The Last of Us: First DLC Out Today, Livestream Today

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The Last of Us: First DLC Out Today, Livestream Today

Update: Livestream’s over — thanks for watching!

Our first set of The Last of Us DLC launches with today’s PlayStation Store update. Want to see it in action now? Here it is:

The Last of Us: First DLC Out Today, Livestream Today

You can buy the Abandoned Territories Map Pack for $9.99 stand-alone or, if you’re looking for a great value, the map pack is included in the $19.99 The Last of Us Season Pass. We recently detailed our future plans for all Season Pass DLC and the 75% savings you’ll get by purchasing one. The Season Pass will be available for a limited time so grab it via the PlayStation Store or at your local game retailer today.

We’ve also patched certain aspects of the game. In fact we re-doubled our patch version 1.04 efforts decided to skip straight to 1.05. You can hear about the major changes via Patch 1.05 in this video:

The Last of Us: First DLC Out Today, Livestream Today

If you want to see all changes with Patch 1.05; here’s our list. Patch 1.05 will be rolling out globally over the next 24 hours.


Abandoned Territories Map Pack DLC

  • DLC playlist added for each game type. This includes both the retail maps and the DLC maps, but the DLC maps should appear much more frequently in the vote.
  • Added five unlock rewards – Camo Hat, Dia de los Muertos Mask, Dragonfly Helmet, Ski Mask, and Skimmer Hat.
  • The Last of Us on PS3The Last of Us on PS3


  • Fixed an issue where players on the winning team would occasionally get fully crafted items or machetes from caches, while players on the losing team would get incorrect items.
  • Players should no longer get comeback weapons (pre-crafted molotovs / bombs / purchase weapons) when they are winning by more than a small margin.
  • Fixed the consistency of comeback weapons spawning – there should be less comeback weapons in close matches and more consistent spawning in severely unbalanced matches. Once a player receives comeback weapons, however, they will not receive them again until a certain amount of progress has occurred in the match.
  • 2×4 Spawning logic has been adjusted in Supply Raid and Interrogation:
    • Fixed a bug where it would occasionally be impossible for a player to receive a 2×4 in a game.
    • Reworked the initial 2×4 spawning logic to make the first 2×4 spawn a bit later to balance the escalation of the match.
    • Lowered the overall number of potential 2x4s that could spawn in a match by including weighting based on match progress.
  • The additional hit on modded melee weapons has been moved from Brawler Level 1 to Level 2, and the health gain from melee hits moved from Level 2 to 1.
  • Added a Parts bonus for late joiners, based on when you join a match in progress. This bridges the gap between players who started from the beginning of the game and might have a Parts advantage over the late joiner.
  • When late-joining beyond the first 2 minutes that match will no longer count towards any clan progress or missions.
  • Fixed an issue on Checkpoint and Lakeside that had locations where some items could not be picked up.
  • Made a fix to prevent players from being able to climb the tilted flag pole on the High School map.
  • Fixed an issue with level graphics dropping out on The Dam.
  • The Last of Us on PS3

    Interrogation Mode Fixes

  • Games no longer end in ties unless both teams are on the same section of the unlocking process. If one team has more interrogations than the other, that team will win the match.
  • The additional parts bonus for winning by a large margin is only awarded when the lockbox is fully unlocked. Otherwise only the standard win bonus is awarded.
  • Killcard now correctly describes whether your character was executed or interrogated.
  • Fire on the ground (from a Molotov) now damages the player when they attempt to unlock the lockbox and will properly interrupt the unlock process.
  • Sounds have been added to the Interrogation animation
  • Fixed a bug where the end-of-match music was not playing in Interrogation mode.
  • Technical Fixes

  • Intro speech should no longer occasionally be heard twice at the start of the game
  • A flashing exclamation mark will be shown on DLC option for when new items are added
  • Single Player

  • Tweaks to a couple of art assets in the game.
  • That’s just the start as we’re already working on the next patch. For now, hop online, enjoy the new maps and let’s all endure and survive. See you online!

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    31 Author Replies

    • Thanks for some fixes ND! See you online!

    • Nice, thanks ND! I’m waiting for the single player DLC!

