PlayStation Home Gets Spooky For Halloween 2013

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PlayStation Home Gets Spooky For Halloween 2013

Lockwood Nightmare Yacht

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Lockwood are preparing for a ghoulish get-together with a difference! Not one, but two spooky weddings set aboard the spine-tingling Nightmare Yacht. In the Lockwood store and Gift Machine you’ll find macabre moves, a skeletal steed, hair-raising hairstyles and ominous outfits.

Once you’re suitably prepared, board the Yacht for a one-way trip across stormy seas. Overlooked by sinister jagged rocks and a baleful sky, skeletal soulmates Vinny and Ginny can say their vows alongside zombie lovebirds Cezar and Catrina. You’ll have all the time in the world to scour the yacht for diabolical decorative reward items, because once you board the Nightmare Yacht, you can never leave.


Serenity Plaza Halloween

Something wicked this way comes… A special edition of the Serenity Plaza public space is being overtaken by werewolves and vampires for the Halloween season! Choose a side and start recruiting unsuspecting avatars to join either the werewolves or vampires, with free rewards for the community as each side reaches its ghoulish goals. Grab the Werewolf Statue and Vampire Bat Statue to take on your final form as an Alpha Werewolf or Master Vampire with enhanced powers to dominate the leaderboards, check out previews of new interactive and Halloween-themed Juggernaut items, or visit Festus’ Coin Shop to gift your friends a limited-time spooky pet!

Acorn Meadows Halloween

Hold on to your witch’s hat, as things are getting a little spooky down in Acorn Meadows Park. The park grounds have been decorated specially for Halloween, furnished with “The Wheel of Torture” Ferris wheel, candy cane and toffee apple concessions, Halloween items for sale from the Halloween Vendor and, finally, the Crypt, for all your scary costume needs.

A special remote control witch is available from the RC stand and a race around the park while avoiding the vampire’s gaze.

Lots going on with another one of our regular seasonal updates for Acorn Meadows Park, so grab your nearest white blanket or broom stick and join in the seasonal fun! (The daytime Acorn Meadows Park will still be available during the Halloween period and accessible from the Raven’s sign post.)

nDreams Gothic Masquerade Ball Apartment & Clubhouse

The community spoke and nDreams listened. The Gothic Masquerade Ball is released today and right in time for Halloween! The new interior decor gives off a very creepy feel and the built in music is sure to keep anyone on edge.


nDreams Nightmare Collection

Terrify your friends with these chilling new clothing and locomotions items from nDreams. The Werewolf and The Mummy are some really freaky characters! Combine them with some of the creepy walk locomotions and scare everyone around you!


nDreams Fitness Pole

Show off to all your friends with this fantastic locomotion. When you stand idle, a pole will shoot out of the ground and you will put on a show of your strength and agility.

Lockwood Updates

Lockwood Prehistoric Valley

When museum curator Anton Lindles received a crate containing a model mammoth for her latest exhibition, he got way more than he bargained for. Not only was the mammoth alive, the crate contained a dimensional portal to a lush Prehistoric Valley populated by cave people and dinosaurs! Get your crate from Lockwood and see what surprises await.

If the chance of a savage Sabre tooth or trampling T-Rex sounds too risky, you can always just opt for some Stone Age fashions, as it seems those cave folk really knew their way around a needle and thread.


VEEMEE Element

The 3rd installment of the exciting new Element clothes and skateboard locomotions launch this week. The Royal Harvard Hoodie goes perfectly with the Desoto Denims, Navy Lockhart Shoes and Navy Plan B Short Stop Cap for men. Finish off the skater look with the Plan B Team Capital B Deck with Backside 360 No Comply trick. The Monica Bralette and Talulah Denims are perfect for the active woman and the stylish Black Beaumont Dress is an instant classic.

VEEMEE 3D Printer Update

There are loads of great new Animal Avatar locomotions in the 3D Printer this week. With the new Aquatic Animal Avatars you can turn into a friendly Dolphin or pierce the waves as a majestic Marlin. If you prefer to eat fish rather than be one, try out the new Cat Animal Avatars with six breeds available. Halloween is fast on the way, so it’s the perfect time to change into a Black Cat and find yourself a witch.

Slim Jim

Thanks to our generous Slim Jim Donors, we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of men suffering from male spice loss. But there is still a lot more work needing to be done! Stage Two of the Slim Jim “Spice Rescue” mini-game is open today, providing you with another chance to give meat to those who need it the most. Beat the game to earn your own Manbulance locomotion item!

Granzella School Costume

Gym uniforms and colorful track suits have arrived!

Introducing the new Gym Uniform Set: Sweat Jacket, and Jogging Bottoms from Granzella. The Gym Uniform Set brings back memories of gym class and features a wide collar short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and school slippers. Available in navy blue, red and green.

Also up for grabs are the Sweat Jacket and Jogging Bottoms, sold separately. Available in blue, red, green and white. Better hurry. The bell just rang, and gym class is starting!

ToyLogic LMOs

A variety of garden-themed LMOs is now available. From the gracefully floating flower ride, cute insect wings, and the Lotus Leaf Umbrella that lets you glide through the air, these items will definitely make you stand out above the crowd!


Totino’s Snackterlife Wave 2

Zombies never sleep, so it’s no wonder that their parties tend to last indefinitely! That’s no excuse to serve bland snacks that suck the life from your taste buds, however. Stage Two of Totino’s “Snackterlife Challenge” mini-game is available today. The party has moved outside, but your goal remains the same — grab the Totino’s Bold Rolls before your fellow party zombies to earn your rightful place on the leaderboards…as well as a cool Halloween “zombie mask” for your avatar.


x7 VIP Update

This week x7 brings you Halloween gear from Lockwood and JAM Games. VEEMEE drops a nice selection of Billabong gear and Snap Backs, as well. Be sure to also check out VEEMEE’s Animal Avatars. nDreams gives us a Luxury Hot Tub, some Martial Arts Gestures, and a global selection of world flags!

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