shared trophy list is a good thing?


    • Good feedback, thank you. We’re doing what we can to reverse this, but it might be too late/too expensive to change now. Fingers crossed.

  • This game was never available on the US PS Plus.

  • Still have played this game yet. If or when I get it, it’ll be for vita.

  • Not coming to PS4?

  • Loved this on Vita….I’ll hardly have time to play it again on PS3 but thanks anyway Futurlab for bringing to the PS3….if I have the chance I really wanna check this in my TV.

  • Honestly, I think it’s pretty dumb to have shared trophies.

    You’ll limit who will buy it again, since there’s really no ‘reason’ to re-play it on PS3 vs PS Vita. Since you get no extra trophies from it.

  • I will probably be waiting on a PS Vita sale (Love Curve).

    And will NOT (probably) be buying it on PS3, since it is a game more for the Vita.

    Should have been CrossBuy :(

  • When was this offered on Plus?

  • Why wasn’t this game self-published like the other ones? If you were too busy to do the port yourselves (understandable), why not have Curve do the development and then you publish the result?

    I’m not too disappointed so long as fans who supported the Vita version get a discount. Just Add Water was able to make it happen with OddWorld: Stranger’s Wrath, so I’m sure you guys can do the same.

    Excited to play this on the big screen. Will it great music be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed on PS3? Hearing mobile-quality assets on my home theater system isn’t something I would pay twice for.

    • Hello!

      We are a team of ten people, furiously busy making Velocity 2X and Surge Deluxe. We simply don’t have the required number of hours in the day (or money to hire more people) to publish the game ourselves.

      Publishing is far more work than the porting.

      Regarding audio, Curve took the original WAV files for the PS3 version. I spent many hours testing the PS3 version to get the balance of music and sound effects right for a TV in the living room. You should find it acceptable :)

      James @FuturLab

  • I agree that the shared trophy list is definitely not a selling point and I think that you guys should reconsider before launch. You are actually hurting sales buy having it share trophies. If everything else is separate, shouldn’t trophies be as well? Separate game is separate… right?

    BTW I love what you guys do and I am really looking forward to 2X!

    • Yep, looks like we made a bad judgement call on this.

      Mainly because I am old and withered and don’t understand why trophies should be important for the enjoyment of a game.

      But that doesn’t mean we listen to our fans every day and try and improve what we do.

      So, we’re doing what we can right now to reverse this, but it might be too late/too expensive to alter at this point.

    • That should have read:

      “but that doesn’t mean we don’t listen”


  • For everyone that doesn’t know. This game was NEVER on US Plus

    • You’re right, we tried to get it on PS Plus in the US but no luck.

      However, well over a hundred thousand people got it for free in Europe, which would mean significant sales lost for Curve.

      Imagine if we’d made it cross-buy in the US and not Europe, that would have been more work and even more controversial.

      We’ve simply chosen the only option that made sense for Curve.

      Hope you understand!

      James @FuturLab

  • Well this game didn’t come to the PS Plus members in the states that’s for sure. But this makes sense because it’s made by 2 different companies. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out.

  • Hi, I don’t message much, but I must say this. We as customers/consumers really appreciate your honesty in answering why cross buy is not available. This is good for two reasons:
    1. We actually understand why Cross Buy is not available.
    2. We are not upset about it since we know and understand the real reason behind it.

    What really grinds our gears is when our questions get ignored or we are given a generic PR answer that is meaningless. So kudos for answering the right way.
    P.S. velocity is the reason I bought a Vita, and i only have the mini version (what can i say, im cheap). It’s the gameplay that attracts people. I’m keeping a very close eye on 2X.

  • Sweet! Now I don’t have to buy a Vita to play this game!

    • Yeah but you can’t play in bed on a Sunday morning with a PS3. Unless you’re lucky to have a PS3 and TV in your bedroom.

      Man, I want that…

  • Does Curve Studios ever sleep?

  • Thanks for the response James. Best of luck on this game and all future games. Absolutely cannot wait for Velocity 2X!

  • I dont care if the trophies are shared….I dont need trophies to have fun in a game.Peace.

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