      • That’s going to be awesome and the new maps are really fun. The Season Pass is a great value if you haven’t picked it up yet.

    • Can you please detail all the DLC packs before discontinuing the Season Pass?

      Honestly, I’m not that interested in competitive multiplayer. I’m waiting for the single player DLC, and hoping for some co-op chapters as well, just like what was done for Uncharted 2 & 3.

      My purchases will just depend on what method is cheapest. But I don’t want to buy the season pass too soon, only to find out that the only part I’m interested in is the single player DLC, and that the rest of it is competitive multiplayer DLC that I’m not interested in.

      So please, it would be awesome if you could let us know all the future DLC plans before discontinuing the season pass.

      • The Season Pass is absolutely the cheapest way to go. We will be giving out details about the SP DLC and the next MP DLC in the future before the Season Pass goes away. Regardless, you’re missing out on a ton of content for an incredible value if you don’t snag a season pass.

    • So you’ve skipped patch 1.04, yet the cover animations with the bonus skins in single player are still broken, matchmaking in multi is still totally unbalanced, and co-op survival is nowhere in the cards. What have you been working on, exactly? Oh yeah, my bad, DLC maps…

      • We’ve been tweaking matchmaking in multiplayer on the fly and have done a few times. Check out our forums for the latest on that. We’re working on all our DLC content including these maps and single player content. Hopefully you find something you like to play!

    • *looks at changes to the 2×4 and brawler*

      Uh oh naughty dog, looks like the TLOU equivalent to U2 patch 1.05 has arrived.

      The changes you made here are extreme gameplay changers, matches will never play the same way players are used to ever again. This might not be a good thing since players such as myself have gotten use to how the old gameplay worked. This might be too much for most players and now some may want to quit playing.

      Im not saying i will be one of them, i havent played the new patch yet. However, all of my builds were based around brawler and the 2×4 and this patch has pretty much wrecked all of my builds. Now im forced to change the way i play. if i dont find the new gameplay fun, i may not buy the new maps and abandon tlou completely.

      • Give it a go before you give it up! We have play-tested this patch extensively and found it to be quite fun.

    • Will this game get ported over to the ps4 when it comes out

    • At what time does the patch and map pack DLC go live today?

      • Depends on the region in which you live. Maps will be available once the PlayStation Store updates. The Patch will likely be live before then.

    • Looks like I could have saved 10 bucks by not buying the season pass since only 1 of the 3 DLC’s are single player, I will know better next time.

      • You got the Day 1 bonuses – the Grounded Doc, the single player upgrades — and you’re getting all the multiplayer head items. The season pass is a great deal.

    • I live in the Northeast.

      @tmide38: give multiplayer a shot!

    • I’m kind of disappointed with the brawler switch, i had just made a new class with it to try and go for that skull mask, though i suppose this is more fair. Glad you’re paying attention to the 2×4’s in general though. Played ~10 matches in the past 2 days, about 4 or 5 of them everyone on my team and the other team had a 2×4 yet i couldn’t get one the entire match. All in all good changes and thanks for listening and watching.

    • The multiplayer is fun as hell, I wish more people would give it a try!

      I’m really excited for the new maps, they look incredible, thank you ND!

    • Will this have new trophies? If not, I will be very disappointed.

    • I’m super super excited for the new maps! Although the extra hit brawler change might make the matches more campy instead of confrontational. We’ll see.

      But there’s really only one thing I would change about tlou multiplayer: You should have never had the opposing teams show up on radar during sudden death. What exactly does that add to gameplay? All it really does is squash any hope for a comeback for the losing team since they can be spotted at any time which also seems unrealistic since you can’t do this at any other point in the match. Please consider removing this event.

      • Glad to hear you’re excited! The opposing team showing up on the radar during Sudden Death is a tension device. We’ll talk it over with the multiplayer guys but we like to add that the “O crap they found me!” element at the end.

    • Thank you so much for the amazing patch, you guys are my favorite developer of all time

    • Thanks! Best MP since SOCOM 2. Skipped GTA 5 for this DLC.

    • The update for joining late matches fixes my main frustration with the multiplayer. I bought the season pass a while ago and can’t wait to get online today!

    • Can’t wait to try out the new maps, they look like a lot of fun. Also really glad to see more attention put on joining late bonuses (especially how matches you join after 2 mins in don’t count for your clan), joining late was my biggest frustration with the multiplayer.

      This is an incredible game, I love to see this much support!

    • So glad to see the 2×4 problem being addressed. So many people would just go on a mad dash with an upgrade 2×4 at the start of a match, that it often felt like matches didn’t truly begin until the run ‘n whack preliminaries had ended.

      Thanks ND, for your continued dedication to this awesome multiplayer.

    • Sorry that I’m new to the DLC, I’m really into what online mode. My question is this. You have to pay to play on these maps? Agradeceria una respuesta.

    • + Eric Monacelli on October 15th, 2013 at 7:52 am said:
      We will have new trophies for DLC, yes. It’s not likely coming with this patch however.

      so there are trophies for the DLC, but they arent available with the DLC today…huh, what? makes no sense.
      why even have them? just have a few for the SP DLC, not MP.

      • Right now that’s the situation…only SP trophies and no MP ones. We might add MP ones with the 3rd drop but not sure yet.

    • Didn’t know so many people disliked the MP, although the story was great MP is what’s keeping the game interesting imo.

      Anyway, I haven’t played the game in a couple months but glad to see these fixes, especially with the 2×4. I can almost never get one, I just figure it’s because i’m too good =P. Also can’t wait to play these maps later, Thanks ND.

      btw @El_Tigre_Verde,

      I actually don’t mind the location give away at the end, Most matches would probably never finish if it was gone. This game was made to be intense.

    • Are the new headgear coming today?!!

    • Got Brawler 2 on, down someone with the 2×4, and then lose that additional hit when I strike him (with the square button, not the special execution) and lose that additional hit. If this is already a known issue I apologize.

    • My apologies, I didn’t look at my comment before sending it, I repeated myself accidentally.

    • I live in NYC, I am still not seeing the abandoned map pack, I do see however the online 19.99 season pass. Does it make sense to buy it now due to the fact that that the abandoned map pack is there, or does it make sense to wait. I do not wan’t to buy something and then it turns out that the new updates aren’t there. All in all this is the best multiplayer I have played since Uncharted.

    • when will it be the last day before the season pass goes away?

    • There really needs to be a mode that incorporates a team deathmatch gameplay style that tosses in some clickers into the fray to cause some real madness to the match. Think about it, getting into firefight with an enemy only to have clickers appear forcing you and the enemy to judge whether to try and quickly take eachother out or take out the clickers. Yes, clickers may take out an entire team but these deaths shouldn’t affect the overall teams lives. This should however, result in reduced resources to avoid people from wilingly killing themselves by clickers (bots). Bahhh I’ve begun to ramble . Great game ND looking forward to this :)

    • Awesome the DLC looks good…I got my season pass ready and I’ll be downloading this later today…and thanks ND I’m really happy with the fixes….added parts for late joiners…that was really needed…to be honest ND a game like TLoU where supplies are so important in a match shouldn’t even have the option to join…its a pain when we need like 90 or more supplies and we join a match almost finishing.

      Also I may have missed but I’ve read the whole post….didn’t you guys fixed that thing of crafting and the backpack…that we need to craft an item put the backpack back on to get the appropriate parts for each item?…you know we usually get 30 parts for crafting 3 items instead of 90.

    • Yeah I don’t understand, so there will likely be Trophies for *this* DLC in the *next* patch?

    • i would love a fix to when you go to shiv someone, u don’t go to revive a team-mate or open a tool box. that is the worst thing. happens very often and ends up getting me killed. also the upgraded 2×4 people can swing at you, not even close enough to hit you and they glide right over and manage to hit you.

    • Thank god there are no DLC trophies (hate those with passion).
      Dont get me wrong if theres a SP DLC they are welcome, but as far as competitive MP goes thery are complete nonsense (yes, Im looking at you Uncharted 3 and Twited metal).

      I agree with comment 27.
      Something like “mercenaries” in Resident evil 5 applied here would be cool. A mode where you could combine other players plus clikers and other infected would be awesome!

    • I can’t wait for the maps. I’ve been waiting to play as the firefly team until the new maps came out. Will there be a filter or search for the new maps in matchmaking?

      I’m having a problem. I never buy a Season Pass until I know what I am getting. I went onto the PS Store today to buy the Season Pass and when I try to buy it it comes up with an error message.

    • “late-joining beyond the first 2 minutes that match will no longer count towards any clan progress or missions”

      THANK YOU!! Hated having a mission and joining a nearly done game and not being able to complete any level of the mission.

    • Haven’t played this game since GTA V. Guess I’ll be on tonight.

    • Leave it to ND to make the best MP ever even better !!!! Thanks a lot, can’t wait to play :D

    • As much as I agree that it would be fun to duck from clickers in MP, it’s been stated numerous times that it’s just not possible to do.

      I think some people overestimate this gen’s limitations when their expectations are THAT high. Something like that would be more possible for the PS4.

    • Sweet! I can’t wait to dive into the multplayer when I get home tonight.

      Also I’d love a hardcore mode in both multiplayer and the campaign.

      In multiplayer, you’d have no listen mode, and no (or very little) crafting, along with no purchasables.

      In campaign, you’d have fewer or no checkpoints along with literally no HUD. So it will be the ultimate test in skill. I’d love that rush because, as much as I adored Survivor mode, knowing that I’d just respawn made it slightly less tense. No HUD would also make me look at the environment more closely.

      Thanks and I love this game! It’s now my favorite game of all time.

    • ugh multiplayer. This is why I wouldnt buy the season pass. I dont care about multiplayer in most games

    • Great to see more new maps coming about, going to have to figure out how to balance my time between this & GTA5. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

    • weres my season pass hats you promised, im looking to be fre$h to death on these maps?

    • Could you tell us when the Season Pass deal will expire? I haven’t picked it up yet, but I think I will :)

    • So is there any new 12 week cycle sort of pseudo campaign for this DLC? I’ve already done the 12 weeks as Fireflies and hunters, so will I just be doing another pre-existing 12 week cycle? Would be more motivating if you made some sort of new meta wrapper idea for this DLC.

    • I have the season pass and updated my Game..
      Sooo how to i play these new maps cuz when I go to Supply raid (DLC)

      Its keeps saying nothing is available.
      I assumed that’s how you play with the new maps?

      • Should be live now. You have to select the DLC playlist. Reset your console if you’re not seeing it at first after you download the maps.

    • Hey Eric,

      What about the head items? When will those be released?

    • Nice, liking it ND liking it

    • @CrystalXAngel Go to downloads in the main menu of the Last Of Us and Download the Abandoned Territories Map Pack. But before you do, make sure it says Free underneath it. If it doesn’t, re-download the season pass.

    • I’ve came across a few hackers/cheaters while playing the last of us online or people that just wouldn’t go down when they were being shot multiple times, just wondering if this problem will be address?

    • so far ive only played a couple of rounds, and the new maps are pretty awesome, love it.

      only thing i could really ask they fix, is the multiplayer matching.

      too many times have i gotten on, and the enemy team gets level 100-300 players, and my entire team is level 100 or less.

      please at least make everyone that joins a single game be in the same bracket!

      im only a level 14, so im pretty low because i dont play often, but when i get into a game and all other players are level 50+, it feels very one sided.

      please fix this!

    • Cool patch but wasn’t there a problem with the crating, in which you do not receive parts for multiple craft items?

      Also just a thought… do you guys think you could do something with the taunts to make them more useful? like to back off or come here (front, not behind). Taunts that will allow teammates to communicate with each other.

      • That crafting issue should be fixed. Let us know on the forums if you still see it.

        Really aren’t taunts per se. We are considering working more on those but it depends on time and resources.

    • looks great to me…is there a way to get the season pass from the playstation store or was that an in store purchase only?…havent played TLOU since GTA came out but that mp sucks so im happy this is gettin some dlc finally….will the next mp dlc be out this year? or is it coming after the sp dlc nxt year? seem like a long time in between if thats the case

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